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455 | Desteni I Witness: The Desteni Group – A Reality Check (part 2)

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In this post I am looking at the point of Reality Check in the context of Self-Realization.

What is self-realization? It is about what we make ourselves real as.

Currently we can see that in this world we have made ourselves real as ‘images’ – we place value in ‘self-image’ which is something that is an asset to our ‘survival’ in this world of comparison and competition where we accept the ‘survival of the fittest’ despite the fact that we are all products of our environment.
We have made ourselves real as organic robots valuing fake ‘values’ served to us by the system for the purposes of keeping us submissive and divided, while we have come to, as ‘humanity’, completely disregard and disgrace the actual value of life within ourselves and each-other, our planet earth and all the other life forms that are here with us.

So, in this, cross-reference as Reality Check is a vital point – and it is something that does not for instance work and is not effective if it is done within a group where certain beliefs or faith are held, because then everyone there is out to ‘validate’ the belief / the faith, and so even if all seem to ‘see the same thing’, what is seen is not in fact reality, is not common sense, it is simply a common delusion.

This I can confirm based on my experience with new age groups and spiritual schools.

And even if we have a look at science or research, or even the field of psychology: due to the fact that that profit / those in power dictate what gets funded and with what results, we are merely served the results that will cultivate the beliefs and assumptions necessary to preserve the enslavement of mankind to a system of profit. There is very little actual research, actual science, or actual psychology. Without transparency and a genuine motive that is not driven by the profit-making corporations, there is no reality check possible and what we are served is what will keep the veils of our perception ‘in place’ so that life can continue being deceived and exploited.

Within the Desteni group, cross-reference is done from the starting-point of self-honesty and common sense, meaning: to assist and support in ensuring that we do not get lost within our own delusions, that we do not blindly follow our fears and desires, that we do not create beliefs and assumptions, that we do not justify the Ego, that we do not project responsibility and blame, that we instead stand accountable for our thoughts, words and deeds, for all our mental and emotional processes, and that we take self-responsibility to see, realize and understand what, how and why such inner processes take place and how they are created in the first place, as well as the consequences and outflows thereof in our world and all our relationships.

Now that is actual self-realization. 
That is the point from which one is then able to “Know Thyself’ and to check and assess one’s standing and whether it is in the interest of life as real love for life, or in the interest of ego out of fear, whereby we tend to ‘hide’ our in-fear-iority behind images of ‘superiority’... Such self-realization allows one to challenge oneself, to ‘correct’ oneself, to align oneself to life, to self-honesty, to common sense; to change one’s experience and participation, to stop the lie, stop the fake-ness, stop the pretence, and Get Real – and Live in a way that truly supports oneself as life, and thus consequently supports life as a whole.

The purpose of the group is more than cross-reference. The purpose of the group is to be the foundation of the principle of life, of oneness and equality – a symbol of Life as a Whole, as One.

Because the problem in this world stems from our separation from life and into ‘personal’ bubbles of self-interest, of Ego.
The Group – which must be Life, Humanity, as ONE – is greater than oneself as each and every self exists in the context of the group and there is an interdependence between everyone and everything;
and thus if the whole is not functional, the individual cannot be functional either (and vice versa of course, I mean that is the ‘vicious circle’ we are finding ourselves within: the system creates human nature, and human nature (re-)creates the system).

As we can see in our world, in spite of the common sense saying that “no man is an island”, the human being exists within/as an ‘I’-land, enclosed in a consciousness bubble, separate from life, even from self as life;
otherwise each self, each cell of this organism that is mankind on earth would live as ‘best for all’, just like the cells in a physical body: oneness and equality, cooperation and communication at all times, unconditional application and movement to the best of the whole that is the living organism.

Obviously the human consciousness is not something that is benevolent to the physical organism, neither individually nor collectively. That is a vast subject in itself and there is research that explains in detail how the evolution of consciousness got to be where it is now, and how the current accepted system of consumerism and profit is interconnected with such ego consciousness, with devastating consequences both for the physical bodies on this earth and the earth as a whole.

So –

The purpose of the group is to stand for/as the interpersonal, the common sense, the common good, the Life that is equal in all; and to remind us by its very existence that we are not alone and thus we cannot go on and just consider only ourselves. We must consider all life. I mean, isn’t that what Jesus showed?
The group obviously is not a separate entity. The building blocks that form any group are the individuals participating and interacting within and as it.

Within the Desteni group – which, as such is simply a platform, a vehicle, because ultimately the One group is Life, and hopefully it will be Humanity as a Whole, Mankind United, as equals, as One – we realize that we can assist and support ourselves and each other through transparency and cross-reference:

Am I living and doing what is best for life or not?

Am I supporting life or am I destroying life?

Am I supporting myself as life or am I abusing the life of myself/others?

Am I part of the solution for a measurably better world through understanding of the problem and realization of my part within the whole or am I part of the problem and refusing to see how?

Am I standing in self-interest as Ego or am I standing in the interest of Life as a Living Being, in thought, word and deed?

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