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Day 175: Letting Go of what is not Mine

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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In my previous blog post I looked at the point of walking life breath by breath, wherein to take a new breath, I let go of the previous one, just like when you take a step you have to lift your other foot off the ground before you can take the next step.

Letting go in every moment I find is a living-application that assists me in no longer holding on to anything, from the perspective that anything that I perceive myself to want, need, desire, must have, or must keep: is not in fact ‘mine’ in terms of who I really am, but rather a conditioned response, concept or idea based on personality designs and the “value” assigned to things by and as such personality designs.


So, within walking breath by breath and letting go in every moment, I assist and support myself to stop ‘following’ and to instead move myself;

to no longer be moved by or follow personality designs and the ‘agendas’ such designs are conditioned to pursue in self-interest – and instead to move myself, breath by breath, in the realization that the only actual value is life/living, and that actual life/living cannot exist place as long as we merely act-out our preprogrammed designs as personalities / character roles, because within such preprogrammed designs we merely react to impulses instead of moving self, in self-honesty, self-determination, self-responsibility.


What is interesting is that within and as our identification with the personality designs we develop and become throughout our lives, there are things, experiences, wants, needs, fears, desires, that we see as ‘mine’, and within that we define ourselves by these very things –

in spite of the fact that such attributes and designs were merely copied / adopted / reacted upon – conditioned.

So in fact nothing of what one perceives to be ‘me’ or ‘mine’ is in fact so – yet it has become our individual reality to such an extent that it defines the very box of our thinking; and that is the trap of consciousness.


And within that, I am still here. And everything is still here. I am simply not holding on to anything, not defining myself according to anything, not placing special value on any point – as I realize this would imply separation from life.
If life continues after death, yet the human defines self through the fake 'values' we have come to worship before life, then surely there is no way the human as what the human perceives self to be continues after death.
Common sense is that the only to stand equal as life as the only actual value, is to let go of any other value that is not equal of life.

If everything is here, and everything is me – then it is simply to look and see things for what they are, and make a common sense decision on what is acceptable for life and what no, what I will accept and allow within and as my existence and what not: in terms of what is equal to/supportive of LIFE and practically best for all.


Related self-forgiveness statements to follow.


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