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334 | Process: Birthing our Existence as Life Here

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

I’ve been listening to the eqafe interview series titled Quantum Mind Self Awareness as well as to the Atlantean support series, and at this point I am within my process reinforcing my realization, my decision and my commitment to myself with regards to practically walking my journey ‘out of the mind’ / out of the conditioned consciousness/ego and into the physical reality as an equal being on Earth. What that means and why I am dedicated, this I'll be sharing in this post.
In the interviews I found practical insights that assisted me into physical self awareness, and I found tools to support me in identifying and becoming aware of the subtle physical movements and changes that manifest in our interactions with other human beings and with the world systems as an expression of subconscious and unconscious patterns within, of and as our conditioned consciousness.

So - Are we seeing/perceiving ‘our own mind’/’our own reactions’ rather than seeing the reality of another person, a situation, or even the world?
Are we really directing and steering ourselves, or are we subject to the conditioned systems of mental/emotional patterns that we follow in the mind and end-up becoming/living-out, which is all that which keeps us limited and controlled and inferior/in-fear, through our own allowance and acceptance, whether we are aware of it or not.

Come to look at it, this is in fact a crucial point.

It’s like we are so preoccupied with/by our own inner reactions / inner conflicts / inner fears and desires, that we miss reality – we miss that we are in fact creating reality as is – and thus we also miss the practical common sense approach required to face and direct one’s reality effectively, as best for all/best for life, in self-responsibility as life.

If we do not even have an actual self-honest awareness of: Who am I within what I experience, who am I within what I observe, who am I within what I think, who am I within my world and what defines that, what defines me – then how do we expect humanity to steer this world into any responsible solution for life?

Which is why at Desteni we each walk our individual processes of getting to know self / the mind / consciousness as our current existence and get to know, understand and direct the multiple reactions/patterns and conditioned definitions/values/judgments; to purify self first, and at the same time we stand together in equality as life to find common sense, to get to what is best for all – and for this we must investigate and understand how the current system works, what are the mechanics of the system, how are WE accepting and allowing the system to function as we know it – so that we are able to change it out of understanding, from the inner to the outer, from the smaller to the bigger.

Come to look at it, we are talking about an actual evolution of the human being in the context of humanity, society, world systems AND human-nature / human interaction patterns.

So yes, one might say it is a ‘vast’ point – birthing Life out of the current Death that prevails on Earth in the name of money / profit / self-interest; Birthing Life out of ourselves that currently exist as ego / fear / consciousness in separation from life and our power/full-potential as life.
But - What else is there to do? Sit back and have a drink while the world is a living hell just because we have the momentary luxury to do so?

And if WE do not stand up in fact, do we have the right to moan and whine about the current system, blame the system, the elite, the “others”, while we accept the belief that “there’s nothing we can do” and use ‘reason’ to ‘justify’ why - or believe that “I/we must fight the system/ fight "them"...”
Is it justified and valid to ‘wish for change’ if WE ourselves individually and collectively do not work on / apply / live that change into beingness? If we had really evolved as humanity, as mankind, as human race, as life on earth - wouldn’t we in fact be able to have ‘heaven on earth’ for all?

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ART by Adam Closs

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