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332 | Desteni – What is the Destiny of Humanity?

Desteni is a group of people like you and me that decided that what we call ‘life’ in this world system is simply unacceptable, the abuse and inequality is unacceptable, and that therefore we should investigate all things and keep only what is good, meaning in fact best for all as best for life.
Desteni is about creating a new Destiny for mankind, as humanity, as one race, and about changing our world into a place that in fact supports life and is all-inclusive, meaning: supports all life equally with equal rights, equal power, equal access and responsibility.

I suppose this for some is so threatening that they become obsessed trying to take such movement down.

It’s fascinating to see people make assumptions and place misleading comments that only reflect their beliefs and their fears, without however showing any willingness to do a proper research.
Such people post anonymously, as seen lately on Quora for instance. They have no clue, they simply take snippets of the research and material and then they make the effort to place such cripple “information” in a way that gives the picture they want to draw.
They then make it ‘about Desteni’ –and that’s quite amazing because it only shows how obsessed they are with Desteni.

If one had in fact studied and researched and understood what we stand for, one would see and realize that it's not about Desteni per se, meaning: we don't stand "for Desteni" – because that is just a name. We stand for Life – and it's in fact about Life and about stopping the abuse and exploitation of Life that is allowed in the name of profit and self-interest.

The core, the most important part and the whole functioning of the participation within Desteni is public – as blogging, doing video interviews and publishing one’s own material. Desteni functions as a hub, as an open-source community that is shaped and functions only through the people that actually participate, completely on their own according to and from their own interest.
Desteni is simply a vehicle for a moment, a platform, a place to meet, a place to work together. In fact it is about Life coming together and realizing: We should be One group, LIFE should be One, it should be all-inclusive, and not exclusive like in the current system that places profit before life and supports a select exclusive few at the cost of the majority.

Internet trolls like the ones spreading fear, lies and misinformation, don't know what they are doing – they are following their fears and their fears tell them what to do; and imagine, their fears are not even their own, they are imprinted over years and years of brainwashing, abuse and inequality within and throughout the world system;
which is another reason I stand for equality and emphasize the necessity to stop abuse at the root – stop the system of abuse, stop the structures of abuse, stop the need to abuse, and support even the abused into self-responsibility and self-forgiveness, because unless we do so, the abused become the abusers and the cycles of atrocity see no end, as history clearly shows.

What I’m saying is that unless we stop history and take responsibility for Life, all of us, as equals, as one – history will stop us and everything anyone ever held dear or believed to be or to own and possess will be no more and mankind on earth will end in disgrace. Because it wasn't Life, it was just a system, a self-consuming system that depleted the planet and each-other till there was nothing left.

So – it's in our hands, will we be Life? Will we create Life in our image and likeness? Will we make Life real as dignity, freedom and respect? Or will we hold on to fear, possessions, self-interest?

Anonymous trolls like the one that has been stalking and trying to undermine the participation of Desteni and the equal money movement on social platforms want for people to remain in fear and remain controlled – and therefore they will spread fear through misinformation and lies and will feed on shadenfreude like vampires.
Not unlike how many human beings live their lives, feeding off diminishing others, spreading gossip, while they create brands and cults to sell ‘their’ name and bring fame and fortune to themselves, out of sick desire to ‘own’ and ‘possess’ and be ‘powerful’ and ‘big’, making life on earth into a spectacle like a casino where it’s all about ‘winning’ and ‘losing’, where money and what you can do with money determines your ability to ‘win’. Really? And this is what we call ‘life’ and it’s what life is about? Wow, mankind, shame on you. The whole phenomenon gives much to consider, and it is suggested to learn from it and develop common sense and critical thinking.

If you want to look deeper into the question, and for a thorough deconstruction of the ‘cult’, please see our Wiki entries on Desteni Criticism and Scams abusing the Desteni name.
For more input and links, see the forum

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