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319 | Polarity Consciousness & Predictive Programming: Self-Realization Beyond Polarity

If we look at all the polarity consciousness constructs that I’ve laid out in my previous blog posts, what one can observe in self-honesty is that, even though we like to focus on the ‘positive’, what is actually manifesting and solidifying in our world, our existence, is in fact the ‘negative’.

For instance:
Desire & Fear
Love & Hate
Reward & Punishment
Peace & War
Freedom & Enslavement
Gain & Loss
The Haves & The Have-Nots
Innocence & Guilt
Forgiveness & Sin
Rebel & Obey

At the same time, when one self-honestly look at how the ‘positive’ side of the above polarity constructs manifests, one can see that all of it is not actual lived qualities and principles that support life, but rather concepts, ideas, projections that are based in self-interest – otherwise what we call love, peace, freedom, would have an actual impact and a visible effect on our world in a way that is best for all.

But this is not the case.

Now –
We’ve also seen that the ‘problem’ with such constructs is that both polarities exist as ONE, and therefore as long as we hold onto the one side of polarity (eg. ‘the positive’), we are equally supporting and perpetuating the other side of polarity (eg. ‘the negative’).

So what would then be a solution to such problem?

It is simple:
We have to really investigate what we’ve made out of for instance Love, Peace, Freedom, how we’ve used and abused such words in self-interest, how such words and principles have actually (if we look at the practical living thereof) always rooted in fear, our fear of each-other, our fear of Giving as we would like to receive, our fear of Living and being responsible for How we live.

So – we could in fact take all those positive words, qualities, principles, and Make them REAL; so that they are no longer subject to polarity power-games within and without, but are truly a living expression of who we are and how we live and co-exist.

If we look at for instance Oneness, and all the profound concepts and ideas and projections of what Oneness means – we can clearly see that the word Oneness was profoundly used in a way that only supports illusions of grandeur, projections of greatness, while having no impact on the actuality of reality in any whatsoever.

Looking at it practically, we can see that Oneness by definition implies equality. If we look at the physical body as a Oneness for instance, one can see that this Oneness cannot be stable, healthy and strong unless all parts of it work together as equals; If we look at life on earth as Oneness, it is the same: unless all parts of life work together as equals and unless we establish a system that supports all parts of life equally, our Oneness as life on earth has no healthy equilibrium, no actual freedom, no actual peace, no actual love.

On this see also my Vlog Beyond Polarity - Self Creation in a Bipolar World

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Self-Real-Ization, thus Self-Response-Ability.

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