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324 | Walking the Equal Money Movement & the Desteni of Humanity – part2

In the last couple of days I have observed the presence of trolls on social media platforms trying to imply that equal money is a scam, that we are a cult, that we are less educated than the average human, and other accusations that aim at suggesting that fear and suspicion should be applied when looking into the Desteni group or the Equal Money movement.

Such claims and accusations are always made anonymously and with a stalking behavior, where we had now one anonymous user following the group’s online participation and provoking with misleading questions and claims. It’s unimaginable to me how one person had the time to follow so many people the whole time for days, so my guess is this is an organized thing aiming to weaken our resolve or make us give up. It makes me wonder what or whose interests are behind such organized action, because clearly trying to 'protect' oneself from a change that would benefit all equally means that the one trying to 'protect' themselves from that change has got something to 'lose' and is not willing to 'give as one would like to receive'.

The thing is, I personally find that such phenomenon is actually giving credit to the Desteni group and equal money movement. The words of this anonymous, faceless troll are always a personal attack, sarcasm or schadenfreude. Any educated person can read between the lines and recognize the intentions.

Speaking of intentions –
I as well as the Desteni group and equal money movement have been documenting this process from the beginning in personal Blogs and on our websites (and it’s been now over 5 years) so it's a process that can be viewed and the intention of the movement cannot be clearer: it is to stop all abuse and exploitation of life and restore the value of life in all our systems, in our way of life.

Obviously, the process will take time and it will take more people standing up for life and against all slavery. It’s not “us against them” – it’s about realizing that we as humanity have to stand together and get to the common good. Otherwise we are all criminals, some more than others, but basically we’ve all been accepting this system whether out of fear, inferiority, powerlessness, or out of ignorance, convenience, spitefulness.

To give an example, there was a Question about "how it would be if the equal money system came to power". 

Such question first of all shows that the one asking the question did not investigate the Equal Money website and material or are deliberately trying to suggest that what we are sharing as Common Sense is a ‘religion’.
I, as Desteni and the equal money movement, do not stand for the application of religions or for any power abuse for that matter.

So to answer the question, we/the equal money system would not ‘come to power’ because we do not stand for the abuse of power and the hierarchies of the current system, but for equality. This is something ‘new’ in terms of world systems. All systems we have had, including communism, have been dictatorships. We are currently under the global dictatorship of money and the 'gods' that 'create' the money. But what is created is a world where life is exploited in the name of profit with the consent of the people as they are brainwashed with beliefs and fears and desires. This must stop - and for this the people must stand up and realize we cannot call this 'life' or 'living'. That’s how I see it. It’s about REALLY waking-up and working together in the best interest of life.

From my perspective, not only our future and that of our children, but the future of humanity is what we're talking about. I mean look at it – we are here, on earth, since ages. What the fuck have we done! Is this really evolution? And it's easy to say "yes but what can I do..." or "yes but I am fearful" or whatever excuse and justification one is able to find – but in fact it is in our hands. And unless each one realizes this and we get together as one group, as life, we are going straight to destruction and however that may look like it's not gonna be pretty.

Another question that was asked is "What tangible results the equal money system can provide", and on this there is two things I wanna say:

One is, we are obviously not yet in the political arena, we are still in the development phase as one can see by visiting the Website, the Wiki and forum. And as I said it’s gonna take more people realizing the fraud of this world system and standing-up for LIFE, which is ALL of us.

The other is, there is in fact one tangible result that is priceless, and that is the fact that we have proven to ourselves and each-other as a group that we can come together, get to know each-other and ourselves through writing, sharing, discussing; and get past our ego and work together as equals, as human beings, as members of life, that seek practical ways to common sense, meaning ways to improve what we call ‘life’ to the benefit of ALL life –
that would be finding and establishing Common Sense as humanity.

After all we are all here on common ground, and it is really disturbing that we do not all embrace what should be our common interest: Life.

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Thanks Maya Rote for sharing these perspectives, I couldn’t have said it better – clear and simple. 

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