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333 | This Life is a Gift – Make the Best of it

For all of us who have a stable roof over our heads, internet access, jobs, a life that is not immediately threatened by the global economic collapse – should ask ourselves the question: Am I making the best out of my life, the best out of myself?
The answer is, if we were, this world would be a different place.

But the consumerism system has indoctrinated a definition of what’s ‘best’ according to self-interest only, and therefore people believe they are making the best out of their lives by for instance fulfilling their personal ‘pursuit of happiness’ and taking care of their ‘own’, or by revolting and protesting and blaming the system without offering any real alternatives because they do not in the first place understand that we are all responsible for what and how the system is.

Many of the middle class people are often so preoccupied with ideas of ‘success’ and ‘failure’ – and here I am speaking from personal experience – that they spend their time whining about the ‘bad’ and dreaming about the ‘good’ without however questioning what impact their existence, their way of life, their way of thinking, their mind-set and accepted self-definitions may have on the system as a whole, on life as a whole.

I suggest that anyone still trapped between ideas of ‘success’ and ‘failure’ study the Blogs written here, to gain insight into this consumerism mind-set that does not allow for actual growth and movement – and if there is no personal growth and movement in fact (and here obviously I am not talking about financial growth or movement as in travelling etc.) there can be no actual growth and movement within society toward a world change that would be truly in the benefit of life.

In this context I strongly suggest listening to the interview The Parable of the Prodigal Son and ask oneself the question of who one is and who/what one is accepting and allowing oneself to do with one’s life.

Any one of us could have been born into poverty, war, starvation. Any one of us could now be enduring the atrocious conditions that almost half the world suffers under, including homelessness, poverty, hunger, violence, war, famine. But we aren’t. We are more or less ‘safe’, so why is this ‘safety’ mostly leading to people becoming ‘comfortably numb’ and caring about nothing more but sustaining that ‘comfort’, mostly for the fear of ‘losing’ it.

What I’ve noticed through my participation on Quora for instance, is that most people there – and that is an ‘educated’ lot – will not welcome solutions and proposals for a change in the world that would benefit ALL life, but will defend their positions and go into fear and various protection-mechanisms. This alone should make one look at the whole system critically, especially our education system, because what is evident within that is that we are ‘educated’ into protecting the system and keeping the world running ‘as is’. Look at the history of mankind – in essence, nothing has ever really changed, we have just mutated into more sophisticated ways of exploitation and abuse.

I strongly suggest considering that Life is a gift, and really ask ourselves whether we in fact Give this gift equally to All as Life, or whether we treat this gift in a selfish manner as if our right to life is worth more than that of a child born into a so-called ‘third world country’ with barely any opportunities in life.
Study Equal Money Capitalism and get involved into the process of rehabilitating our System towards the end of abuse, the end of exploitation, the end of slavery – so that each being born into this world may in fact have equal opportunities in life.

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