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463 | The Dark Pit of Regret

ART by Marlen Vargas

Continuing from
Day 461 | Slow and Steady – Walking MySelf to Freedom
Day 462 | Slowing Down to Live Fully 

I’ve had many regrets in my life. Some are regrets about things I didn´t do or say, and some are regrets about things I did or said.
What is common within both is the element of fear.
Fear is a product of inequality.
Inequality is the result of polarity as accepted value-system.

In polarity we have: win-lose, superiority-inferiority, us-them; and thus a system of comparison and competition within which the value of life is completely disregarded, in the worst cases disgraced and abused.
This inequality system, this polarity design begins and ends with the human existence.

Have a look at the world: it is what it is because of the accepted human nature, because of who WE all are. If you take the human out of the equation, there is no system – the current polarity structures on which life on earth as the accepted `way of life´ are based collapse.

What does that have to do with regret – the things one´d wish one had said or done, the things one´d wish one hadn´t said and hadn´t done?
The answer is within the question:
What makes us do and say things we regret? The acceptance of inequality – fear, self-righteousness, vengeance, greed…
What keeps us from expressing in the moment so that we later regret and wish we had? The acceptance of inequality – one feels inferior, unworthy, inadequate, weak…

In both cases the acceptance of inequality suppresses the expression of life within and as self – and so, self-expression is compromised and one´s expression does not support oneself and others as life; does not honor the value of life within and as oneself and others equally.
What does it support?

Here one can see clearly that fear is the starting-point of self-interest.
Obviously, within a polarity design within/as a polarity consciousness, fear does not come alone – the COiN of fear has go another side: it takes manifests in many ways, call it love, or desire, hope, need, greed...

So here one can see what self-interest is:
Self-interest is the interest of self as polarity-design, the interest of the conditioned consciousness that is a product of this world, thus of systems of polarity, thus self-interest is not in the interest of self as life, of the self that stands in equality and oneness as life and honors itself and all life equally.

To live so, existing as a conditioned polarity design, as a mind consciousness system that functions automatically within polarity experiences, and thus inner conflict – and going with the `flow´ of such automatic ‘protection- and defense-mechanisms’ that come-up in automatic behaviors –
this is the greatest regret I have experienced in my life, because it hasn’t supported me or my world: To look back and see I could have participated differently, I could have supported myself and others, could have acted in common sense, could have stood up within myself and not allowed the constructs of inferiority and superiority to direct me, to drive me, to define and bind me; I would have been a better person, I would have been closer to myself as life, and closer to others as life.

I find regret to be the greatest pain in my human experience.
But, fascinatingly enough, the experience of regrets also entails a great gift: self-forgiveness.

Regret and Shame are similar in nature, from the perspective that “it is too late”, one realizes what one has done / who one has been only afterwards. And one realizes one had accepted less of oneself than what one was and is able to stand for and as.

So here, one will either wallow in the dark pit of regret, or one will go for the remedy, which is: to stop, let go, and change.
Self-forgiveness –
to make sure that I no more allow or accept anything less than who I am as life, thus nothings less than the best I can live and give in every moment, as equal of life, as best for all; so that I no longer manifest regret or shame as in “I could have… / should have… / may have been… / shouldn’t have…” etc.

Here it can be realized that self-forgiveness is self-empowerment.
It is the first step toward change.
Change then is the breath-by-breath, step-by-step, moment-to-moment living-application of ‘who I am’ and will myself to be as a self-realized correction, aligned to the equality of life as oneness – a process of letting go of the power-games of polarity within self and giving self the ‘time and space’ to express/manifest `the new´, the `correction´, the `way forward´ as a way of life that will not allow regret to manifest again, that will not allow self to live in a way that would compromise life.

“Live so that you can die at any moment without regrets.”

The Desteni I Process assists and supports this process of self-empowerment with practical tools for recognizing, understanding and deconstructing the polarity designs of the ego consciousness that keeps us enslaved and limited within our egos and our world as we compromise ourselves and the value of Life and Living.
There is support and cross-reference in the process of self-honesty and self-realization – it is for free, use it, support yourself, let go of ego, stand as equal of life, and let´s work together to change the fate of mankind and manifest a new destiny for and as HUMANITY.

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