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Day 168: Input-Output, Impressed Expressions & History Repeating - Where is Real Life Expression?

ART by Anna Brix Thomsen

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Everything of this existence, everything of the consciousness we exist within and as, is Input - Output. If This, Then That. Impression - Expression.

We are bound to the patterns of our past, of the history of mankind, and the stupidity of our existence is seen within the fact that all we do in this world is blame and abdicate responsibility, instead of understanding the patterns and taking back the power we’ve abdicated to in fact change the patterns of our existence to what’s Best for All.

What is to be seen is that we are currently the expression / result, of past impressions, of the past, of all the past that has ever been here, of all the past generations, which affects the collective and the individual.

So obviously if we want to change the world – we have to become the new input.

We have to become the new input in such a way that it manifests an output that is best for all. Here it is simplistic to realize and understand the principle of Life as oneness and equality. Then we would give what we would like to receive: equal rights, equal power, equal participation, equal voice, equal access to life, for ALL.

This would manifest relationships of respect, dignity.
No more masters and slaves, no more power-games of ‘superiority’/ ‘inferiority’, ‘winning’/ ‘losing’;
but instead: oneness and equality of life – it’s simplistic.


The reason it’s ‘difficult’ is due to our systems of polarity, wherein we’ve manifested DIFFI-rent-CULT-i-s -

by placing value in groupings (religions, bloodlines, cultures, nationality etc.) and self-definitions (character roles, personalities, behaviours) based on our differences, instead of placing value in LIFE as the Oneness we are.

If we’d place value in LIFE, in self-realization as life, then we would live our Oneness in Equality, and we would make sure that our existence cause no harm, that our participation does not exploit that which sustains us, that our freedom does not compromise the freedom of others that are equal parts of life.


We’ve manifested in our image and likeness of self-interest the fucked-up human RACE that we’ve become and created in this existence that is ourselves.

So – how do we change that? How do we transform our creation?

Changing the starting-point of our existence, changing our awareness from self-interest to the interest of Life, and impressing this new input to enable Real Expression for Life.

In order to be and express LIFE as what’s best for all – obviously we have to free ourselves from the impressions that have formed our values and value-judgments of polarity, due to which we’ve come to disregard our value as life and have abdicated our right to life;
because our existence as who we are and how we participate in our reality is currently not equal to life – it is merely equal to self-interest, survival, competition, comparison, abdication of responsibility, blame, power-games.

Stopping the power-games and practically getting ourselves to be and live the oneness and equality of LIFE:

this is the process we are walking at Desteni –

together as Life, as the one group we should exists as, here as Earthlings; and each-one individually, to see all the relationships, outflows and consequences that is Here –

to understand how we created ourselves, our patterns, our reality, our world, so that we may be able to change it into what’s best for all.


So – Man Know Thyself –

This understanding opens up or rather, it in fact demands from each one a positioning, a determination, a decision
because – within self-realization as life, which is the realization that everything and everyone has an interconnected effect on existence as a whole, I am able to investigate and understand what it is that my cause has effected thus far, as the consequences of my existence. Within this, I am, as each one is, challenged to determine, decide and live a new starting-point of self.

It is for each one to look at and decide, in self-honesty and common sense: What is my creation, what will be my cause and with what effect, and how do I stop recreating the patterns of polarity and separation that have determined my existence thus far, so that I may live and express and create:
Life, as What is Best for All that is Here.

Investigate the Desteni group, and join us with Equal Money, in the process of putting an end to all hierarchy, putting an end to all slavery, putting an end to all power-games, abuse, and exploitation of life.

Start your journey to life and face yourself - walk your process of self-honesty and self-forgiveness, to stop waiting, stop hoping, and take self-responsibility for the actual evolution of our existence into an existence that’s in the interest of LIFE. This would be and enable actual evolution, actual expression, actual freedom and dignity for all.

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