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458 | Imagine: No Rings of Power - For All Life is Equally Precious

"This World Will Not Change through Individuals or Individualism as it Exists Now, it will Not Change through Free Choices that Exist Now. It Requires the Inner Change and Understanding of Each One, of Every Thought, Word and Emotion and Feeling and Experience to Ensure that the Origin of it Is Self As Life that Acts in a Way that is Best For All Life, that Understands the Fundamental Premise that ‘One Must Give as You Would Like to Receive’ – otherwise they will Not be Balanced in Harmony."

"We MUST STOP hiding, we MUST STOP turning a blind eye in ignorance, we MUST STOP and open our eyes and see and hear and realise what we have done and become within and as this world: It is the only way. Have a look: In this world all 'possibilities' of 'solutions' have been exhausted - because everyone is trying to fix/save the world / trying to attain to something out there somewhere separate from self - instead of realising that each one individually must live the solution as themselves - in other words, take self responsibility in not participating in the mind - and living self honesty in every moment, self trust and self expression: One and equal as you within you as the living word." 
- Bernard Poolman

In this post I am sharing an older interview by Bernard Poolman and Andrea Rossouw, elaborating on the creation of this world and humanity as we know it:

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