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Day 185: Value Issues & Consequences of Running on ENERGY

ART by Kelly Posey

Continuing from my previous blog post (Facing the Consequences of Following the Mind), I am walking the realization that by following the mind we are creating consequence – in other words: what we are already facing as ‘who we are’ and what our reality is, is in fact the already manifested consequence of our conditioned consciousness patterns.

Consciousness is all about energy – that is, the human race for survival through consumerism, whereby we literally consume=try to derive ENERGY from everything and everyone: whereby it’s always about “me, me, me” and how can I ‘get more’, ‘be more’, ‘have more’, how can I ‘win’ and be ‘superior’ and satisfy MY self-interest, thus consciousness is about “value”, yet this ‘value’ is being defined and pursued in separation from life –
hence an existence of fake values where the actual value of life is being exploited in the name of profit / self-interest.

So, within investigating what the fuck this pattern I described within my previous blog post is about, I realize that it’s about the perception of not getting enough attention, and within that I am realizing that this ‘attention’ is in fact about energy – where I’d have a ‘negative’ energetic experience when things are in a way which I’ve defined as ‘not getting enough attention’ and ‘not being valued’, and I’d have a ‘positive’ energetic experience when things are in a way which I’ve defined as getting attention / ‘ appreciation’ and ‘being valued’.

What becomes clear here is that I’ve defined ‘value’ in separation from myself; I’ve defined ‘value’ as something that must be ‘given’ to me by ‘others’, and within that I am seeing that I haven’t allowed myself to in fact value myself as life.

Within this world system and our existence of/as consciousness, we have defined ‘value’ through energy instead of realizing the value of life as who we all really are. Therefore we have defined ‘value’ in terms of polarity (‘positive’ and ‘negative’) instead of realizing the value of life as equality.

This is a cool example to practically understand equality, starting with self-equality as life: If every being would value themselves and each-other as life as equals, we would not need an existence of constant competition where ‘value’ is defined through the polarity of ‘winning’ and ‘losing’, of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’, of ‘having’ and ‘lacking’; we would not need to go seeking value, because we’d be accepting the value of life as ourselves.

But already the parenting system and the education system teach and promote value-judgments and thus in fact create and perpetuate competition, giving the message that you have to earn your right to life and that your value as life is dependent on what you can achieve, attain, reach, and thus power is then defined through fake values such as status, self-image, beauty, influence, and whether you are a ‘winner’ in this world or not.

Back to the point I’m dealing with:

I will be walking the dimensions of this pattern (in terms of ‘attention’ which is ‘energy’ which is about ‘value’) through self-forgiveness looking at the various dimensions of how the pattern plays out in terms of thoughts, backchat, imagination, reactions, physical/behavioral systems, and consequences.

To change any point of our existence we have to first see, realize and understand its creation, from beginning to end. This is done through writing, self-honesty, self-forgiveness. Once we see and acknowledge the design and how we have participated in its creation – we are able to script corrective living application. The actual part of change however is then in fact the living of that corrective application the moment the pattern comes up / enters our awareness. Which is why I am realizing more and more the necessity of slowing down, breathing effectively, directing self in every moment in awareness as life, and not as the conditioned consciousness that follows the mind which is like its auto-pilot that has only one thing in mind: self-interest.

I will be walking this point thus in self-forgiveness and walk through the specificity of its dimensions, as this is a major point in my life from a very young age, and it seems my whole life was focused on being ‘accepted’ and being shown that I am being ‘considered’, that I ‘belong’, that I am ‘worthy’ and thus ‘valued’ –

however I am realizing that if I am not able/willing to give that value to myself as LIFE, by LIVING it in fact, in self equality and oneness, then I’d only be a slave to whomever or whatever would promise to offer me this – and I can see this clearly within for instance the ‘spiritual search’ phase that I had gone into several years ago, which was in fact about attaining ‘value’, because such groups promoting ‘light’ and ‘love’ are in fact existent through the deception of the ‘positive’ whereby the ‘negative’ is feared, suppressed or denied, wherein it’s all about feeling special, feeling good, feeling valuable, belonging, and stuff like that which in essence everyone wants/needs/desires –
however we have not yet come to the point where we in fact LIVE these points as who we really are, in absolute self-acceptance, in realization of self-worth as life, because we haven’t yet come to the absolute point of MAN KNOW THYSELF –

because we haven’t yet faced the entirety of ourselves, of our creation, we haven’t yet faced or taken responsibility for the actual ‘evil’ in this world that is ourselves and our deluded existence of self-interest.

So this is me continuing to face the consequences of my own ‘EVIL’ – which is ‘LIVE’ in reverse – where, instead of living in self-honesty, self-worth, dignity, self-support we live in self-dishonesty, degradation, self-deception, destruction, thus what and how we live is not Life, it is Evil, creating only evil as we can see in the world, and the evidence is clear, right in our faces, in spite of the deceptive promises and deluded projections of ‘spirituality’, ‘love & light’, and all those ‘positive’ messages out there that only serve as a cover-up for what is really going on.

Self-responsibility is the key to actual power – the power to CHANGE things, to change ourselves, human nature, our existence.
And equality is the key to actual value as LIFE – the key to manifesting an existence where all life is equally supported and not one being is left to struggle and suffer.

Investigate the Desteni group and the Equal Money solution, investigate yourself and everything you suppress, deny, fear, and refuse to take responsibility for – because really, if we do not stand-up and take self-responsibility for What is Here, no one will do it, and we’ll only keep waiting and hoping for someone to ‘save’ us, when in fact it’s only us here –
we are alone, and alone we must stand-up, and walk the self-correction of our existence, until we are alone as All One, as LIFE.

At Desteni we work together which each walk their individual process of self-realization, self-correction, self-creation as life, and so we stand alone yet we walk together, as we realize that the process of life is equal for all, yet individual according to each one’s life experiences and inner processes.

At the same time it is clear that the patterns of consciousness are universal, and are reflected in the systems of our world – our world being the reflection of ourselves, the externalization of our inner nature and the accepted equations of polarity on which we base our participation in the world.

Consider: without the human there would be no system – thus the human is the creator of the system, the system exists in the image and likeness of the human, and thus we are all equally responsible.

Join us in the Journey to Life!

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