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309 | Polarity Consciousness & Predictive Programming: Sin & Guilt

ART by Adam Closs

…But we exist in fear – and thus inferior to life.
SHAME on us humanity. And yet we seem to feel no shame, otherwise we would have long stood up and done something about it all, and changed our existence into something that is worthy of life – for All.
…We are guilty of the crimes against life that are happening all around us at all times, within and without, above and below, at all levels of our existence, because we have formed and followed rules of engagement based on polarity “values” and thus separation and exploitation, in spite of the fact that our current progress in knowledge and technology would enable us to come together as one group, as humanity, and bring forth systems for our home planet earth that would make sure all life is equally supported, equally free, equally able to express and expand and work together to really enhance this life experience we share in this ONE reality.

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It’s interesting that Guilt comes up when one has the perception that one is in Sin.

And the trap of polarity here is quite interesting, revealing also how polarity constructs as such functions like a trap:

When you do something you perceive as bad / wrong / a SIN -> you go into GUILT.

And then, because you FEEL GUILTY you will go into SIN again to prove to yourself that ‘feeling guilty’ is ‘justified’ because “see, I am indeed a bad person” or something in those lines – and so history repeats and one traps oneself into cycles of ‘sinning’ and ‘feeling guilty’ without ever transcending the point and moving oneself to change.

And within it all then – you will look for a savior because apparently you are unable to save yourself. And that savior can be religion, or spirituality, or money and power, or love and relationship – anything that you are able to place “value” into and see it as ‘superior’ to you will do the trick.

For further insight into the polarity construct of ‘Sin & Guilt’ I suggest studying the following Journey to Life blogs that deal with and expose the mechanics of especially eating disorders, such as anorexia, as an example of how one will create and justify cycles of self-abuse based on a polarity-morality made-up in one’s mind:

Here you’ll find for example:

I suggest doing a search on these two blogs to find all the related posts and read them in context.

ART by Ingrid Schaefer

Study Desteni to understand Creation – both the creation of this world, this existence, and equally the creation of ourselves, human nature; to understand this system of separation, this system of polarity, this system of fear; and to acknowledge the abuse and the exploitation that results in consequence of our acceptance and allowance of such system, within and without. 

That is the only way to CHANGE our world, our existence for-Real : 
Self-Real-Ization, thus Self-Response-Ability.

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