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Day 182: Aligning Self to Life is a Real Decision

ART by Matti Freeman

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I am realizing that the decisions we make in life are not really our own decisions, but are responses we give to the impulses we receive from our world, other people, the system as a whole;

And that within that is implied that we actually define ourselves and thus our decisions through the eyes of world, through other people, the system as a whole – submitting in essence to the system.

Our current alignment in this existence is that of self-interest: where each being’s actions/living is aligned in separation from the whole, pursuing only individual ‘survival’ based on what the conditioned character-roles/personalities determine that we ‘must’ and ‘have the right to’ want, need, fear, desire. Within this ‘following’, we accept our existence of separation and also the polarity system of ‘superiority’/’inferiority’, ‘winning’/ ‘losing’, ‘having’/’lacking’-

hence a world under the dictatorship of a polarity system, seen very clearly within consumerism that has become literally a way of life, and within the profit-based money system that exploits life and living resources in the name of profit, favouritism, inequality.

What becomes clear here, is that in order to change the alignment of our existence, we require to change our self-alignment:

from self-interest to the interest of life, as who we all really are beyond the apparent separation, which in essence is a mental separation through which we impose “values” based on value-judgments of ‘superiority’/’inferiority’;
a condition that disregards the actual value of life, as which we are all equal, coming from the same substance and returning to the same ground at death.

Perhaps herein is the reason why we are not transcendent of death: because we identify with the mental only, while we disregard the physical, worse still: we abuse the physical in the name of the mental.

And since all that we are in the end is consciousness personas of the mental, fake characters/personalities in separation of the physical substance, nothing substantial remains of ‘who’ one is when one breath is suddenly the last.

The very definitions we accept of ourselves in terms of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’ in fact determine our effectiveness and our decisions in life.

Realizing that I am the one deciding who I am based on what I accept myself to be defined as equal to, implies that the way to make actual decisions in self-determination entails walking out of the fake characters/personalities and self-realizing life. Within this becoming aware of what the cause and effect of my existence is, and making sure that my existence cause an effect that supports life as a whole.

Therefore I commit myself to aligning myself to life, and to assist and support others to do the same and break through the limitations and polarization of the system – so that we may bring forth an existence where all life is equally honoured as such, and the actual value of life is restored so that all may live without fear, without struggle – stopping the system of survival within and without, to finally LIVE.

This is the Journey to Life that is walked and promoted with Desteni and Equal Money – in the realization that Life is ONE group, we are all here together and share the same physical needs for a dignified life on this Earth. There is no plan B, we only have one planet, and since it is our nature that is the cause for the atrocity currently allowed in our world, it is our nature that must be the solution.

Therefore I commit myself to transforming the nature of my being, from the self-interest of the conditioned fake characters/personalities to the interest of life as who I really am.

I commit myself to living the decision to align myself to LIFE in every moment, because who we are in every moment determines who/what we become. Every breath counts.

I commit myself to slowing down and becoming/remaining aware of every breath and who I am within it, within my participation in my world, my reality –
to within that assist and support myself in stopping any and all participation that is based in self-interest, fears and desires that are conditioned, and to instead make actual, informed decisions in every moment, taking full self-responsibility for who I am and what I am participating in.

I am grateful that the support of the Desteni group is here, and I’d suggest to anyone reading this to study the material and the realizations shared, as that will assist in breaking through the veils of self-interest, which is the system, which is consumerism –

So that we may stand together as life, as one, as equals, and stop consuming ourselves and each-other, stop consuming the physical oneness in the name of the mental inequality, and change our existence in a way that will ensure equal life for all, equal freedom and dignity for life in all possible ways.

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