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Day 173: Living Words in Self Agreement as Life | PATIENCE part2

ART by Anna Brix Thomsen

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Continuing on the point of Patience, and looking at how to practically live Patience, I am seeing that patience is not an experience, it is a beingness, it is a living application of how one walks every moment in real-time.


In the past, whenever I would look at or hear the word patience, it would seem ‘far away’ from me, lol. I have been quite an impatient person, but what does that mean, how did this play out? Doesn’t impatience imply ‘waiting’ for things to come/move/develop? Doesn’t that imply that one misses the point of self creation? Because within taking self-responsibility for oneself / one´s life / one´s creation - one will see and realize that things develop in real-time, breath by breath, based on who one is in every moment and what one accept and allow within oneself and one´s world.


Creation is that which is lived into beingness. And life is here in every moment –

which means that every moment, every breath counts; as it is a building block of ‘who I am’.

This in fact implies absolute self-responsibility.



So - how to practically live patience?

First of all – slowing down and developing self awareness within and as breath – breath by breath – in fact.


I realize that any impatience indicates a mental activation, wherein I´d be accepting and allowing myself to follow particular wants / needs / desires in relation to a particular outcome/result - which indicates self-interest and thus a personality activation.


Thus, when and as I see myself going into impatience, I stop, I breathe, and I investigate in self-honesty to see what the point of self-interest is that I have stepped into: what thoughts, what reactions, what fears, wants, needs, desires are active /come up, and what kind of personality do they reveal. Within this, I direct myself to stop and let go, and bring myself back Here to look at the actuality of reality in self-honesty and practical common sense.


When and as I see patterns / reactions / personalities being triggered, I stop, I breathe, and I support myself to remain Here, remain standing, to not give in to the conditioned mind patterns, to not give up on myself, but to simply slow myself down and breathe, in the realization that I am in the process of facing the consequences of my existence and that while I am busy stopping myself from recreating the patterns and consequences of the past, there may be moments where I do not know what to do or say or how to act –

and that this ‘not-knowing’ is in fact a cool point, because all knowledge is always preprogrammed, is always of the past, is always conditioned;

thus I embrace the moment as an opportunity to stand-up within myself and simply be Here, because within being Here and standing-up to simply not participate in any pattern coming-up out of habit, I am taking the directive principle in my own hands, taking self-responsibility, and walking myself out of the past and into the actuality of reality Here.



I commit myself to walking life one breath at a time, and to within that, remain standing if/as patterns of the past activate, remaining in the awareness that I am in the process of getting to know myself through investigating, deconstructing and understanding, forgiving and letting go of the accepted patterns / role plays / personalities / power-games that I have accepted to define me and to constitute my perceptual reality.


I commit myself to walk life in patience, thus to walk in equality with real-time Here, as I realize that it is only within walking in real-time, in awareness of/as every breath in every moment Here, that I am able to see my self creation in the making, and take full self-responsibility for who I am in every moment and for the outflows of my existence.



The Journey to Life is the journey of each one as life - it is the journey to becoming one and equal as a living being –

the journey to becoming ‘the one’ for self, the one that stands equal to life as life, thus in absolute integrity and self-responsibility as life.

And within self-responsibility, I am the one that determines ‘who I am’ in every moment, every breath.


The Journey to Life is about standing-up for life as life – it is about making a stand and making a decision of ´who I am´; and this decision knows no middle road, as one is either equal to life, or not.



I commit myself to standing-up in self-responsibility as life, and remain standing, to LIVE that which is of who I really am as life, LIVE that which will bring forth LIFE -

as I realize that what is best for all life is equally best for me as who I really am of life, and that we cannot get to what is Best for Life by following the conditioned systems / patterns / power-games / polarity definitions of the mind/system.


And, with each one standing-up within self as one, as equal of life, in integrity - we stand together and work together to bring forth a world, an existence, that will truly be equal to life and will support ALL LIFE, equally, in all possible ways;

to no longer accept or allow self-interest and the pursuit of profit to exploit life causing harm, abuse and the deterioration of this physical existence that sustains us.

Join the Journey to Life!


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