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Day 178: Setting Life Free from the System – part2

ART by Maren Vargas Del Razo

Continued from the context of
Day 175: Letting Go of What is Not Mine 
Day 176: Letting go of Possessions = No more Possessed
Day 177: Setting Life Free from the System – part1

If I have to look at what the most significant factor is that stands in the way of setting life free from the system – it is self-interest; it is the system itself.

The System does not exist without the human. It is manifested in the image and likeness of the human nature. Blatantly put, it is based in self-interest – thus a profit-driven system that places profit before life and reflects the “value” of profit in all its mechanisms.

Acknowledging the implications of what this means, it is inevitable that each human-being must examine in self-honesty how self within oneself and within the projections of all of self’s relationships exists in the pursuit of self-interest that places the individual in separation from life as a whole and that often drives the individual to obsessive, possessive, fanatical extents in a fantasy role play where it’s always about ‘winning’ and ‘losing’;

We create our conditioned projections as relationships of ‘superior’ and ‘inferior’ and develop personalities that will play this game and seek out only those that will agree with our OWN categorization of the world, with our OWN definitions of things, of ourselves –

hence the power game based world we exist in = the externalization of the power games we accept and allow ourselves to participate in within our world as a projection of what goes on within our minds towards our own self and towards all our relationships.

These are realizations that each human being with some common sense should be able to see, and that those who seriously walk the process / the journey to life, known as the Desteni group, are busy ‘walking’ in terms of self-investigation, self-honest participation, common sense discussions, writings, blogging and vlogging, forum moderation, the development of and exchange on the proposal of an equal money system, self awareness courses, interviews and articles for self-education, and much more.

I am committed to what I see is required from every human being: stopping our addictions to self-interest and the illusions of energetic experiences, understanding the creation of consciousness, debunking mental projections and getting to the core of self to finally take self-responsibility, stand-up and live in dignity in all possible ways without the veils of self-delusion or fear, without illusions of ‘grandeur’ or ‘bliss’ –

because clearly, what bliss can exist in a world where a child dies every couple of seconds of preventable causes, in a world where 2/3 of the population cannot afford a dignified living, where kindergarten politics and the dictatorship of the money-system distract and absorb the average human being to such an extent, that ‘happiness’ and ‘freedom’ are defined within the very parameters of this prison of a system – and thus barely anyone seriously questions the entirety of the system, this existence as is.

It is not enough to question just selective parts of this existence, for example that which you don’t like or don’t agree on or that which you find bad or negative; EVERYTHING requires to be looked at in common sense through critical thinking to understand cause and effect, within and without –

otherwise there will always be something to which one submits, to which one indulges, by which one can be manipulated and controlled.

Is it a coincidence that the golden platter the systems serves and calls ‘life’ is full of ‘positive’ things?

And is it a coincidence that the human being YEARNS for ‘positive’ experiences and FEARS the ‘negative’?

And how come all those ‘positive’ things are always concepts, products, ideas, projections ‘out there’ to gain, to attain, to achieve, to earn, to die for!?

While the world is in Fact ‘negative’ in all possible ways, right here, in every moment, right before our very eyes.

Yet man, are we clever, we understood that you can use the ‘positive’ illusion to hide the ‘negative’ actuality, and then wow you even experience the ‘positive’, in spite of the fact that all around you a child dies every couple of seconds, constantly, around the globe;

yet we starve life to death while we consume the energy of illusion –

and in the end we’ve consumed ourselves to death and leave the world behind just like we found it, with the same illusions, the same power games, the same happy pills, just different names, different faces; advancing only in terms of easier and quicker illusions – through the evolution of technology and enhanced products of consumerism – from cosmetic science and longevity products to religions and spirituality: all promising SALVATION in one way or another. Really?

How long can one keep up the lie?

How long can one keep up the ‘positive’ while inside oneself all kinds of suppressions get noisy, things one does not understand why they exist, how they exist, and how come they seem to still be there in spite of the ignorance?

We consume the ‘positive’ – because we don’t wanna deal with the actuality of reality.

this is how Consumerism was born in the first place. It was then no longer about practical living and life support equipment – it was about experience, feeling. Sell them that feeling, they’ll buy it. Give them a dream to live for. It’s done.

We are here realizing we have to un-do it.

Stop the system.

Stop the game.

Get real.

CONSUMERISM exists within as without, above as below. This is in fact one of the core findings of the Desteni research and also on of the main messages

and understanding the implications thereof is a key to change, a key to power as life, through equality – a key to Life as who we all really are.

The system does not exist without the human.

Therefore to change the world, to change existence, it is not enough to change the system; the human must change.

Because the nature of the system is in the nature of the human.

What is currently keeping the human from changing is, next to self-interest: the system – the world of the human race for survival.

Everyone walking this process of sharing awareness and support in the journey to life of existence, still have to go to work, do jobs, earn money, to support self to be stable in this world under the circumstances of the current monetary system.

The system literally sucks the life energy off of you. But is life really energy? Well if we participate in the system through and as energy – giving in to power games, moods, motivation struggles – then we have defined ‘life’ through and as energy and have accepted energy to be something which has power over us, yet interestingly enough some understand this and use it to manipulate the world for profit: media, perception generation, public opinion, mass manipulation, (k)new(s)... yes, you ‘knew’ it, because we have history repeating, as if preprogrammed…

So yes, ironically, it is irrelevant whether or not currently a secret elite somewhere controls the whole world, because the control is already automated – the system doesn’t really need anyone in particular to run it, it runs through the human fear, the human desire for power, the human dream-quest; and all the ‘knowledge’ of the world is literally set up to keep the system running.

We are standing-up to stop this from the inside out. Yet we realize that you cannot change the world by only changing yourself.

The quicker we change the system into a system that will ensure the dignity of life for all, the more time everyone will have to face self, to educate self, to explore, investigate, get to know oneself and understand creation.

This awareness allows for actual self-responsibility for the first time in the history of mankind.

Responsibility for life as a whole. We are now ‘big’ enough or ‘far’ enough or ‘evolved’ enough to grasp this – the world is a global village and we can no longer deny the interconnectedness of everyone and everything on this earth –

but will we, or will we just sit there (god forbid (lol) under the perception of some galactic federation of light beaming good vibes and blissful love unto humanity) and be ‘proud’ with the idea of ‘big’ or the idea of ‘far’ (think ‘ascension’), ‘mesmerized’ by the energy of even ‘further’ and ‘bigger’ (think ‘enlightenment’)?

Currently, the answer mankind gives to this question does not shed any light onto the actual problems of the world, of humanity, of existence.

Blinded by its own consciousness – mankind is unkind.

Will we stand equal to life, or not?

The answer is and will be determined by each one, for oneself and humanity as a whole.

At this point I always remind myself that if the human were to vanish into self-destruction, the physical universe would still be here. This also means that the human is currently like a parasite in the universe, it is so inferior that it stands no chance to transcending this li(f)e into LIFE as oneness and equality, which obviously is the ultimate power, but a power that cannot be abused, and a power that will not abuse. This is the true magnificence of equality – and just by reading this you will agree that humanity’s got a long way as far as this magnificence is concerned.

Yet each one can make the decision to start walking this very process within oneself, and transcend the nature of self.

This obviously already requires some self-honesty, self-respect and the will to stand-up to self-interest of the mind and the addictions of energy.

It takes dedication, support, and patience, and thus time –

time which in this world system costs money; and money costs time.

So – sorting out the systems of our world is a big undertaking, but if we don’t do it we can’t say we cared about life, if we don’t do it we leave behind a world of fear and abuse in OUR name. If we don’t do it we don’t really deserve any better world.

Support an equal money system as it will very quickly eliminate starvation and poverty and will allow all living beings the best available of everything.

Consumerism will undergo a process of devolution, and the human being will be faced with itself, with life, with actual choice for the first time.

So much more is possible, and we all have dreams and things we’d like to do, talents to explore, theories to examine, to research, to work together, to understand: creation.

Life could be so much fun!

Investigate Desteni and Equal Money, study what has been written, shared, worked on thus far, and if you are serious about life, bring in your feedback, your suggestions and perspectives, yourself – work with us until it is done and all life can work together, as One, as Equals.

Life must be born from the physical, in the fact of the matter, as a living organism, self directed, self motivated, transparent and fluent, in full awareness, within and as oneness and equality of life.

ART by Marlen Vargas and Scott Cook

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