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Day 171: Living Words in Self Agreement as Life | HAPPINESS & JOY

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The pursuit of happiness has become the pursuit of consumerism, and we exist in a world where we learn that we gotta FIND things that MAKE us ´happy´ in order to experience ´happiness´.
If something MAKES you happy, are you then not slave to that very thing?

Are we not all slaves of the current consumerism system and the “values” it holds so dear as if they were real – all the while no actual, sustainable happiness exists in this world, let alone the fact that 2/3 of the world exist in conditions of extreme unhappiness, barely with the minimum to survive within what we call ´life´ on Earth.

The ´pursuit of happiness´ is an attitude everyone has. It is something we learn from the very beginning of our lives here on earth, as we are ´educated´ through systems of ´reward´ and ´punishment´ in the name of ´love´. We grow up not even realizing let alone having the opportunity to get to know Who we are, how we function, what makes us tick the way we tick, what drives us from the inside out, and how come we never seem to be satisfied or good enough.

At Desteni we ask these tough questions and walk the journey of self-honesty and common sense to see, realize and understand How we came to be who we are in this world as it is, how we have be-come the personalities we have become, how mind-control works, what forms our consciousness and how, and how we abdicate our directive power as life to systems of polarity and inequality, when it is crystal clear that the only system that could enable a life in dignity for all is a system of equality that regards all life as the Oneness it is.

Yet - 

What anyone can see in self-honesty is that each ONE human being exists divided within self, because no self equality exists /is acknowledged. Instead, each ONE mind exists in constant comparison and competition, trapped in concepts of ´superiority´ and ´inferiority´ and illusionary ideas of ´power´, which however have very real consequences for ALL Life Here.

So, in some peculiar way, each one human being is ONE, yet not equal within oneself, not standing in integrity within oneself, let alone within life in its entirety. Is that even real oneness of self? No – We are not whole.

The same with the world system: we have ONE world, but is it really whole? No. It is divided, it is in PIECES – hence why there can be no real, actual PEACE as long as we keep accepting this system of polarity that requires the friction/conflict/war to maintain its governance – 
a governance where life is exploited for profit and self-interest is the ´pursuit of happiness´  that is placed before life /before living who one really is as life. 
Everything has become CONSUMERISM.

In other words, we exist within an ´invisible´ dictatorship that can only exist because we all accept and allow it, in fact – it exists in our image and likeness: 
as each ONE is trying to be the dic(k)tator of one´s life in a pursuit of ´personal happiness´, not giving a fuck about consequences or the rest of LIFE as a whole.

So – clearly, we have a problem.

And clearly, there can exist no real happiness in a world where for some to ´win´, others lose it all.

Personal happiness is defined through and experienced as the energetic ´highs´ of ´success´, of ´winning´, of attaining MORE ´value´, MORE ´importance´, MORE ´wealth´, MORE ´success´. Ironically enough, none of these ´values´ have any meaning at the moment of death.

It takes guts to question what we have accepted and allowed to become of life.

It takes guts to stop our addiction to energy, consumerism, self-interest.

It takes guts to stop the separation within ourselves and align our beingness to the interest of LIFE.

In common sense however, there is no other way to redeem ourselves and restore the value of life – the only real, actual value.

So – in this context and in consideration of the above, how can Happiness be lived, expressed, experienced?

The simplistic principle of equality that Jesus shared – Give as You would Like to Receive; Judge Not Lest You be Judged – certainly is a guideline for dignity, respect and freedom for LIFE, that is: for ALL. 

Happiness in this world is temporary, and therefore it must be treated as such. 
Can you live in a way that you let go of every moment once the next moment steps in? 
Can you stop holding onto to the ´things´ that ´make you happy´? 
Can you see that everything that you´ve defined as ´happiness´ in your life are things you are conditioned to like, to prefer, to want, to desire?

Real happiness has nothing to do with ´attainment´ or ´achievement´. Real happiness is within the actual freedom to EXPRESS and EXPAND, to PLAY and EXPLORE, to be FEARLESS.
Real happiness is within respect, support, and dignity of relationships. 

So - common sense: What we CAN do is start living the REAL VALUES of LIFE in our individual realities/relationships to within this be a living example of a new way of co-existence, such that can be valid for all life in all ways.

Obviously, we´ve got a long way before real happiness of being, of existence, of Hereness, may exist. It is not even certain that this world, humanity, will get to experience this. Yet it is unacceptable to use this as a justification for why we do not work towards actual sustainable real solutions for ALL, for LIFE, while we blame ´others´ and wait for ´others´ to change. Such acceptance and allowance would only doom us into deeper shit until total destruction. The fate of humanity is already written – and it is gauntly. 

At Desteni we WRITE a new script for humanity, to RIGHT the wrong we have accepted and allowed as ´life´; and to change our fate into a new desteni of existence, where all life can be free. 


Joy is similar to happiness and can be looked at and investigated from a similar perspective.

I´d like to share some quotes on JOY by Bernard Poolman, as I find these words mirror the actuality of the problem and at the same time shed light on the solution that is possible, if we will – if we are willing and prove ourselves able to stop the ill will of man that is limited to self-interest only, causing harm and allowing the exploitation of life for profit.

"When you say – I am joy – and you experience it as a feeling of joy. I would ask you – WTF – on which planet are you? Your own? How dare you separate yourself into a state of self-created fantasy while the world is in a mess? Joy as energy and feeling is always self-created and happens in total isolation on the terms that requires you to accept the world the way it is without question and action.

When you take joy into physical action as the living word, it is no longer joy as a mental masturbation feeling. It is enjoy, the physical experience that involves two or more beings, whether it is a human, an animal, a plant or a rock. You cannot enjoy yourself alone –you can create an illusion in the mind and call it joy, and even get others to agree with you that you are full of joy, but it is not real and it will allow suffering to become accepted as it did since the first so-called master came up with the idea of joy to make sure you never live in a world where everyone can enjoy what is given by what is here as the sun and earth.

Ask yourself what allows you to sit in meditation to create a state of joy as energy and you will see that foundation of this is always money –You need money in some way to separate yourself from the real world so that you can sit in a self-created illusion that takes you far away from here to a projected reality which exist only for you on your terms. It is a form of self-interested dictatorship where you deliberately disregard the equality of all life so that you can be in a state that you like and that makes you feel great all alone and then there are some masters that claim that everyone must do this, sit and create joy – take away their food, and home and money and you will see how quickly their joy turns to sorrow. And those who have already had their joy turned into sorrow do not speak up because those still in joy will attack them and claim that they are losers and did not do it right – you should speak up and stop the abuse you still allow as sorrow is the partner of joy – you are still in a state of joy, just the flip side of the coin.

In life there is no joy – yet you can enjoy yourself

For instance

I enjoy the food
I enjoy the touch
I enjoy the dog
I enjoy planting and watering the garden
I enjoy the conversation
I enjoy the company

There are many things to enjoy and this enjoyment should not be without the dedication to create a world where everyone have equal access to enjoy themselves. This enjoyment happens in the present awareness as breath. The moment you think, the enjoyment is no longer as you have moved into the alternate reality where only you exist and where everything else must follow your dictatorship.

Joy only exist in consciousness and not in life. Consciousness is just energy –something produce by life –it is not life– it is a by-product that return to its source to be available again in some form to enjoy by life. Consciousness made it the exclusive realm of self-deception. In consciousness joy is the ability to separate yourself so completely from life here that you can deny all the guilt and shame for what has been allowed on earth. Watch out for the ones that teach joy, they also teach prosperity and only want your money. With an equal money system, there will no longer exist the need to deceive another for money and survival as all will have access to enjoy themselves.

The world is given to all to enjoy, but some have conquered it made it the exclusive realm of money and the mind. With equal money we will create a world where all can and will enjoy themselves. Then the world will be a pace of enjoy. Not as feeling, but a place where enjoyment is a living –the living word.  Study Desteni and Equal Money and make the world a place where all will enjoy life!!"

- Bernard Poolman Quotes - JOY

And furthermore:

"With ... Joy, there was this All-Encompassing Awareness, that Joy in itself is an Interconnected Freedom, that is experienced within the Equality that exist between ALL FORMS, that I did not Realise at that stage as Words Yet. It only became Clear when I Understood the Fundamental Premise, that ALL Equality is WITHIN the ESSENCE of LIFE itself, from which All Form Emerges, and that when this is not Recognized and Understood: a Separation occur where No Joy is Ever Possible.
...This made it very clear, that Joy in itself, as it is Experienced by People in their Systematic existence of the Mind, is Actually ‘Happiness and Achievement’, because it is Never in the Context of Equality as Life, but rather in the Context of Self-Interested Fulfilment where the One claiming ‘Joy’ has Never Ever Connected with ANY other Part of Life in ANY WAY Whatsoever, but are Only Functioning at the level of Senses, trying to make Sense of a Senseless Existence of Chasing the Next Moment of Mistaken Joy in the Fulfilling of an All-Consuming Parasitic Existence."

- Bernard Poolman in A History with Life after Death

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