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315 | Did Matter Create Life and then Consciousness, or did Consciousness Organize Matter to Create Life?

ART by Sylvie Jacobs

In this blog post I'd like to share my comment of the day in reply to a question placed on Quora.

I am sharing this not so much in terms of 'providing answers' but more in terms of opening up questions and stimulating critical thinking.

This is my perspective on the question:

Maybe it’s both, in that order.

Matter created life and then consciousness – whereby it would be essential to understand/realize the process of how consciousness was created, or did it perhaps emerge - and for this study the desteni research.
And then consciousness took over and organized matter creating what we call ‘life’.

Looking at our existence today as the result of a process which we only begin to understand/realize we can definitely in relation to the global ‘state of affairs’ say that consciousness organizes matter to create what we call ‘life’ which is a system of polarity power games in all the various dimensions / relationships / hierarchies.

So perhaps it is so: matter created life because matter was life – so matter as life was expressing itself and in that expression a process of individualization began – perhaps that is where consciousness emerged, but what we can see in our existence today is that consciousness individualized itself into and as the world system of profit/exploitation externally and into and as the mind system of ego/self-interest internally;
And within that process - the self that was initially equal to and one with life, as the source, became more and more the self of a polarity system of fears and desires, of self-interest, of profit drive, of a consciousness that is in a constant self-defense / self-preservation mode, thus remaining within its own imprisonment, simply re-cycling and mutating, as we can see throughout the devolving patterns of the daily living on this planet, this existence, both in the bigger picture with history repeating as well as within human relationships and inner conflicts.

This, interestingly enough, imply that the real prison is the mind, not the physical.

That point of accepting and allowing the separation of ourselves (into and as the mind system of ego/self-interest internally; and into and as the world system of profit/exploitation externally) forms and becomes the “value”-system that rules and drives existence and “creates life”, and clearly it is a life not worthy of life because within it the value of life itself is being disgraced, discredited and abandoned.
This “value”-system which is in fact a de-valuation of life is then the foundation for all world systems especially education/parenting because that’s where it all starts, when what we learn is not living, but rather we learn belief-systems, judgment-systems, reward- and punishment systems, reaction-systems, emotional-/mental-systems, we learn all the survival-systems and tricks in silent agreements that manage and control our relations and relationships within this world – keeping the system running – in the name of profit/self-interest/ego.

So is the process of our evolution forcing us to face our ego? Will we take the challenge? I say we have no other choice, because even though it seems to be the fate of humanity and ‘civilization’ on earth to self-destruct, it need not be our destiny. Can we live with ourselves if we don’t truly investigate to find actual, real, liveable, practical and supportive solutions, and to apply, test, live, share them, to show that we are in fact in a position to change the future of mankind, to change the world, our existence for real.

For this it is important to investigate the creation process of what we have here today as human being and human civilization – human co-existence – and to ask oneself the difficult questions. Desteni is a platform that assists and supports in asking the difficult questions. I realized that once I can ask a question, I am the question – if I am the question, I am the answer – and this means I can see the answer – it is here as me – and I simply open myself the door to the answers/the practical living-solutions through asking the question – and obviously the ‘difficult questions’ reveal answers to ‘difficult matters’, so, I mean, one would be ignorant not to.

It is to explore – how to support self to get to that point of self-honesty, where one asks the questions in the context of life as a whole – in the context of self within the world, self within one’s various aspects of living, self within one’s relationships, self within existence as a whole, in equality and oneness – seeing all the perspectives, all the dimensions, all the games. Who would you be if you were facing all of existence and all and everything that has ever been was known and seen by everyone.
Is it really so difficult to live in a way together on earth that we can face ourselves and each-other in dignity and respect in the face of eternity?

It seems the difficult thing is to transcend our consciousness, our consciousness systems –
consciousness is like the snake offering the apple of ‘MORE’, of ‘knowledge’, of ‘judgment’, of ‘separation’, of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’, of ‘winning’ and ‘losing’, of ‘being loved’ or being ‘successful’ or ‘famous’ – all the things that are an outflow of a system of life devaluation and an establishment of fake values through consumerism, media, and the programming of society, of human beings into organic robots that accept and re-create the system, keep the system running in spite of all revolutions, rebellions and protests (which have been getting more and more violent and unpredictable).
But the practical solutions are simplistic – for this see the equal money movement that the Desteni group has started.

I come back to my question “is the process of our evolution forcing us to face our ego?” from which emerges another question: “Are we seeing the consequences of our existence as consciousness?” Do we see that our self-awareness, our awareness as human bodies for instance, our awareness as the planet earth, our awareness of how we move and what moves us, is reduced to a minimum, like 1%. And the mental dominion does not treat well the physical existence, which is weird because the physical is what gives us as consciousness life, the physical is what sustains us, the physical is what we communicate through.

So the question is then how much trauma and suffering does the human being require before it faces itself as consciousness and everything that has come out of it and into and as this world, this existence. The ‘collision’ seems inevitable and surely it’s not gonna be a pretty picture, facing oneself with all the self-delusion, self-dishonesty, self-interest, self-deception, but when one commits oneself to taking self-responsibility, the process is walked more smoothly than when one waits for life/reality to push one to see and realize, to stop.
So – will we take responsibility for what has become of human consciousness? Will we amalgamate body, mind, and spirit into a real Oneness as self in self equality, as life, as a MATTER of fAct…

At Desteni there is support material that assists in this i-process out of our ego consciousness that is mainly based in fear, and into an awareness as life, as oneness, in self equality.

Maybe that is where we are able to live the words of Jesus: When we can truly see ourselves in/as another. Can you place yourself in the shoes of another, no matter who no matter where, and live their life and be okay with it? You can’t. Which means we have to change our system, our consciousness, our morality, our practical ethics – from the ground.

So we require to ground ourselves, earth ourselves, heal ourselves. Become the directive principle of ourselves in self awareness, as life – no longer dictated by consciousness, but self moving through self-directive will, driven as life, driving in the interest of life, within seeing cause and effect, within understanding consequences, within considering all and everything equally – in oneness and equality. That should be awesome! Wouldn’t that be to be real creators? Is it hard to see that the key to self-creation and to creation as such is equality and oneness?

This brings us back to the beginning: Matter created life because matter was life – creation took place in oneness and equality.

Is it hard to see that the value of life/self must be restored and strengthened within one’s ‘who I am’ and ‘How I co-exist’ to transcend consciousness? Is it hard to see that equality/life must be expressed practically as the self-worth and the respect for life of a self-realized being, because it see/realize itself as life? And if you believe in god, didn’t god create you in god’s image and likeness? What would You expect and demand from a god in existence? Why don’t we do unto another/all what we would like to have done unto ourselves?

ART by Damian Ledesma

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