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Day 167: Impressed Expressions of Consciousness

ART by Damian Ledesma

This is continuing from
where I’ve looked into purifying/redefining words, and as I continue from where I left off, I see that I missed the simplicity of the word PRESENCE:

It’s not to be something or to be someone – it’s to simply be Here.

Within trying to be something or be someone, one is focused on ‘self’ as ego, and thus exists in selfishness from a starting-point of self-interest, unable to actually see, hear, realize and acknowledge What is Here.

To simply Be Here, standing one and equal with What is Here, is the Presence that allows one to be Real, to Really be Here, and thus to understand What is Here, seeing What is Here for what it is.


Alright then, since we are here, on this earth, it’s worth looking at what and how we EXPRESS here.

Within my previous blog post on the Power of Now and how it’s got us by the balls – I looked into the point of predetermination and conditioning and how the future is created from the past as the we re-create the past in the present, the ‘now’, over and over again.

Within this it can be seen that our expressions in this world are results of impressions. Even if you look at a child in this world, the child’s pure expression starts vanishing into suppression and oblivion as soon as the child starts adapting to and adopting the consciousness patterns of this world, of the grown-ups, its environment.


In one of our latest group chats we discussed the point of “If This, Then That” – ITTT – and we looked at how all our relationships function based on preprogrammed conditioned equations of “If This, Then That”.

It’s the equations through which we form / adopt / develop / accept the patterns of our existence as consciousness – and thus the patterns of our relationships with and within our world.

If we look in self-honesty, we can see that in our relationships we are always reacting to each-other, making conclusions and basing our expression onto our impression of how ‘the others’ behave, instead of living self-directive expression, based on Who I Am.


From this equation – ITTT – is implied that no expression that exists in this world, in this existence currently, is free; but rather, every expression is bound to the impressions that form it.

All expression is currently still a reaction, based on If This Then That equations, formed throughout a lifetime and more particularly in the formative years of our lives.

So all expressions of what we call ourselves is merely the result of and the reaction to: accumulated impressions.

Impressions, from which we have formed definitions and value judgments about ourselves and our world, about ourselves in relation to our world, and from that point developed personalities that act within the bounds of certain patterns –

Patterns that exist within and as the principle of “If This, Then That”.


Now –

This can be looked at from a perspective of fatalism, and obviously if we do not change our existence, if we do not change ourselves and thus our world – we will be meeting our fate, our preprogrammed end so to speak, which is evidently destruction, as we are evidently destructing ourselves, our earth, our value as life.

But, the same point which is currently manifested as a problem – the problem of and as our world, our existence – this very point also presents us with a chance, an opportunity, a window, a crossroads to change.


We can utilize the principle of ‘ITTT’ to realize that if we change our starting-point, if we change our ‘this’, if we change our beginning – then we can change our end, our ‘that’, our creation.

Currently our ‘if this’ is defined through self-interest, fear, separation, and the survival mode we exist as within this human race, which results to our ‘then that’ which is the manifested consequences that we are facing currently in Our Here – individually and collectively.


This what we are walking at Desteni, this is the Journey to Life: Changing our starting-point to be instead of self-interest, in the interest of life; to be instead of separation, oneness and equality as living beings: to be instead of profit, the value of life –

because then obviously we are changing the outflows, the effect, our existence and thus our creation, and take the responsibility to manifest an existence based on the VALUE OF LIFE in a world that will support and respect all life equally.

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