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321 | I Believe Oneness and Equality can be Humanity's Destiny

I believe that we are just at the beginning of realizing what it means to live – both on the individual/inner level and on the collective/outer level.
Because clearly, what we call ‘life’ cannot be it, it is so limited, so abusive, so restrictive and absurd. What we called ‘life’ is manifested into and as the world system, and is one take one self-honest look at the world, our reality, all and everything around us – it is clear that our inner and outer approach to reality and co-existence is not producing a result that is beneficial for life, for humanity, for the humane in the human.

I believe that human life is oppressed by a system, and I have come to see that our system is created in our image and likeness. Yet the system itself creates the human being in its image and likeness in turn.
The system exists both in the world/the outer and in the individual/the inner. This system has particular ‘laws’ as a basis for its mechanics which maintain the ‘balance’ of its existence.
I believe that we ought to study the laws and mechanics of the system – because in this we will get to see and understand also the laws and mechanics of the human psyche and human behavior. Without the human, there is no system.

Study the system, not based on beliefs and hidden desires or fears, but by directly looking at What is Here, how it came to be, how it exists, how it functions, what are the ‘laws’ that ‘justify’ it.

I believe we owe it to ourselves as life to stand-up for life – dare to care, dare to see what is really Here, as our existence, as ourselves, as our reality that we share on earth.

Within that, I find it scary that – in spite of the already disastrous consequences of human civilization that are visible – we still base our world upon beliefs and mentalities that keep us divided and weak as humanity.
I believe that those of us who see what is going on have the responsibility to share common sense and help lift the veils of the lies and beLIEfs that define humanity’s ‘way of life’.

I believe that it is difficult to say whether the human is inherently good or inherently evil. I believe that our very existence, our every breath in every moment, will determine the answer to that question.

From this perspective, the question then should not be whether the human is inherently good or inherently evil – but rather: What IS the human?
Is it an organic robot preprogrammed to feed off of “others” in pursuit of self-interest, in fear for ‘survival’ as it is called – or is the human life, with actual free will?
Is man just a product of spirituality consumerism, just an image and likeness – or is man the real spirit of life?
Why does the human use free will in self-interest only? Is the choices the human makes really free? What determines our choices – and does that something have an agenda?

I believe that today’s global state of affairs, in macro and micro, clearly shows that we have replaced our ‘spirit of life’ with the drive of profit, and that we place profit before life, self-interest before the interest of life.

I believe it is imperative to understand how the human psyche and human society function, because that is what determines the systems of our existence – the rules and laws and mechanics that keep the world running with an ever-growing crisis on our path to self-destruction.

I believe we have to look at our creation – as ourselves and our world – in the eye (I), and ‘know thy self’. What have we created? What have we accepted? What have we allowed in this world? How have we gone so far that we think and believe that there is no other way?

I believe that there must be another way. In fact I know there is another way, because I am walking it. Because I have realized the necessity for people to work together on an equal basis as life, as real oneness, investigating the real issues we are facing as humanity, as who we are, and realizing that: since we are part of the problem, we must be part of the solution. We must be the solution.

I believe that protesting and rebelling and throwing tantrums ‘against the system’ is useless if we don’t make practical suggestions toward living solutions for the actuality of our reality. I believe that our mere existence, here, makes us responsible for What is Here – makes us responsible for the conditions we exist in and surely for the conditions we leave behind for the children to come.

I believe that to focus on the problems only is cowardice. It is like going only half the way and then standing there and crying about it, but blaming it on others. I believe that we must focus on practical solutions that will work for all, which is what we are doing with the Equal Money movement.

I believe that it is important for human beings to explore what it really means to live and to give self a purpose for being here in this reality that goes beyond the fears and desires of self-interest.

I believe that the human has become deliberately blind, like as if deliberately playing deaf, covering its ears and singing “lala lala la-la” every time a wake-up call manifests. I believe this is like an ingrained system-protection mechanism, based on fearing to lose what one already ‘knows’ which is what defines one. I believe it’s stupid to hold on to habits/ways/systems when one see it hasn’t really been working well but “hey, one ‘knows’ one’s way around” and one ‘feel safe’, in the perception that ‘everything is under control’.

I believe that the human has the power to delude itself to the utmost.

I believe that beliefs keep one from facing / dealing with reality.

I believe that the human should not wait until existence on earth becomes even more ‘scary’. Things are escalating at all levels, so I believe that (and if you are spiritual this is your call) this is the time for humanity to prove its spirituality. Why is the spirit of god lacking in the human? We play god but we don’t teach life. We teach war, fear, separation – and so often it is ‘in the name of god’.

I believe that the human has lost all common sense – and that it is imperative for those that see common sense to share, participate and interact in the world.

I believe it is time to stop all mind control and brainwashing, all beliefs that separate LIFE, and find our way to self-responsibility, find our way to life as oneness in equality, find our way to a creation worthy of life.

I believe that it is imperative to study our world, our existence, to learn to understand cause and effect – how consequence works. It is possible to work preventively, instead of awaiting the consequences to teach us the lesson. I believe that we are able to prevent further consequences by understanding the particular principles and mechanics that lead to particular consequences – seen in everything we are facing as humanity on earth and human beings individually.

I believe that we may be totally insignificant in the bigger picture of the universe or multiuniverses – but if one consider that each human body is an entire universe in itself then I believe it is ludicrous to believe in some multiuniversal heaven or hope for an afterlife – instead of mastering this one life, each as one body in equality, as a uni-verse; and thus the sum of all our bodies together as one body as mankind in equality on this earth. Wouldn’t such existence be far more beneficial for the planet, the animal and plant kingdom and everything of this planet that sustains us? Hunger and Starvation would not exist, Poverty would not exist, Fear would not exist, Harm would not exist – when life is one.

I believe we have no choice but to change the world, change our system, our way of life – I believe that if we don’t, we will continue with our path to self-destruction and self-delusion and will meet our fate – our own creation. And it will be the end of humanity and mankind, while life will continue without us.

I believe it is possible to see and to show the predictability of human behavior/opinion, show how we are conditioned to be fear-based and how our self-interest thus is not our real interest as life, thus also not in the interest of life, also seen in the manifestation of our world systems.
Seeing / realizing this, one is also able to realize that all this is the way it is only through our own acceptance and allowance, as that which has become the accepted ‘way of life’ based on the ‘inherent’ human nature.

I believe we can change our nature, change our systems, change our ways of life. I believe that the best any human can do is contribute toward a transformation of our existence from concepts and systems that are based on values that disregard the value of life into ways of life that honor and support the value of life. I believe that this/such change begins with self.
I believe that the value of life we all share equally. I believe that life is one. But if we don’t make it real, in fact, within how we live and co-exist, it will never have existed in terms of humanity / mankind / intelligence on earth.

I believe it is time to stop all beliefs that separate LIFE, and find our way to self-responsibility As Life, find our way to Life as oneness in equality, find our way to a creation worthy of life.

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