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Day 169: Don’t Give In, Don’t Give Up. Give LIFE.

it's extensive how we define ourselves and our expression based on our perception of impressions through others, interpreting reality through systematic filters instead of LIVING direct, in directive authority as equals of life

currently no expression exists
only reaction
we are slaves to our own consciousness, our own value judgments, our own search for self, all the while we are HERE


what does that realization imply?
the solution is here
the solution would be direct living

Self-Forgiveness is the letting go of the past/judgments/fears, removing the veils, and giving self the permission to LIVE

the LIVING must be equally applied as the Self-Forgiveness


this is a point all is facing

first we walk/start with the mind process of seeing, realizing and understanding our creation

then suddenly we notice, oh shit, we ARE it, it's about changing ourselves

it’s about putting the theory into application, and living the change, living our realizations


all resistance and all fear, all want/need/desire:

is the consciousness that we've become that fears losing itself, fears losing it's 'feeding ground' which has been our physical bodies and this physical world

it is the consciousness that wants to have it “my way” based on self-interest and the concepts of ‘personal happiness’ the systems serves us with, conditioned through family, called ‘love’ when it’s only patterns of ‘reward’ and ‘punishment’ creating a world of abuse where profit/self-interest is placed before the interest of LIFE


so the question is:

will we dare to occupy our body as beings of life, and walk/participate in life in self-responsibility, self-dignity and respect, as directive authority in equality and oneness –

or will we remain as consciousness, a fabricated entity occupying a body for its self-interest

this is the question everyone and everything is faced with as the final decision in this existence

"...Understand that here is another way to look at Earth – Earth is the opportunity for the Individualization as Life and therefore a reality is created within which one exist within both life and illusion, to see who you are and what you can be trust with. If you can only be trusted with the illusion = then you will not continue after this – If you can be trusted with life = you will be welcomed home! But you don’t get that ‘for free,’ you don’t get that if you don’t understand how it works – because if you don’t understand how it works, you will abuse others - it’s exactly what happens here on Earth and therefore, it was necessary, and therefore not everyone is going to enter Life – but it would be nice if everyone could, yet, it depends on each one individually, it is your absolute own alone journey, you have to prove that you are worthy of life, that you understand the total creation of everything in fact, and yes it is possible and it is rather simplistic and if you understand it, you will no longer abuse it."

"...That is the principles of the Quanta Moving – they move together. So you change = the world change, why don’t the world change is because You don’t change – anyone that claim that they have changed it is Not True.
Everyone will have to Change if the world is to change – and the world will go to the state that is necessary to force this. Slowly but surely, and before you know it, it may be too late and you won’t be ready and it is okay if you’re not ready, because that is your decision. And that decision, that reality, the ‘Who I Am’ decides everything, that is the nature of this existence, there is No Forgiveness but SELF Forgiveness, there is no Honesty but Self Honesty, there is nothing else but What is Best for All – Best For All is Not Debatable, because it is measurable, it is functional, it is mathematical and it is scientific, in which one can work out the simplicity of the relationships between every form that is here and what would be the best for it.
If one truly care about, then you understand what Real Love is all about, and then you would understand that participating in a system as it exist now is abusive. It is necessary that we start a new system, one where we are in fact responsible and accountable.”



to become life, which we do not yet know/realize what it is other than the basic common sense that life must be Best for All,
we must be willing to and will ourselves to let go of the consciousness/knowledge/past/judgments/fears/desires etc. that we've become in patterns of polarity, where for some to ‘have’ others have nothing, and for some to ‘win’ the majority must ‘lose’ –
which is what we see in the world yet it is the same system-principle based on which every individual mind consciousness functions: self-interest.


"...This made it very clear, that Joy in itself, as it is Experienced by People in their Systematic existence of the Mind, is Actually ‘Happiness and Achievement’, because it is Never in the Context of Equality as Life, but rather in the Context of Self-Interested Fulfilment where the One claiming ‘Joy’ has Never Ever Connected with ANY other Part of Life in ANY WAY Whatsoever, but are Only Functioning at the level of Senses, trying to make Sense of a Senseless Existence of Chasing the Next Moment of Mistaken Joy in the Fulfilling of an All-Consuming Parasitic Existence."

- Bernard Poolman in one of the latest posts in his Journey To Life blog 


could there be any ‘higher purpose’ to achieve than LIFE - than freedom and dignity for all in a world without fear, without abuse?


as we walk this process of self-honesty self-forgiveness, exorcising the habits that inhabit us and letting go of the consciousness patterns that bind us, there's a moment / moments of 'vacuum' where the past is no longer but the new is not yet lived into creation

that's where the ‘window of opportunity’ is HERE for self to move and create the NEW, otherwise the old comes in again automatically


this is where breath assists, slowing down to real-time, walking breath by breath

realizing and acknowledging that this process takes time, as it took time for us to fabricate what is here now;

thus –

we gotta walk in patience, yet live self-commitment – don’t give up
don't give in to the patterns of the past
we gotta move ourselves out of the separate mind-bubbles of consciousness as self-interest - and into Life and Living in the interest of LIFE, as who we all really are 

we gotta move self slowly but surely, to let go of a past of separation and abuse and form a new existence of oneness and equality as LIFE
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