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Day 170: Living Words in Self Agreement as Life | INTIMACY & FULFILMENT

ART by Rozelle De Lange

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It’s fascinating that the word Intimacy is mostly associated with relationships.

In fact we tend to seek, expect and desire intimacy from others, or intimacy within the relationship, without considering the obvious common sense that to receive intimacy, one must give intimacy.


Intimacy in the world matrix is defined through movies, books and media as something that one shares with another in form of ‘special’ relationships or even secrets. Within this however, we disregard the fact that ‘special’ relationships and/or secrets require a certain enclosure or exclusivity, which means that others that do not belong to that ‘intimate circle’ will be regarded as ‘less than’ and thus treated as ‘less than’; and then abuse becomes likely, as life is not regarded as equal but is seen through concepts of ‘more than’/’less than’.

Such definition of intimacy, determined through comparison and polarity, creates energeticexperiences accordingly, which emerge from the value-judgments of ‘more than’ and ‘less than’ which, as we can see in this world, are then accepted as ‘real’ and ‘valid’.

What we can further see in this world however is that such value-judgments and exclusivity of the ‘special’ creates separation, inequality, exploitation, abuse.


So what is actual intimacy?
How to live intimacy for real?
How to share intimacy?

Intimacy / Into-me-I-see

To see into me is self-intimacy. Being intimate with self, seeing self for who and what self is at any given moment, getting to know self.

In self-intimacy I slow down to see into me in self-honesty, to realize and acknowledge what is here within and as me at any given moment – where am I at, what am I facing within and as me, what am I moving towards.

“...One can make the word practical for self, in assisting and supporting self to align INTIMACY with the development of ‘getting to know self’, which one will thus practically do with writing, self forgiveness as the process of ‘seeing into self / the depths of self’ to in this getting to know self, develop the intimacy of seeing the totality of self/getting to know self, and in this practical intimacy development, utilize intimacy to finally be able to stand within ‘who self is’ – ‘knowing/living who I am’ through and through; that there is no part of self within self that is ‘unknown/secret/that self is unaware of’...”

This ‘seeing-into-me’ in self-intimacy can be shared in intimacy with another.

Intimacy would then be the sharing of self with another; without projecting intimacy as something separate from self or as something ‘more than’, without abdicating self to any concepts and ideas of intimacy.

Intimacy is not an experience; it is the sharing of self, with another self as equals – directly, simplistically, for what it is.




In this world, we are conditioned to SEARCH for fulfilment outside of self.

Further, what everyone can see if one looks in self-honesty, is that we tend to always want and expect something ‘more’, something ‘better’, based on ideas and concepts of ‘happiness’ that the system presents us with – which also means that our wants and desires that we are trying to fulfil are not even our own.

This search for something ‘more’ or ‘better’ or ‘higher’ is based on adopted/accepted self-definitions of inadequacy and inferiority developed throughout our formative years which we then seek to ‘balance out’ through external factors, relationships, and concepts of ‘superiority’, ‘happiness’, ‘fulfilment’ –
refusing to see that by definition as we ‘search’: we place fulfilment in separation from ourselves and abdicate the authority for our fulfilment to others/external factors.

What also can be seen, is that in a world where everyone is pursuing ‘personal happiness’ based on conditioned patterns of wants, needs, fears, desires – we end up MANIPULATING our world, our reality, our relationships in the name of fulfilling self-interest, which we disregard the interest of life which would be what is based for ALL life in all ways;

hence our existence of Survival instead of Living, struggling within and as a human RACE where we exist within and through mental concepts of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’ and thus in constant comparison and competition –

instead of self-realizing LIFE as oneness and equality, as the Earthlings we all are.



Full –

Getting ourselves ‘full’, we become comfortably numb, while we in fact starve ourselves of life. Within this it is obvious: we only FOOL ourselves.

Fill –

We fill ourselves with external “values” that can in fact never fulfil who we are as life because they are not equal to life – they are only equal to the system, to polarity constructs of ‘superiority’/’inferiority’; and we are trapped within and as such polarity-system, as the one (superiority) cannot exist without the other (inferiority).

Ment –

It’s meant to be – thus preprogrammed.

All ways of seeking/finding ‘fulfilment’ are predetermined, as all our wants/needs/desires are wants/needs/desires of personalities based on concepts conditioned through our minds according to the polarity-impulses of the world system – our environment, our experiences, our accepted definitions, our value judgments.


What I noticed within relationships especially, is that we tend to be so preoccupied with what we think we want, that we miss what is here – we miss ourselves and we fail to see, realize and understand that actual fulfilment cannot be given, cannot be attained or achieved, it can only be LIVED into existence through and as who self is.

Thus actual fulfilment is in fact SELF-fulfilment, wherein one assist and support oneself to live to one’s utmost potential.

Common-sensically thus, fulfilment should be about living to the fullest of one’s abilities in every moment, thus fulfilling self – through self-application as who and what one would like to be and become in the context of Life and Real Living.

If one look at one’s Life as a glass and one’s Living as the water that is poured into the glass, filling the glass – then it is obvious that one’s life becomes that which one lives in every moment of breath.

Self-fulfilment would be Living in self-honesty, thus living in a way that, when the glass is full, one can be satisfied that one has lived in alignment to who one really is and that there is no taste of shame or regret in the water – and that one could without any hesitation drink the water from that glass or even offer it to any brother or sister of Life to drink, certain that it would cause no harm but rather give Life, as it is made of Life/Living.


ART by William Cuff

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