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Day 177: Setting Life Free from the System – part1

ART by Damian Ledesma




I commit myself to investigating the values I have given to things in my life (experiences, people, relationships) and within that to stopping my self-interest-based value-definitions and value-assignments,

as I realize that as long as my experience of myself and who I am can be influenced by ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ experiences apparently ‘happing to me’ based on my self-defined/accepted/adopted ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ value definitions: I have abdicated myself to the mind and am thus controlled through consciousness and controllable / gullible due to my own self-interest = the things I want, need, fear or desire based on the mind consciousness personalities I have developed and become in this world, ‘educated’ within consumerism in all ways.


Therefore, I commit myself to investigating in all possible aspects of my practical living where and how my participation / application is that of a CONSUMER;

to through such self-investigation in self-honesty: place myself in the position to stop my consumerism-participation and transform my practical-living into a participation that honors LIFE as oneness and equality.   


I commit myself to investigating what are the things I create a possessive relationship to, as I realize that in terms of cause and effect, the consequence of wanting, needing, having to get/attain/keep something – anything – is that I become possessed by the very things/points I obsess about.


Therefore I commit myself to investigating what I am trying to prove, what I am trying to validate, what I am trying to keep, what I fear losing – such ‘defensive’ application, or should we say attitude, takes place subtly and subconsciously/unconsciously, as it is automatically directed by the personalities one develops throughout one’s life with the particular wants, needs, fears, desires constituting the particular self-interest of the personality based on the self-definitions it is attempting to validate in order to ‘survive’ as consciousness -

such subconscious ‘motives’ of self and the personalities that ‘drive’ those ‘motives’ (which is why currently no actual self movement as life exists; only system motivated drive, based in the polarity construct of fear&desire - fear actually being rather the ‘excuse’/ ‘justification’ as to why one does not ‘wake up’ and stand-up to break through the veils of the matrix; desire/want/need being actually the system’s fuel, its self-interest, its addiction, hence a world and a human driven by GREED as self-interest/profit, a world and a human that pretends to be GREAT as it is obsessed with greatness in self-interest/profit yet misses the actual greatness of life as the physical reality we all share, misses the greatness of equality as the only way/system for a healthy oneness),

such subconscious motives and personalities can be made conscious, ‘be revealed’ and made ‘visible’ for self, through writing, self-honesty, self-forgiveness, self-corrective practical living.


I realize and understand that all fear of loss derives from and is the polarity-opposite of the assigned ‘positive’ “value” we give to things in separation from life, from ourselves, from each-other as life and everything that is here;

hence the ‘positive’/ ‘negative’ polarity in all dimensions: thought, cognition, experience, mental interpretation, emotional body –

revealing that fear is not in fact real, but is merely the shield of consciousness personalities / system robots forming an ‘excuse’ to ‘justify’ one’s self-interest.


Therefore I commit myself to investigate the value I assign to things in all dimensions of my beingness – to within that equalize myself to and as the value of LIFE;

stopping the separation of myself and my separation to everything that is here; stopping the interpretation of reality through the mind of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ (since all such ‘self-interest’ is merely conditioned filters producing conditioned results, thus a world never changing, a human never changing, history repeating and life devolving) –

and aligning myself to the oneness and equality of LIFE, just like a new born, to see things for what they are, understand cause and effect of What is Here, and Get Real Here to be real effective in this one life in the context of existence as a whole, in self awareness as life, in actual evolution.


I commit myself to moving beyond knowledge and getting real, as I realize that my perceived reality and my accepted self-definitions comes from the perception of ‘knowing’ who I am within and as how I defined myself in the context of the system; wherein due to this ‘knowledge’ I ‘feel safe’ because I believe to ‘know’ and thus I that that I’m ‘in control’ –

when in fact this knowledge is the knowledge of a system through definition and acceptance/submission, and the perceived safety within the perceived control is but illusion – an illusion that certainly ends at death;

and the only thing such illusion serves during ‘life’ is self-interest, which then however implies that one is not living, as one is being lived/driven/directed: one is not life, as one is merely an organic robot conditioned to follow self-interest, follow one’s fears and desires because this is what keeps the system running, but “if I don’t have my fears and my desires to define me, then who am I and how can I live undefined?”.


I realize that knowledge as defined and applied in this world is a trap – wherein we think and believe that we ‘know’ who we are and how the world is simply due to the same patterns of experiences repeating throughout our lives and us responding in the same way, as conditioned – and within that we accept everything in essence ‘as is’;

when in fact we don’t even know where our thoughts, feelings and emotions come from and what constitutes the patterns of this existence, what allows the patterns to continue – and that is basically ourselves.

Therefore I commit myself to investigating how my thoughts, feelings and emotions were programmed, in fact: how I programmed ‘my’ thoughts, feelings and emotions into and as myself through my own acceptance and allowance of what I found here when I was born here, in spite of the clear evidence that What is Here is not supporting life in any way whatsoever.


Within this I commit myself to stopping the controls of the consciousness matrix within and as myself to begin with, so that I may assist others equally to realize themselves as life, and to further bring forth a new system of our world based on the actual value of life, thus equality for a oneness of freedom, of dignity, of LIFE.


I realize and understand that any and all knowledge of this world is useless, unless it used to understand how self functions, what constitutes the self we perceive as ‘who I am’, and how from the interaction of the individual self’s SOCIETY is created, which is globally revealing a shocking reflection of ourselves –

Therefore I commit myself to sharing the common sense that we require to Stop blaming the world, blaming the system, blaming each-other, and instead: take self-responsibility to get to know the truth of ourselves and our world, get to self-honesty about what is really going on in existence, what is really going on within the ‘secret mind’ of each human being, what is really going on in our relationships with each-other.


This would be actual knowledge as actual understanding of how things function in fact, CAUSE and EFFECT, and would reveal the truth: that we can no longer hide behind ‘excuses’ and ‘justifications’; that in fact there are no excuses, there is no other way to life than to take responsibility for What is Here, for ourselves, for our creation, for our world, our relationships, our every breath and ultimately the breath of every living being:

Hence why we propose an equal money system to start with, ensuring that the breath of every living being is free and without fear –

thus if you claim to be seriously interested in real solutions for mankind, for earth, for humanity - you should investigate the equal money system and the research and material at Desteni.

"The Desteni Message and the Equal Money System is exactly the same principles as the Jesus Message before it was Turned in Religion and Consumerism"
ART by Ann van den Broeck

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