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326 | In the Beginning was the Word… Are We Living Words?

Continuing from
Day 325 | The Quora Experiment & The Desteni of Equality
Day 324 | Walking the Equal Money Movement & the Desteni of Humanity – part2
which I suggest reading for context.

There was a question posted on Quora asking Why do we as Destonians redefine Words – “is it to control?”

What I replied to give a short perspective on this was:

No. This is a misleading question. What we do and suggest everyone should do/investigate is how words in this world are used/abused to create an acceptance of the world 'as is' and raise 'hope' - because as long as people hope, they will not stand up to do something about the situation of the world.

If we look at for instance the word 'peace' or the words 'human rights' - there is no actual peace currently in the world, nor human rights in fact. But we are educated into accepting the absence of war as 'peace' and into accepting that it is enough to have a 'declaration of human rights', when the actuality of reality shows a different story.

So the point of re-evaluating words is not "to control" but in fact the opposite:
to raise awareness about the already existent mind control.

It’s interesting however how it is possible through the use of certain words in a certain way to create fear and mislead people to follow the lies presented about Desteni and/or the equal money movement – which is what was done by the anonymous user on Quora.

Another example is for instance that very often the fear of communism is used to attach the equal money movement, by claiming the equal money is just communism, despite the numerous Blogs and Vlogs out there published by us that explain and show why this is not so and why equality is not the same as communism, why in fact there has never been equality in any system on earth, communism included.

The equal money system is different to all past/existent systems because it implies the end of hierarchies and the end of power-abuse through inequality. The ems is scripted from the starting-point of oneness as equality – meaning: equal rights, equal access, equal power, equal responsibility for all – as equal parts of life, which is our oneness, as a whole.

The ems, by its very definition placement, gives the human a purpose that goes beyond an existence of merely functioning and ‘surviving’ within the accepted ‘way of life’ that is the consumerism system which serves no other purpose but to preserve a system that allows the exploitation of life for profit. In contrast, the ems gives everyone the ability, the time and the freedom to express and expand oneself to one's utmost potential. The only condition would be that others are not harmed in this pursuit.

To understand the vastness of the MONEY point in our world, I suggest reading the article The Power of Money – it gives extraordinary insights.

See also my Vlog Equality the only ‘Condition’  REALITY as LIFE is Possible

Back to the subject of Words.

“In the beginning was the Word” – So if we look at our world, what can we see in relation to words?
We have scriptures, we have laws, we have agreements – Everything is in words, yet the words are not LIVED.

Instead, the words are abused in a way that serves only a select few, while allowing the majority to suffer under the oppression of a system that exploits life for profit.

Jesus spoke of Living Words, but humanity didn’t ‘get it’. Instead, the message of Jesus was abused to create division and to conquer the human soul into a system of hierarchy and power-abuse. Today, the message of Desteni, which is no different to the message of Jesus before it was changed into religion and consumerism, is being abused in a similar manner, to create fear, because fear is the one point through which people can be easily manipulated. I have blogged about this extensively and you can do a search on my Blog to read more about Fear.

Why do we use the power of words to abuse and impose dominion over others, in other words to create a SYSTEM that ensures the survival and well-being of a Select Few only? We do we not consider using the power of words to create LIFE? Why is the power of words not taught at school? Are the educators perhaps just as brainwashed as everyone else, with no clue whatsoever about how this reality in fact works, how perception and belief works? How come we never wonder why it is that the same words can have different meanings for different people, and what that implies in relation to communication?

We have vast problems in our world, and besides the economic and social issues that are (or at least should be) obvious for all, there is a vast problem in our education-system and in the way we learn, teach, and use WORDS.

At Desteni we have investigated this point from the beginning, and so if you dare check out the material, you will find this point being discussed, explored and elaborated on in the past five years and more.

Here are some articles I selected that may give further insight and inspiration:

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Blogs I have written in relation to this:

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See also the Blogs  Word Policy in Equal Money Capitalism by Marlen Vargas and Education – The Best Tool for Mind Control by Eleonora Gozzini


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