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Day 174: The Journey to Life - Breath by Breath

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo
Breath by breath is the only way to walk this process, this journey to life, without getting lost in the insanity of the mind, the insanity of the system, the insanity of humanity.

What does that imply?

It is not to lose sight of the processes that constitute the mind, the system, the world, humanity – yet to not to get lost in them either.

It is rather to see, realize and understand What is Here as our creation, as ourselves, and How our Here works, as the mind system and the world system equally.

Because only through understanding how the automated systems function which we have manifested / accepted / allowed - can we place ourselves in a position to CHANGE What is Here in the interest of LIFE.

Breath BYE breath

How would it be to live so, that we in every moment say ´bye-bye´ to the previous moment, the previous breath? We would live each moment fresh, new, a re-birth into HERE in every moment of breath.

What is it that exists clinging on to the past, to definitions, to knowledge?

What is it the fears ´losing control´?

What is it that has a concept of death, of loss?

It is the consciousness system. (Study the entire Desteni research for a thorough insight on this)

Currently we exist in loops of mental realities and pattern repetition, each human being trapped within their own mind-bubble in separation from life as a whole.

We exist through the drive of the wants, needs and desires of the personalities we have adopted / accepted / allowed to become ´who we are´.

We exist through the drive of money which is currently the only motivation for movement – no actual self-movement exists.

The question is why.

How do we educate our children, our world, the next generations?

How come history is repeating with mankind never actually coming to real change to the betterment of LIFE for ALL?

At this point, many will refer to FEAR as the cause for this.

Is fear really the cause – or is it the effect, used as an excuse, a justification for the cowardice we exist within, which we try to cover-up with ´superior´ projections?

We suppress and deny fear of death to such an extent, that we do not even really ask the question: How come we are not transcendent of death?

The answer is simple: Because we exist as MIND PERSONALITIES = definitions, personas, self-image – like characters in a role-play. And neither the characters nor the roles we play or the reactions we have are self-directed. They are conditioned; preprogrammed; ´educated´ as personalities by the personalities that have gone before us.

It is through and as personalities that we exist in self-interest, disregarding the interest of life.

It is our perception of separation and our ´education´ through ´reward´ and ´punishment´ (called ´love´!!!) based on concepts of ´superiority´/´inferiority´ that brings forth the concept of self-interest, through which we exist in constant comparison and competition in a system that exploits life for profit.

Yet the common sense is clear:

No point of self-interest can be of any value or any benefit to any part of life, if it harms in any way another part of life.

Because the value of life is life.

What would our world look like if we all lived in the interest of life as a whole?

Why is our awareness limited to self-interest? Where is the awareness of life? Why is it missing within the human? What have we missed? Is perhaps everything that we´ve placed values into, everything that we’ve called ´life´, questionable?

Only a personality that exists through consciousness fears death. It fears losing that which it defines itself by/as.

The physical universe does not fear death. It does not even require consciousness. Should the human race vanish from the face of the planet, the planet would still be here.

Fear of death is unnecessary - all is going to die, you never know when the next breath will be your last.

Thus one can assist and support self in living self-honesty in every moment, finding/willing within ourselves the courage to live self-honesty - in the realization that only the mind fears death, because it is defined through knowledge, memory, agendas, definitions, polarity designs = all things that at death are no more.

So, best to identify the things of the mind that at death are no more - and start walking the forgiveness of these points, in a process that is the journey to life - the journey to stopping the system within and without and making ourselves real as life

= dignity, freedom, life for all.

Walking within and as breath, breath by breath, self can support self to, as a point /reaction /experience comes-up in a moment : see it, look at it, understand it, let it go – give it no value, it was preprogrammed anyway.

What other value could there be than Self Being Here and Moving in the interest of Life?!

Any other movement that comes-up automatically is preprogrammed, any value other than life is self-interest in separation from life and exists only through system definitions, personalities, terms of consciousness, not terms of life.

LIFE has only one term:

What is Best for All, as One.

Hence Equality.

No gods, no masters, no slaves.

And a system of support that will enable self-mastery and expression for ALL.

Breath BUY Breath

In the current consumerism system which equals the abuse of life in the name profit thus manifesting inequality and destruction: the system SELL to you the CONcept that you must BUY your breath, your right to be here.

Yet the system does not exist without the human.

Therefore it is the responsibility of the human to bring forth a system that allows LIFE EQUALL for ALL. What stands in the way of this is FEAR – yet fear is in fact only an excuse. The real reason is self-interest, the desire for profit, the desire for dominion of the few ´special ones´ over the many, the dominion of the machine (which is MAN as MONEY/man-eye) over life.

In the current system of inequality, the breaths of the many that are born into inferiority BUY the breath of a select few that are placed into superiority.

The one polarity does not exist without the other, which is why charity and any other band-aid solution presented as ‘benevolent’in the current only in fact perpetuates the inequality and keeps the system running.

What must be seen is that: You do not choose where and under what conditions you are born into in this world. And yet those very conditions determine who you will be and what your experience in life can or cannot be.

Can you place yourself in the shoes of any given being on earth and walk their life without fear, without shame, without regret? If not – then it is obvious common sense that we require to WILL a new system of actual life-support for our existence on earth – such that no one must fear for their life, and all can exist in freedom, dignity, and respect.

It is time to take responsibility for our creation and stand-up for life to do whatever it takes to transform our current existence of atrocity – from self-interest and separation into oneness and equality in the interest of life.

Walk with us in this process of debunking all systems and all mind-control, and getting ourselves to the point of response-ability to manifest what´s best for Life on earth, so that freedom, dignity and support for ALL LIFE is ensured in all possible ways.

Yes, it´s a long way to go - but solutions are established by being lived.

It is not enough to change the world system – because the world system is but the externalization of human nature. Thus, it is human nature that must change, and this must be done through self-will and self-realization, a process of purification of our nature, our beingness - or else it is not real.

At Desteni we support ourselves and each-other in taking back the power we´ve abdicated to systems and in developing the common sense required to walk ourselves out of the woes of the mind and into the ways of LIFE –

to establish a new way of life that in fact honors life in all practical ways.


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ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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