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330 | Is Self-Image Real?

If we allowed ourselves the clarity, in self-honesty, to see whether what is inside oneself is a valid/equal representation of its outside application and vice-versa, we would be giving ourselves the opportunity to make a pragmatic assessment and adjust ourselves and our behavior in a way that there is no discrepancy, no inner conflict. If we lived such clarity and self-directive movement or call-it self-will, in self-honesty, as ‘human nature’, much of the troubles we face as society would not exist.
We would all be communicating on equal terms because what I see and say is what you see that I see and say, based on the actuality of a reality where facts and words and actions show the inner nature of a human being that is self-reflected and able to place itself in the shoes of another – from this would emerge facts that would reflect a practical, pragmatic consideration of ‘what is best’ for oneself and another/others, as life, as equals of life.

What do such considerations have to do with self-image?

Well, it seems that self-image is something that keeps us from being true to ourselves and each-other as life.

Why do I say that? Because at some point in a person’s life the question arises, is this self-image real? Interestingly enough we mostly consider questioning another’s self-image and seldom our own. And if our own self-image were question, most people would be likely to say that of course, my self-image is real.

That begs for another question:
How do we know our self-image is real?

Well, to find that out, we can ask ourselves the question, to begin with; and then we can for instance make a list of all the things we think and believe about ourselves, positive and negative. Then we can have a look at all points in self-honesty, to see what is real.

I found for example that most negative ideas I had of myself were merely accepted inferiority and self-judgment, while most positive ideas I had of myself were merely projected desirable points which I was not yet living as 'who I am' in the actuality of reality.

So I'd say that if images/ideas of oneself exist in the mind – it is worth investigating. Because – if we live in direct communication with reality, expressing ‘who we are’, why would we need any images/ideas/definitions ABOUT it?

Another question that is relevant to ask ourselves is:
If I am real, and I am here – what is self-image? And what do I need it for?

Obviously in the context of the capitalistic/consumerism system this is easy to answer, because in the System as we know it the human being has become a commodity. Therefore, as a commodity, it must have a ´package´, which is what self-image is:
It is the picture/idea/representation of self that we SELL to others (and sometimes even to ourselves) so that we may be seen a certain way and through being seen a certain way get to achieve/attain what it is we `desire´ or prevent/conceal whatever it is we `fear´ – meaning the pursuit of self-interest.

Our world system tells you that what you see is what you get, and that how you look is who you are. Is this an acceptable belief-system for the future of mankind? What are the consequences of such `game´ in the world? What is the message given to children by presenting such context as if it were what life is about?

Do children today have any self-realization as life? Or is their self-definition always based on self-image – meaning that it includes all positive and negative attributes their environment tells them to desire and respectively to fear.
Will a child then ever really consider discussing their problems, troubles, thoughts and internal experiences with another, if they fear the judgment that comes along with any negative self-image? Or will they be too busy concealing and suppressing what is going on inside, just for the sake of `keeping up´ the positive image and get the “value” that we deny them as human beings.

In our world today, with all `evolution´ that mankind has apparently achieved, there is one bizarre thing anyone still in their senses should be able to observe: We deny ourselves and each-other, we deny the children of this world their/our actual value as life – and we replace the value of life with the “values” of consumerism, the “values” of the system which lead an individual to either `success´ or `failure´ but in both cases to alienation from life, because in one´s struggle for `survival´, in the desire for `success´ and the fear of `failure´, one will lie, one will deceive, one will manipulate, one will present a fake image and a face that fit the `criteria´ the System poses as it imposes itself onto life, feeding off it just for profit, just to keep the System running, no matter what.

It is time to re-evaluate the accepted value-system upon which our world and all systems within it are based, because we can see for sure that this value-system in fact devalues life, it does not in fact support life – it only supports profit, and this is unacceptable in the face of life, where half the world is struggling at the brink of extinction, not to mention starvation and extreme poverty as well as the lack of basic hygiene and the basic needs for a life in dignity.

It is also suggested to re-evaluate any ideas and beliefs, definitions and value-judgments one has accepted in the context of ‘self-image’ – because in doing so one will discover what it is one has in fact placed value into and how that affects one's movement and expression in life, and obviously such self-reflective investigation opens up the opportunity to re-evaluate it all in self-honesty and really ask oneself the question of the value of life.

Do we really value life?

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