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314 | Polarity Consciousness & Predictive Programming: Sin/Guilt and Savior/Forgiveness VS Standing-Up

This post is in the context of realizing that we have no choice as life but to Stop the cycles of sin and guilt - Stop blaming and wanting revenge - Stop looking for, waiting for, hoping for a Savior or Forgiveness from a 'god' - and take Self-Responsibility for Life through/within practical living, to bring forth a new 'way of life' and transform our system in a way that practically recognize, honor and support the Value of Life for ALL, equally
thus in fact Standing-Up for Life as Life.

Self-Honesty, Self-Forgiveness, Self-Correction - these are the pillars of practical living and self-application that will strengthen our resolve and commitment to life, as we strengthen the value of life within ourselves and within that assist ourselves in developing common sense and the practical skills required to strengthen and establish the value of life within our world and existence - to change our existence within and without towards a 'way of life' that values Life and thus is truly 'Best for All'. 

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I commit myself to utilize the realization of how we trap ourselves into cycles of sin and guilt while we ´justify´ the continuation of abuse – to stand-up within myself and stop this polarity construct within myself, by stopping any and all cycles of self-sabotage so that I live in a way where my living does not include sin = crimes against life/self be it within what/how I buy, what/how I consume, how I tend to my daily responsibilities and care, how I participate in my relationships instead of standing-up and enabling real change within ourselves and our world;

and to show that ‘sin’ is not subject to religious and other belief-systems but to common sense and the one value we all intrinsically share: Life.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that it´s a sin to claim benevolence or righteousness or even divinity in this world of inequality and suffering, when we do not practically and in fact “love our neighbor as ourself”, when we do not practically and in fact “do unto another what we would like to have done unto ourself”, when we do not “give as we would like to receive”;

Therefore I am committed to bringing forth a new system for our world that will in fact value life and allow all parts of life access and support, freedom and dignity equally.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that it´s a sin to accept and allow where poverty and starvation exists, when there is more than enough of everything for ALL –
yet that it is not a solution to ‘feel guilty’ or ‘feel powerless’ or go into blame, spitefulness and vengeance – whatever it is one is using as ‘justification’ to remain trapped in the cycles of a system of inequality; a system where you don’t know into what conditions you’ll be born into if your existence were to continue on earth, where we allow children to be born into a world so divided, so controlled, so manipulated, so discriminating that it cannot guarantee the ‘right to life’ for all equally.

I commit myself to spread the awareness about how we keep history repeating by teaching our children our fear and our blame, instead of teaching our children (and ourselves) ways out of the cycles of abuse that have been going on as ‘human nature’ and ‘human civilization’ and into an existence that practically recognizes and lives by the value of life – the intrinsic value we all equally share and that has been exploited and disgraced in the name of profit, in the name of self-interest, in the name of what was called ‘individualization’ when in fact individualization is a process the human being is still in the process of realizing, becoming;

because the human being is not yet the directive principle within self – what we have is rather an organic robot, a being so blinded by the consciousness of its own ‘laws’, the value-systems it has submitted itself to and the resulting belief-systems, that it is driven by judgments, fears and desires produced and re-produced by the system telling the human being, according to each-one’s conditioning, what will make it ‘happy’, how it can proliferate and deceive others, how it can ‘protect’ itself and how it can be the ‘winner’ that ‘takes all’.

I commit myself to share the common sense that our education systems in this world have used the premise of ‘survival of the fittest’ to ‘explain’ and ‘justify’ why the human existence is as it is and why one must strive for ‘the top’ no matter how many corpses one has to walk over;

instead of investigating how ‘survival of the fittest’ exists and functions and what it would/could mean / how it could be looked at in terms of the human’s responsibility within such context: survival, co-existence, life on earth.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that it´s a sin to have defined peace as the absence of war and to accept and allow war in the name of love, of god, of religion, in the name of belief-systems and “values” that we place before the value of life.

I commit myself to assisting and supporting my world to see the dead-end of following religions and belief-systems that promulgate ideas and concepts of ‘sin’ to make the human feel guilty and bad/evil while they promise an afterlife through the forgiveness of a god if one follow that god/religion/belief-system – and to realize that the actual SIN is within how we live and co-exist with each-other in this ONE physical reality we all share.

I commit myself to sharing the common sense that if we do not STOP the cycles of ´sin´ and ´guilt´ along with the blame and shifting of responsibility that has been characterizing humanity´s ´state of affairs´: we will simply continue shifting blame, indulging in guilt, revenge, and vengeance, or waiting and hoping for a savior to come and change the world; but it won´t be long before we´ve depleted the substance of life completely and driven ourselves and our world to utter destruction;

We are all part of the problem, and that unless we become part of the solution, this world will not change – our existence will not change.

I commit myself to showing how ´guilt´ is used by human consciousness to not change, to not take responsibility, but instead to accept oneself as ´inferior´ and to project blame onto “others” – and that thus ´guilt´ is used for abuse /self-abuse and deception /self-sabotage; it is used in a way that leads deeper and deeper into self-destruction / the destruction of the value of life;
instead of it being used to SEE – because ´guilt´ shows us where we didn´t take responsibility, and that we have actually used / abused the experience of ´guilt´ to keep ourselves from being response-able.

Therefore we can use the experience of ‘guilt’ to learn, to realize the things of which we should truly be ashamed of – to change, to grow and really evolve as humanity.
We are able to use / utilize the realization of guilt and shame as an insight and thus as motivation to take practically responsibility and in fact change – to not justify guilt or re-create the guilt-cycles.
Acknowledging our ´guilt´ = acknowledging our Responsibility.

I commit myself to share the common sense that self-forgiveness is possible – that we do not have to ask/wait for forgiveness from some ´higher force´, but that we are able to forgive ourselves and give ourselves the permission and the power to change, both ourselves and our world, because those two are interconnected: who we are creates the world; and the world creates who we are.

That is why I am committed to the process I walk with Desteni and the process of establishing an equal money system for our world, because I realize the responsibility we all have –each one individually and all of us collectively– in terms of what we leave behind for the children to come, what kind of world/existence we/each one support by their mere participation/interaction on earth, and what kind of world/existence we would like for ourselves and the children to come really!

It’s about Self-Responsibility for Life, as Life!

This is the Desteni process, this is the Equal Money movement, this is the Journey to Life, the road to Freedom for all.
Investigate the principle of Equality and Oneness, which is practically the only way to Freedom and Dignity for Life on Earth.

Desteni Artists

Study Desteni to understand Creation – both the creation of this world, this existence, and equally the creation of ourselves, human nature; to understand this system of separation, this system of polarity, this system of fear and blame; and to acknowledge the abuse and the exploitation that results as a consequence of our acceptance and allowance of such system and 'way of life', within and without. 

That is the only way to CHANGE our world, our existence for-Real : 
Self-Real-Ization, thus Self-Response-Ability.

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