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318 | Polarity Consciousness & Predictive Programming: OBEY vs. REBEL - part 2

...Isn’t it interesting that we all grow up with the experience that we have to “obey” – our parents, our teachers, the rules and laws of society, the world, the system? Isn’t it interesting that we all develop or adopt the experience that to ‘free’ ourselves we have to “rebel”, revolt, fight – “against them”?

...Isn't it interesting that we always think and believe it's "either - or"? 

...Isn’t it interesting that in both cases we give our power away unto a projected ‘entity’ out there, an authority to which responsibility is abdicated, an authority other than self, an authority other than life – life being all, as equals, as one.

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In this post I would like to share a number of blogs by fellow Destonians in relation to the subject Obey vs. Rebel in the context of Polarity Consciousness and predictive programming.

I would urge anyone that is serious about standing-up for life and becoming part of the solution we all wish-for for our world to invest the time to read each blog, and follow each blog through to SEE through the veils of polarity consciousness and realize the consciousness control we are submerged to within this world, within this system, within the accepted ‘human nature’ and ‘way of life’ – and to SEE that change is not impossible, transcendence is not impossible, but it will take dedication, self-commitment, effort and doing, it will take time.

Understanding the inverted totalitarianism we find ourselves in within this existence, reveals the Collective Responsibility we all share for what is here - and when understood we can see why both the Problem and the Solution are within/as Self, and that any Solution for life, our world, our existence begins with Self Response Ability.


Obey Or Rebel? Neither is a Solution

Irresistible Urge to Resist and Rebel


Economic Slavery and True Activism


"The implication of Spirituality, especially since the 1970s – is that it is in Fact an Extension of the Current form of Capitalism and Control in the World. To Understand this, watch the Documentary ‘Obey’. ‘Obey’ seems to be the Backbone of Occupy Wall Street – it is not a Solution to the World-Problem, but it is necessary to Educate yourself and realize that Spirituality in itself in all its Facets, its Total Development, is an Extension of the Principle of Obedience and has been developed therefore and Supported therefore in the Printed Media and in other Visual of Media Forms – simply because of its Effectiveness to keep the Populous Obedient. And all the Implications within it, is Vested in Obedience."
- Bernard Poolman in  Spiritual Obedience & Control - Suggested to read the whole text.

Read also:


On the documentary OBEY, in the context of discussions we had on the forums, Bernard writes that “whether intentionally or not, there is a side effect to this documentary as rebelling becomes the way the corporate can motivate local and federal authority to engage more laws, more police, more security and thus the rebelling part we could consider being an influence of the corporate control to misdirect people away from politics by claiming that democracy can never work. So whether this was done intentionally is uncertain but certainly, we can see with Occupy Wall Street that the control has increased, we have reached the stage of classical totalitarians.
…The obvious solution is education, specifically focussing on the fact that politics is the legal way through which even the corporations now gaining power and therefore, it is the legal way for the populous to regain power. Any form of rebelling will allow the corporations to put in more control as they already done since Occupy Wall Street started. The haters also benefit the corporation as it will allow them to put more control on the Internet and to eventually charge for everything one use in the internet, just like water. Therefore, it is to the benefit of the corporation to develop and sponsor hater groups.”

Please also visit the Desteni forum as there was a vivid discussion and really insightful perspectives shared on the film "Obey". Here you can see all comments.

“Information control and rewriting history to a NEW MEMORY to create NEW CHARACTERS in society that OBEY, is everything in the game to have Monopoly control. This extended to all facets of society -- family, education, church, psychology, economics -- so that NOTHING provided as information can be trusted and NO ONE is in fact able to trust their own thoughts as they have been IMPLANTED.
Study the solution if you can hear me and not react to me in fear as you have been programmed to do - in this realize that All Feelings and All Emotions are Engineered FEAR -- thus Consciousness is the Bubble of Fear that acts as the Energy Prison”

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