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327 | Equal Money System & Desteni I Process - My Review

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

This is a short review of the EMS and the DIP as I shared on Quora:

The equal money system is the only movement that exposes the current system for what it is, as do several people that were to some degree able to break through the veils of deception and see common sense, for example Chris Hedges, and proposes that there is another.

The equal money system is different to all past/existent systems because it promotes the end of hierarchies and the end of power-abuse and inequality. The ems is scripted from the starting-point of oneness as equality – meaning: equal rights, equal access, equal power, equal responsibility for all – as equal parts of life, which is our oneness, as a whole.

Therefore the ems, by its very definition placement, gives the human a purpose that goes beyond an existence of merely functioning and ‘surviving’ within the accepted ‘way of life’ that is the consumerism system which serves no other purpose but to preserve a system that allows the exploitation of life for profit. In contrast, the ems would give everyone the ability, the time and the freedom to express and expand oneself to one's utmost potential. The only condition would be that others are not harmed in this pursuit.

After scripting the equal money system, we started working on Equal Money Capitalism which we see as a transition, a way to purify capitalism and get to a new way of life that will no longer place profit before life.

Obviously, the process will take time and it will take more people standing up for life and against all slavery.

It’s important to realize that it’s not “us against them” – it can’t be, as that has always been humanity’s problem with vast consequences, so we really gotta get over ourselves.
It’s about realizing that we as humanity have to stand together and get to the common good. Otherwise we are all criminals, some more than others, but basically we’ve all been accepting this system whether out of fear, inferiority, powerlessness, or out of ignorance, convenience, spitefulness.

That’s why I stand for equality and am an active participant in this movement, this ‘journey to life’. I realize that unless I become part of the solution, I remain part of the problem. And unless we as humanity work together to create a new destiny for life, we will meet our fate which is evidently self-destruction.

We are currently under the global dictatorship of money and the 'gods' that 'create' the money. But what is created is a world where life is exploited in the name of profit with the consent of the people as they are brainwashed with beliefs and fears and desires. To stop this madness, us the people must stand up and realize we cannot call this 'life'.

Equal Money is in my opinion the best way to find it within ourselves to restore the value of life – as humanity, as human beings, by completely transforming the system into something that has never been the foundation, the agreement, the system of humanity.

The Desteni I Process is an online course designed to assist and support human nature into self-honesty, meaning: understanding the mechanics of consciousness as well as the consequences thereof, and learning self-support tools that enable one to be/become the directive principle of/as oneself - instead of remaining victim to one's conditioning. In other words, it's about self-responsibility - a quality quite rare in our world and definitely needed if we are to stand-up for life and transform our world into a place that supports life in fact.

Unfortunately, the education systems of our world are not based in the value of life, they rather teach compliance to the "values" of consumerism and the acceptance of the world 'as is', without teaching anything substantial about life or about expression and how to truly develop and apply each one's utmost potential. Education in the current system creates system robots and perpetuates global slavery to a system of control.

The Desteni I Process shows how one is able to break-free from the preprogrammed controls and take responsibility for life, for oneself, and thus for humanity and the future of mankind on earth.

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ART by Marlen Vargas

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