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325 | The Quora Experiment & The Desteni of Equality

Continuing from
Day 324 | Walking the Equal Money Movement & the Desteni of Humanity – part2
which I suggest reading for context!

So, what can we see from the Quora experiment?

We see that common sense is quite rare in people’s participation.

We see that when educated people are faced with the crucial issues pertaining to the condition of our planet/world/system, they will give answers that ‘protect’ their positions, their views and their opinions, out of fear of ‘losing’ that which they ‘own’.

We see that people vote FOR the current world system through their opinions, even if they in their ideals talk about “world change”.

We see that people do want change, yet they do not investigate the structures that prevent the change we all wish for (and here, in case you’re wondering What the change is we all wish for, it should be common sense: It is for our world to become a place where life is in fact support and not exploited in the name of profit).

We see that even if people do want change, when they are faced with a proposal that shows How-to get to such change, what prevails is fear because one is faced with something completely new.

We see also that people are very easy to control through fear tactics, as one can see by observing how people would follow the comments of an anonymous troll posting lies and accusations about Desteni and the equal money movement, instead of investigating Desteni and equal money directly, by visiting the actual sites and doing the research required to get at least an overview of what it is we have been developing in the past 7 years.

We see that equality is feared due to past definitions or pretenses of ‘equality’ as in for instance communism, wherein (in communism) no actual equality of/as life existed, only an idea of ‘equality’, idealized into and and as a system which was still based on hierarchy and power-abuse.

What we can see thus, is that the world actually fears change, the world is not yet ‘ready’ for change, which is tragic, because then the question arises: How much worse must it all get before people truly ask themselves what it will take to in fact stand-up to stop the accepted abuse and exploitation and bring forth the change in our world that we all wish for!

Which should bring any one reading this to the question:

Am I ready for change?
What keeps me from changing?
How am I contributing to the world ‘as is’?
How am I part of the problem?
How can I be part of the solution?
Where do I follow fear instead of making informed decisions and applying common sense?
How can I start to not only speak about but also Live Change?
What acceptances, beliefs, assumptions etc. do I require to Change within and as myself, so that I start living the change that I wish to see in the world?

For an excellent overview of the Quora experiment, I suggest reading Bernard’s Blog post

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Thanks Maya Rote for sharing these perspectives, I couldn’t have said it better – clear and simple. 

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