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335 | Give your Possessions to the Poor and Follow Jesus?

A point I looked at in relation to this question is –
Is it ‘good’ to ‘give to the poor’ or is that the ‘easy way out’ of taking responsibility?
Because – have a look – what we can see in the example of charities for instance, is that the main point served within the application of charity is to for a moment ‘feel better’/’feel important’ because one is ‘giving to the poor’, however charities never question the system. In fact, within a system that would truly care for and support all life equally – charities would be irrelevant, they could not exist; as they can only exist in the context of a system where some Have while others Have Not, dictated by money and bloodline.

So wouldn’t this realization imply that, in common sense the best choice/decision to make is to take responsibility and realize that, since this life was given to me and I have a roof over my head and access to money, the job, the infrastructure, the internet access, I can look at this life as a Gift – and therefore, what best way to honor this gift but to live/apply solutions towards a change in our world, our society, ourselves, a change that will enable us to transcend our current ‘way of life’ that in fact devalues life making out of it a commodity, and bring forth a new system that value LIFE.

The current system values money, possessions, and a definition of ‘power’ and ‘value’ that imply and allow that profit is placed before life and that life is exploited in the name of profit.
I mean this simply shows that profit/money has become God in this world, and it is so through everyone’s – OUR – acceptance and allowance.
So – am I going to give everything I have to the poor and ‘feel good about it’ and believe I’m ‘saving the world’ or am I going to use what I have to support, stabilize and educate / apply myself in the system, so that I’m able to in fact work on changing the system in a way that puts an end to poverty once and for all?

The question came up in our group chat last night. One is often asked, when discussing for instance equal money: “So what have you done? Have you given all yours to the poor?” And we looked at: can this question be answered? If so – how? If not – why not?

Here are some perspectives from fellow Destonians:
--- Not, because giving money to others is perpetuating the cycle of some having the ability to give others, instead of creating a solution where everyone is able to give and receive in equality.
--- I say that what little I can give won't make a difference in the big picture - that we have to change the system to support the poor
--- no you haven't - you can't - because everyone fears "what about me" - but actually only the super-rich can give to the poor otherwise the 'who is poor' will simply be rotating/changing without poverty stopping
--- if I give all the poor I will become the poor and then I am creating another problem - and then is a snowball where I will wait for someone to give me, and so it goes
--- No, individuals only giving to the poor is not a solution - it may last them a while only, and then we both end up at the same point "with nothing" - so, we use our resources/availabilities that we do have in relation to money to change this entire world system for all
--- are you in the new system yet or must you function effectively in the old system till the new can be established? what is the self-honesty here?
--- is it relevant to give all you have to the poor to change the world or is that stupid and the one asking the question knows it’s stupid, but may floor you because you will feel guilty?
--- they ask the question because they expect guilt - not an a common sense answer without the morality of the system
--- the person that ask the question to try and silence you with the giving it all to the poor point, knows you are not going to be able to give a short answer -- and will try and bully you
--- Jesus showed that the rich man have a reason not to be responsible for life--his possessions
--- with equality you give it all to the poor so to speak and you receive equally --thus -- there will be no poor

We decided to place this question/perspective on the forum to show and further discuss and elaborate on why one must function in the system till the time comes for legitimate transformation through the legal means we have available.
You can find it here and join the discussion.

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