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459 | Bernard Poolman - The Beauty of the Beast

ART by Andrew Gable




Bernard Poolman passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning, 11 August 2013 (SA time). His heart stopped beating.



I will miss Bernard, he was an awesome being to be in the presence of and have chats with, and talk about the shit that matters. But what he shared with us and with the world: is still here, equality and oneness is a living principle, and we as a group of people working together on the Desteni platform are also proof of that. And so we stand for ourselves as life and for each-other as life – and it is up to each one and all of us together to create the change we want to see in our world and our existence as HUMANITY. We walk until it's Done and Life is One – and All can have Real Fun as equals in life.

Thank you for Being Here Bernard and lifting the veils! Thank you for everything you gave of yourself and for showing what is possible by your living example in every breath!





I found myself laughing with some older videos that Bernard had put up on YouTube with titles like Meet the Most Evil Man on Earth - Bernard Poolman, Bernard Poolman Promotes the Evil of Self-Forgiveness, Bernard Poolman Promotes the Evil of Self-Honesty, Bernard Poolman Promotes the Evil of Oneness and Equality ...


No doubt, Bernard was the loudest of all Destonians, lol, fearless, irreverent to the egos of the world. His only concern: Life; and the purification of life, the purification of this existence from all the evil we accept and allow within ourselves and our world – evil that roots in fear, in separation, self-interest, greed and the desire for power: the ill will of man that is not (man)kind.


People seem to tend to misinterpret the messenger based on their own fears, perceptions and beliefs, instead of actually hearing the message that is being communicated. Then they only see the ‘beast’ that calls out their fears.

Bernard speaks direct and to the point, and within this he triggers people’s reactions, reactions that already exist within them based on fears and beliefs created throughout a life time in all kinds of circumstances.


But this is not about the aimless provocation of reactions, it is in fact about exposing the inherent mind-control and calling upon the common sense that may still be existent in people; it is about presenting and providing practical solutions and tools to self-responsibility and self-empowerment – if one dare to listen and care to hear.


I met Bernard on the Desteni farm when I first got there in summer 2008. What impressed me most is how he’s been on the one hand unpredictable, following no patterns, going into no expected responses, yet on the other hand always stable, always Here, always dealing with the immediate reality the moment it presents itself, so much so that I could trust that no matter in what way, I would find the support that life deserves in its ‘quest’ for itself.

More than anyone else, Bernard reflected Me back to Me. He was the one to ‘refuse’ to give me the reaction, response or approval I would expect at any given moment. He refused to validate me and my knowledge, my intellect, my skills – my ego. He wanted to see who I am in the context of life and whether I can be trusted with life.
This was nothing ‘personal’ – after all this is the question life in fact confronts us with in every moment of breath. Bernard confronted me with my fears and limitations, and he challenged me to see where and how I was standing in my own way of being and becoming a self-standing, self-willed, accountable living being. He did and does this for all.

Bernard was goodness incarnate, lol, yet in this world of fucked-up-ness where everything is in reverse, we have defined ‘goodness’ within the polarity of friends and enemies, whereby our ‘good’ friends are the ones that we expect to simply accept our weaknesses and stroke our ego, ‘let us be’ and make us ‘happy’ through agreeing with our beliefs and our justifications for why we are how we are and why this world is the way it is. And while ‘friends’ will ignore your shadow and, like yourself, pretend it doesn’t exist, Bernard is like the shadow of yourself that you can’t hide from.

You cannot pretend to be ignorant, powerless or righteous. You cannot hide what exists within you in all the different shades. Bernard saw through me like through glass, he saw my ‘true colors’ as the lies I was telling myself in my attempt to ‘defend’ my ideas, beliefs, definitions of myself/the world. But does life really need to defend itself with theories? I came to realize that I was fighting for my limitations. This is how we are raised and what we learn to do in this world system, this is what we define ourselves by: our limited context that was passed onto us, colored by the judgments of the race, the culture, the political ideology and status we were born into.

I gave this piece of writing the title The Beauty of the Beast.

The ‘beast’ stands for the animal kingdom, the earth, the physical. That which we as humans have looked down on and seen ourselves ‘superior’ to, that which we have abused and disregarded just to feed our own ego in this system of profit and exploitation.
One day at the farm, Andrew (Andrew Gable, artist from Canada) drew a picture of Bernard as ‘the beast’ – a being standing in equality and oneness with the whole of existence including the animal kingdom and nature; a being not buying into the ‘specialness’ of the human or the ‘grandeur’ of intellect; a being insisting on COMMON sense and the respect for all LIFE forms, of which the human in fact seems to be the most ignorant.

Even this simple point was abused by the Desteni haters and internet trolls that only care for the quick high and energy fix they get by diminishing another and making themselves seem all-knowing and superior. Such people make me sick, especially because such people never met Bernard, never visited the farm or met the people living and working there. Such people never made the effort to investigate what this is all about, what the Desteni message is and what it practically means to stand for/as oneness and equality. The one thing that would eliminate all abuse and threat potential on earth was now portrayed by these trolls as the biggest threat on earth. 

I learned to laugh about it, and yet there are many people out there who genuinely seek support and are in need of the truth, who may in their search stumble upon a hater’s words which could prevent them from checking out the Desteni forums and websites. On the other hand, every time the haters would attack, the Desteni group would become stronger, would stand even more stable, would respond with clear common sense, with integrity.

Such haters also portrayed Bernard as ‘the leader’, the ‘guru’, the ‘dictator’, ‘the beast’. This is, for those that are involved with the Desteni Work, both on the farm and throughout the world via the internet, absolutely ridiculous. 
Our continued application and group movement will now prove that Desteni was never about a leader or about the group as such – Desteni is simply a platform where people come together to literally find and establish common sense in all practical ways and to work together toward best-for-all solutions for our world; Desteni is about the destiny of mankind as One, all-inclusive, and for that we must all equally be leaders and lead ourselves to an existence that we can truly call HUMANITY.

I’ve seen Bernard speak to any and all parts of existence: animals, nature, the physical. I’ve seen animals support each other and stand by each other like no human would do. The beast stands for equality. The conditioned mind – as the world system – doesn’t.
Even though we subject animals to this system of mutual consumption where flesh and water has become a commodity, even though animals are dependent on the pre-programmed food chain to survive, we have seen touching cases of different species becoming friends and companions, cases of animals standing by each-other in times of death and suffering, animals interacting in intimacy like no human would do. That makes you wonder, which is really superior in terms of life: the human or the animal, the beast?

The question whether we exist like we do “because of nature” or whether it is in fact nature and animals that exist the way they do because of us humans and the “natural laws” we put into ‘effect’ through our ‘cause’: that is a whole other story, and a huge one too.

Have you ever been in the company of dogs, cats, other animals? Have you experienced the undisguised, uncompromised companion of the beast that is simply Here, non-judging, patient, breathing… You cannot buy the beast with money, with beautiful words, with promises of happiness. The beast does not validate your personal self-delusion, does not care if you are black or white, male or female, rich or poor. The beast see you for who you are behind the veils that you utilize to make-up your picture-presentation as a persona of this world.

Wouldn’t you want to live as that, as a Living Being that does not need to be defined through accessories of consciousness;
Wouldn’t you want to live in direct and unaltered communication with reality? Without fear, separation or judgment!

It is really time for mankind to question the accepted ‘human nature’ and investigate how we can change the patterns and mechanisms that keep us trapped – both on an individual and a global level equally. It is time to dare stand-up and transform ‘what is here’. It is time to stop all atrocity, stop all separation, stop all mind-control once and for all.

If man is the image and likeness of god, then we have to see to it that we create Life, support Life, give Life – to all equally – and make sure the systems we construct to support us in our endeavor are systems of life-support and function to the benefit of ALL life.

Change is possible.

It is up to us, the People, you and me – the building blocks of this world system – to change the paradigm of an existence that is parasitic in nature, and to consider practical ways to an equilibrium that has never existed before. 

We have the knowledge, the experience and the technology to do this. The last ingredient for a successful transcendence of what we call ‘life’ is the Will of Man and the consistency and courage to do what it takes and not give up, until Life is ONE, and all abuse, exploitation and disgrace is abolished from the face of the Earth, once and for all.

Bernard has been an excellent living example.

We – mankind on earth – have been the aliens that have accepted and allowed and through our daily participation given permission for the alienation of life, the alienation of the planet, the alienation of ourselves. It’s time we investigate how we can finally stop history repeating and change the patterns that make up the context of life/living on this planet.  It’s time to be EARTHLINGS, to humble ourselves and find Common sense, as Common people, breathing Common air on the ONE planet we share – Let’s share it equally. Let’s stop this system of ownership, possession and profit that feeds off of life, and let’s create a new system of actual life support that nurtures all life equally.
It is possible – It’s up to us, you and me!

There is actual beauty in life, and it’s not in the picture-presentations we exist within/as; it is not in beautiful words and ideas. It is in the intensity of facing ‘what is here’ in every moment, it is in the lifting of the veils and dis-covering reality without naming it nice or ugly, it is in realizing ‘I am here’ and seeing that we all play an equal role in creating existence, which implies we have a responsibility towards life, towards ourselves as life, because we are here.

We have the responsibility to start seeing things for what they are in this world and recognizing what we have created and how. 

We have the responsibility to be fully here and to take-on each our own life and master it to the point that what we leave behind is no longer the legacy of fear, regret or revenge – but a transformed legacy that will support self-empowerment of life and establish freedom and dignity for life as a whole.

The beauty of the beast is that it looks you straight in the eye and dares you to stand-up and live fully.

The beauty of the beast is that it is non-judgmental, it is fearless, it is simply Here – the magnificent potential of freedom, expression and creation that we all carry within self as the spark of life that is waiting to be dis-covered, self-realized, embraced, lived all its unique individual expressions.

For all to be able to live fully, we must practically live in a way that considers and applies what is best for all. To enable that, we must change what we have accepted as ‘human nature’ and change the systems of the world into actual support-platforms that provide a sound, equal foundation for life on this planet – for all.

The beauty of the beast is that it stands for all life including nature and the animal kingdom; it stands for the Unification of Life in Equality.

Oneness by definition implies equality. Without Equality, oneness is deception. The beauty of the beast is within the revelation of Equality as the Key to Life for All.

So it’s time for us children of men to humble ourselves, stop the mind-control, and stand-up; to make ourselves worthy of life, in self-realization of life as oneness, as a whole, and within that to embrace our equality as Earthlings.

We have been created by a system of power-games and we have become alienated from life, from ourselves as life. At this moment in the evolution of mankind we are faced with the challenge to see and understand creation and start re-creating existence as self-willed equals. No gods, no masters, no slaves. There is no other way to ‘salvation’ but self-responsibility. And once you ‘got this’, there is no turning back. 

This process can only be walked in self-honesty breath by breath. There is no holding on to the past or to knowledge or desires and expectations. There is only the moment of breath, Here, and every moment of breath is a new window of opportunity for change, for transformation, for transcendence.
The evolution of mankind is taking place one point at a time – one by one by one – and as we purify ourselves and the relationships we exist with, we slowly but surely purify this world as the bigger picture – a picture that is the reflection of ‘who we are’, a picture that wants to tell a new story.

We are scripting a change, a new desteni for mankind, because we are otherwise going to meet our fate in devastating ways. We could have Heaven on Earth, but first we have to stand-up and clean up this Hell of a mess we’ve created, accepted, and allowed, both within and without.

But what have we done, ManKind on Earth?

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