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308 | Polarity Consciousness & Predictive Programming: Guilt & Innocence - part2

When I looked for the opposite of the word Guilt I found the word Innocence.
…Isn’t it fascinating that: that which we call Innocence is that which has no knowledge yet, that which does not understand. So – by this very definition, to have knowledge and to understand: makes us guilty.
…I would like to align this point to equality and oneness and say: the fact that we have knowledge and understand yet do not use that knowledge and understanding to act in common sense – to do what is best for all – makes us responsible!
…If we would in fact Take Responsibility and Change this existence for Real in a way that is best for all – there would be no reason to 'feel guilty'!
However, if we do not take responsibility in spite of the knowledge and understanding that we claim to have – we are indeed guilty.

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In my previous blog post I looked at the experience and definition of Guilt as defined within the System, and also looked into how Guilt is used to rob a child of its innocence and rob the human being of its response-ability – creating a human nature that is weak, gullible and inferior, because it is not innocent, it has no integrity, no self-honesty, no common sense; it is controlled by fear, and thus equally controlled by the opposite-polarity of fear which is desires. I’ve looked at how the System uses our fears and desires against us;
fears and desires that were created by the System in the first place – a creation of separation in the process of life’s alienation from itself and its entrapment into mental constructs based on polarities of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’ as the make-belief “values” placed before the value of LIFE itself.

I am now looking at the process of ‘returning’ to Innocence  to “be like the children” as Jesus said. What does that practically imply? It implies to let go of all knowledge and apply practical common sense, and to, as Jesus said, “investigate all things and keep only the good”. And as Bernard Poolman said, What is ‘Good’ but that which is Best for All.

“…The Message of Desteni is the Message of Jesus: “Give as you would Like to Receive”, “Do unto another as you would Like to be done unto”, “Investigate All Things, and Keep That which is ‘Best for All’” – “Best for All”, which is Obviously ‘Good’. Because, What is Best for All – is GOOD. So, therefore the Word ‘Good’ was used, because it was supposed to be Understood that the Word ‘Good’ implies What is Best for All. Otherwise, it’s Not Good – is it? How can it be ‘Good’, if it’s Not Best for All?”

What was realized is that to return to innocence for real means let go of the ‘tree of knowledge’ that made of us human beings ‘brothers in arms’ killing each-other in the name of a ‘god’ or any belief-system for that matter.
To let go of that ‘knowledge’ however, the ‘knowledge’ that defines our every move, our every action and inaction, our every decision, our every judgment – is to let go of all judgment and apply self-forgiveness for every single point of separation, every single point of fear or desire, of deception and manipulation, of self-interest and self-sabotage, everything.

Therefore, returning to innocence in fact requires real actual understanding of how we got here, to then walk that ‘road to hell’ (which is now on earth) backwards in self-forgiveness, until one reach Innocence – Real Innocence, as Nothingness
To then from zero walk the creation of ‘heaven on earth’ which is a process of actual self creation and must thus be self willed, and not formed through indoctrination of mental-I-ties that have, as history has shown, only tied us onto systems of separation and abuse.

Returning to Innocence for-real means the transcendence of Guilt once and for all.

The transcendence of Guilt presupposes that one has moved beyond the system-definition of ‘guilt’ (which is a construct of manipulation induced by the system to create a submissive human unable to stand-up to its own fears and desires, unable to stand accountable for who one is, unable to take responsibility for the existence we all share) –
to move from the system-definition of ‘guilt’ and realize SHAME  for what one has accepted and allowed within oneself and one’s world: all the separation, the fear, the secrecy, the deception and manipulation, the abuse and exploitation, the self-interest and greed, the disgrace of life for the fake “values” of human mental-I-tie.

That shame is what will open the door to actual self-forgiveness, thus to the ability and willingness to change – change in a way that the ouflows of our existence do not cast shadows of shame or regret unto us.

Returning to Innocence means the end of all abuse once and for all – because it practically means the end of all separation and the amalgamation of the One with the Whole, its Source, as Equal. It means the end of the dictatorship of the mental, the eye (I) of the pyramid, and the self-realization as Life, as equality, as oneness, as All that is Here.

Innocence means returning to the source and self-realizing Life – as all as one as equal. Such self-realization walked practically (and for this see the Journey to Life and study the Desteni research material) will allow us to re-emerge from our self-created prison and re-create ourselves and our existence in equality and oneness with Life as our source, thus in fact creating Life in dignity Here, in this physical reality, for All equally.

In Real Innocence there is no fear. Common sense: when one is innocent, one has no fear. Fear emerges from self-interest. Fear emerges from separation. Fear emerges when Man does Not Know oneSelf.

What is Standing in the way of Man Know Thyself?
What is Fear but Self-Interest!

Weird actually that the self-interest of human consciousness is not equal to the interest of Life.

But we exist in fear – and thus inferior to life. 
SHAME on us humanity. And yet we seem to feel no shame, otherwise we would have long stood up and done something about it all, and changed our existence into something that is worthy of life – for All.

We are guilty of the crimes against life that are happening all around us at all times, within and without, above and below, at all levels of our existence, because we have formed and followed rules of engagement based on polarity “values” and thus separation and exploitation, in spite of the fact that our current progress in knowledge and technology would enable us to come together as one group, as humanity, and bring forth systems for our home planet earth that would make sure all life is equally supported, equally free, equally able to express and expand and work together to really enhance this life experience we share in this ONE reality.

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