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Day 166: The Power of Now – It’s got you by the Balls

ART by Kelly Posey & Matti Freeman
In my previous Blog post of Day 165: HERE & NOW - Changing Our Here into a Home for Life I looked into What is Here and what defines Our Here.
I couldn’t help but think of the ‘Power of Now’ and all those new age spiritual teachings.


So let’s look into the Power of Now.

Do YOU really have the power in the ‘Now’? Or does the ‘Now’ in fact have power OVER you?

If we practically look at how every moment comes into the present – the NOW – we can see that everything that comes-up in every moment within one’s MIND is in fact defined through past experience, conditioned perception, and accepted definitions in terms of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’.

What comes-up into the NOW is in fact the predetermined result of accepted equations conditioned through a life time.


So really – how can one think and believe that one has the ‘power of now’ without being of aware of the fact that the present is defined through the past and thus the future is predetermined?

Do YOU define every moment? Or does every moment in fact define YOU as it comes-up already formed and in-formed through the depths of the ‘unconscious’ that determines the perceptual ‘reality’ of the ‘conscious’!


It is crystal clear and one would only be fooling oneself, thinking and believing the Power of Now is somehow some ‘magical’ or ‘mystic’ power coming through by ‘divine will’...

The Power of Now is the power of conditioning, the power of habit, the power of systems: it’s all been there before, the road is paved, the filters of perception are set, you already KNOW.

What comes up in the NOW is what you already KNOW.

Where is the power in that, when everything one perceives is already pre-determined, conditioned, pre-programmed!


So the question would be – is there any chance for actual power for self, for change? The answer is Yes.

And the key to the answer is HERE.

The HERE of the actuality of reality.


What does that imply?

It implies questioning everything that automatically comes-up as the NOW that the MIND perceives to KNOW, and instead looking at what is Here as a result, as consequence –

to see, realize and understand CAUSE and EFFECT, in other words: to see, realize and understand how the ‘Now’ is conditioned and what effects the particular conditioning causes in the actuality of reality HERE, the one reality we all share.

It implies looking at How our HERE is created and acknowledging, realizing and understanding the role the PATTERNS play which we accept and allow ourselves to participate in and exist through, as personalities / character roles / personas of this world system – which we are: we are products of the system conditioned through ‘reward’ and ‘punishment’ and set to exist on survival mode from within and as an awareness of self-interest, based on value judgments of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’, ‘winning’ and ‘losing’ (polarity system).



So –

it is to realize that self has an actual choice in every moment that is HERE:

The choice of either following the conditioned patterns and pathways of consciousness based on the k-NOW-ledge of the past and accepted value judgments of polarity (which, as we see in the world, OUR HERE, only lead to patterns of blame, vengeance and abuse);

OR – the choice to look at things in self-honesty and common sense from the perspective of LIFE as oneness and equality, and see the CAUSE and EFFECT of our existence of separation, to realize that what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to call ‘life’ is not in fact supporting or creating life, it is only causing abuse, destruction, disease, disgrace, death.




We human beings tend to look at and define things in terms of polarity. This approach however creates merely a judgmental human being and does not really allow for an actual LEARNING experience. Rather, people become fanatic about what they deem as ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, ‘good’ and ‘evil’.


Is the ‘Power of Now’ good or evil?

Well, if you really wanna look at it from the perspective of polarity – one could say that it is in fact evil, because the manifested consequences of the conditioned equations of consciousness result in an existence of separation, abuse, exploitation, both within and without.

The problem within looking at things through and as polarity, is that through assigning value judgments in terms of ‘good’ and ‘evil’, automatically the world is divided into battlefields of groupings that blame each-other and seek righteousness in revenge or dominion, ending-up disregarding completely our actual and common value as LIFE.


Looking at it from the perspective of common sense, we can see: the Power of Now is OUR power that we’ve abdicated to systems to automatically drive us, define us, direct us.

The ‘Power of Now’ is/has become the power of the System – the power of systems over life, where self-interest is placed before life and separation has replaced our oneness and equality as life.

We can see this within and without:

In the inner, self-interest drives us to selfish actions that manifest in the atrocious outbursts of the human psyche that we are confronted with day in day out (look in self-honesty at your own relationships with your world and dare to read the news in your local newspaper!);

In the outer, the world system, profit is placed before life, and life is exploited for profit, and this modus operandi has become so accepted that we barely even question what the fuck it is we are allowing to exist in OUR existence in OUR name by accepting the current system as is.


At this point many will protest and will think or say “oh no, I am not accepting the system, I am against the system...” –

but honestly, have a look at how we all exist: every individual existence has its starting-point in self-interest, in the survival fear that drives us to constantly compete within what we call human RACE, and as long as we exist trapped in mental concepts of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’ regarding only our ‘individual’ pursuit of ‘happiness’, we are in fact accepting the entire system as is and are allowing the system to exploit life for profit, because that is what we do within and as ourselves, in thought, word and deed.


The Power of Now can be regained.

OUR power can be regained –

by walking in self awareness as life here, taking self-responsibility for what is here in every moment, becoming/being the directive authority of ourselves in self-honesty and common sense as life.


This also implies seeing, acknowledging and understanding the consequences our existence within and as systems of separation and self-interest has had on life as ourselves, each-other, our world; and realizing that since we are Here, our responsibility is Here, and this responsibility must ultimately encompass all life equally, as One –

Then we can make sure that everyone has WON and then the power of NOW will be the power of life, where in every moment our existence within and as our living-participation is ensuring dignity and respect for ALL LIFE as ONE, as equals.




The NOW exists as the conditioned Knowledge of consciousness within individual MIND BUBBLES where each one is trapped in and defined in separation from life as a whole, existing merely as a mind consciousness system set to survival mode.


The HERE is the all-encompassing time-space existence that includes All that is Here equally and functions in understanding of cause and effect, thus manifesting/revealing results as consequences in terms of who we all are and who each one individually is.

HERE is the actuality of existence as a whole, it is our oneness and equality.


Currently, our oneness and equality is that of survival systems resulting in abuse and separation.

The challenge we are facing as human beings individually and as humanity collectively is the transcendence of our oneness and equality and thus our awareness from its alignment with/as systems of abuse in separation and self-interest, into a oneness and equality as life and thus into an awareness aligned to/as what is Best for All, an existence that moves and interacts in the interest of life as a whole.


It’s about Stopping all abuse, all separation, all manipulation and deception – changing the systems of our existence within and without to truly be/become beings that SUPPORT LIFE, as who we all really are – so that we may all live in freedom, dignity, and respect, and finally dis-cover and explore what it means to LIVE and EXPRESS.

ART by Jessica Arias

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