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Day 165: Here & Now – Changing Our Here into a Home for Life

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Within the process of redefining words, where I’ve looked into the words Acceptance and Presence, the word HERE had come up a lot, and therefore I find that it requires to be addressed.

What is Here?
Where is Here?
How is Here determined?


Let’s start off by looking at What is Here as this world, this reality, our existence as human beings, as humanity – OUR HERE.

Our Here is currently determined and defined, in fact dictated, by a world system that is based on profit, a system that exploits life for profit in all possible ways.

OUR HERE is currently an atrocity.

And where are human beings within this all, individually?
Where IS everyone? Where am “I”?

Our individual ‘here’ is determined and defined through our individual relationships, jobs, family, friends, everything we participate in our daily lives. However, when we look at our participation in this world, we’ll see that we interact and participate in our reality through masks of character roles, wearing personality suits, presenting ourselves from a starting-point of self-image whereby value is placed in attributes taught to us by the system according to the system’s values: profit, power, status, beauty, influence – the personal pursuit of happiness.

From this starting-point, our entire participation in our world individually is aligned to satisfying this one point: ‘the pursuit of happiness’ and ‘attaining value’ to define ourselves by. Within this we completely miss ourselves as life as well as our interconnectedness; Within our participation in self-interest, we refuse to acknowledge that when one part of life suffers, is harmed or abused: then all of life is affected as a whole.

How come we have no awareness of the fact that a child dies every couple of seconds in this world, from preventable causes?


The question arises:
Are we Really Here? Physically, factually, fully Here?

Each one is here in separation, and each one’s ‘here’ is pre-determined by the consciousness patterns one has been conditioned with, in other words: each one human being is here as a mind consciousness system only, existing in the pursuit of self-interest in separation from Life as a whole.

All the while, Life is Here. Everything is Here, always, at all times. The universe, existence, nature, the microorganisms that sustain us, everything of substance – is always HERE.
Yet, we are not aware of everything that is Here, we are not aware of everything that sustains us, we are not aware of the fact that we all come from and return to the same substance.

Everything is Here – yet us human beings are not here. Each one is like trapped in a separate bubble of ‘alternate reality’ formed by the mind as consciousness. This consciousness is systematically set to self-interest only, hence the human RACE for SURVIVAL in this ut-most-fear we all share as if there were no other way to live here together...

There exists actual awareness that is all-encompassing. And we do have a choice: One either remains trapped in one's own mind bubble preoccupied with one's self-interest, seeking, hoping, waiting, blaming, wishing - blind to the actuality of the ONE reality we all share; or one is Here in self awareness as a physical being on this earth, breathing, self-realizing life as the one common interest we all share, thus practically living every moment in alignment to what is best for ALL.

The Journey to Life is the journey from CONSCIOUSNESS as mind systems only in separation from life / ourselves / each-other, into an AWARENESS of the entirety of SELF, as life, as all and everything that is here within and as existence.

The Journey to Life is about changing our HERE, which is currently our world system and our individual existences as mind systems, from an awareness of/as self-interest in separation, to/into/as an awareness of/as life in the interest of ALL that is HERE as LIFE in oneness and equality.


The simplest ‘practice’ for us human beings in terms of getting to an awareness of self as life, is stopping the mind pre-occupation and becoming aware of/as the Breath of our physical bodies.

The breath of our bodies is what sustains us, and yet we are separated from breath, we are not aware of ourselves breathing in every moment because we are so preoccupied in the mind – yet the mind is what dies the very moment the breath of life stops and the body returns to its source, the physical substance.

Obviously we cannot just move our awareness from the mind to the physical and have it ‘done’, because the mind has in a way ‘possessed’ our very physical beingness, manifesting dis-ease, dis-comfort, mis-alignments in/as the physical body. Our bodies are formed by the mind, by the personalities and patterns we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to participate in and define ourselves by/as.

It’s gonna take a process of ‘MAN KNOW THYSELF’ as mind consciousness systems to begin with – to see, realize and understand how we have accepted and allowed ourselves to function, to perceive, to react, and what patterns we have accepted and allowed to form ‘who we are’ and to in-form our world into relationships of self-interest and manipulation.

In order to STOP our existence of ego, self-interest and abuse, we have to see it for what it is in all its detail from beginning to end, realizing cause and effect, thus acknowledging how we have in fact created ourselves and keep creating ourselves as mind consciousness systems of separation, through our own acceptance and allowance of separation and an existence as patterns of self-interest.


In this process of seeing, realizing and understanding what and how we have become, what and how we have come to be:

We cannot but acknowledge that we are products of the profit-based world system, organic robots as system slaves that end-up recreating the same system of separation, abuse and exploitation over and over again. We may be advancing our technology, but we are not in fact evolving OURSELVES. Our technology is but the externalization of our mutating consciousness – as within so without, as above so below. Everything that is here IS ourselves.

Within seeing the CONSCEQUENCES of our existence not only on smaller scale/our individual relationships and environments but also in the bigger picture of and as the world system and the conditions we accept and allow to dictate life to atrocious results:
we have no CHOICE but to Stop recreating the same polarity patterns of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’, ‘Haves’ and ‘Have-Nots’, Stop recreating Money as Debt, Stop participating in power-games, Stop exploiting ourselves and the resources of the earth for profit, for an image of ‘progress’ when we are in fact only degrading, devolving, deteriorating.


An equal money system is a new system based on the value of life and aimed at restoring the value of life and in fact changing our HERE to what is Best for All.

To do this, we require to start with ourselves and change our Here – our starting-point, our awareness, our participation, our interaction – and align ourselves, our awareness, our practical living, to the interest of life as who we all really are.

We are HERE – therefore our Responsibility is HERE. Let’s make of OUR HERE a place that is a Home for ALL LIFE EQUALLY.

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