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Day 179: We are the ones we’ve been waiting for

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Day 177: Setting Life Free from the System – part1
Day 178: Setting Life Free from the System – part2

In my previous blog post I looked at the fact that sorting out the systems of our world is crucial, because currently the systems of our world do not support life, they support only profit and those already at profit through the exploitation of life.

Who we are is formed by the system, and what we can see is that people grow up and despite all rebellion and revolution, everyone in the end ends-up serving the system, re-creating the system, perpetuating the system in one way or another.

Not only that – the very human nature we exist as supports the system, for we exist in constant comparison and competition, in a constant pursuit of a ‘happiness’ that is not real, because if it were it would not be just a state of mind and would not encompass only one’s own bubble of reality, it would be a state of being for all life on earth. But it isn’t.

Everything that promises ‘happiness’ in this world is a product of consumerism, even concepts like ‘love’, ‘humanitarianism’, ‘new age’, you name it. Everything is being consumed in a pursuit for personal ‘fulfillment’ or ‘enlightenment’ while we in fact starve our existence to death.

So –

What is realized is that human nature must be change so that it no longer abuses, and so that it cannot be abused. Real integrity, real dignity, real respect for life, as life.

This is the journey to life, where we walk ourselves out of the bubbles of consciousness and into awareness as life, as a whole; where we expand our self-interest to be equal to the interest of life, because clearly: what is best for all, is equally best for me, and where one part of life is harmed, life as a whole is harmed.

I support an equal money system as it will very quickly eliminate starvation and poverty, and will allow all living beings the best available of everything.

Consumerism will undergo a process of devolution, and the human being will be faced with itself, with life, with actual choice for the first time.

So much more is possible, and we all have dreams and things we’d like to do, talents to explore, theories to examine, to research, to work together, to understand: creation.

Isn’t that what life is supposed to be – CREATION –

and while this is shown through the physical processes on this planet, we fail to understand the totality of creation on this earth, and are instead trapped in a system of illusions imposed by the system, creating only systems – organic robots that exist like puppets on strings, the strings of energy, of friction, of power-games.

We not only do not understand the physical process of creation –the physical from which we have separated ourselves extensively!- we do not even understand the creation process of consciousness as what we become through/as personalities, self-definitions, reaction designs, mental projections, ego games of the mind.

At the moment we create but ILLUSIONS, each in their own mind bubble, while we allow this world, our creation, to continue as is;
while we disregard our actual CREATION, this world, that is manifested through our denials, fears, suppressions – and thus we fail to take responsibility for our creation, because we refuse to face ourselves, our denials, our fears, our suppressions, our true nature as self-interest.

At Desteni we come together in the realization that since we are here: our responsibility is here – and that sorting out the systems of our world is a big undertaking, yes, but if we don’t do it we can’t say we cared about life, if we don’t do it we leave behind a world of fear and abuse in OUR name. If we don’t do it we don’t really deserve any better world anywhere else.

We realize however that it is not enough to change the world – because the world is but the externalization of human nature, of who we are within. Therefore, it is about changing human nature, transforming human existence, in a way that life is no longer abuse, suppressed, exploited, but supported and honored, as One, as All, as Equals.

This practically implies each one facing self and taking responsibility for self, in all possible ways. It also implies learning to work together as a group – ONE group: Life.

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