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322 | Why I advocate Equal Money - Am I an expert?

I am an advocate of an equal money system, along with many others with whom I’ve worked in the past 5 years, during which we have developed websites, forums and Wikis, not to mention the blog coverage of the movement, published on a daily basis by people like you and me from all over the world.

I am an advocate of an equal money system means that I am an advocate for equal rights, equal access, equal power, equal responsibility – in other words, that WE the people, you and me and everyone else standing together, must ‘run this place’ and not some pricks at the top of the hierarchy. Damn, there should be no hierarchy to oppress life in the first place!

I am an advocate of an equal money system means that I support that we must not wait until everything collapses before we consider taking responsibility – but rather, we must start understanding how the consequences we are currently facing have come about and what we can do to prevent further consequence.

These but two general points to give you an idea – Find out more on the websites and Blogs (I will be placing links at the bottom).

Am I an expert of economics?
I am not. But you can have a look at my process of working with developing the foundation for an equal money system at my Equal Money Revolution blog. On Earth Global Review I also shared posts of socio-economic context, unfortunately my Blog was censored but you can still view and read all the post I had made.

I find that economic understanding is about understanding how the world system works, how things function and based on what principles. Furthermore, who benefits from how the system / the economy works.
This investigation is something everyone can and should do, we really cannot rely on the 'experts' of this world to lead us out of the problem, because any solutions proposed are always subject to the different interests - which is a major problem because how can there be different interests when it comes to life. But this is so accepted that this very conflict of interests and consequently the policies and regulations formed on the basis of such conflicted interests: decides the fates of everyone on this planet.

What I am saying is that, by using common sense and placing oneself in the shoes of another, anyone is able to see the abuse and exploitation going on in our world, through power-abuse and consumerism and all its derivatives. Further, everyone knows that 'money' is a creation of man and has the value man gives it - so why is such fraud accepted and allowed?

Some of us that participate in and support the equal money system have studied and/or are studying economics, in fact we have several 'experts' from several fields participating in the process of 'restoring the value of life' through a change in our systems and ways of life.

We do realize the necessity to understand the current system in all its ways, if we are to change it. A nice thing about how we work is that the knowledge and understanding is shared. In blogs and websites we lay out our realizations as to how problems and consequences are created. We then discuss solutions from the starting-point of oneness and equality, meaning: how can we form a system that truly, in fact, supports life - all life equally as one. What must be the principles and pillars of such system? How can we educate ourselves and our children out of the mind-control that is indoctrinated upon us by the world's economy / media / consumerism system which trades life for profit, power and fame? How can we transform society to reflect a civilized human being that has the interest of life at heart? How can we all be truly free? How can we heal ourselves and our world from fear? Here obviously we are looking at the so-called 'survival fear' - which in this era of mankind could already have been history. Why isn't it? Why do we allow half the world to suffer when there is more than enough for all on this planet? To 'justify' our own fear for survival??? Or is that just an excuse, out of convenience, out of laziness, in self-interest?

Any concerned citizen and honest human being should question the system, should question the kind of world and way of life we are accepting and allowing – and for that you don't need a degree in economics, in fact it would be a disaster if only those with a degree in economics were able to question the accepted system and propose solutions to change our world.

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