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462 | Slowing Down to Live Fully

Continuing from
Day 461 | Slow and Steady – Walking MySelf to Freedom

Why Slowing Down?
Because as we are caught up in the rush of the mind we tend to always fall into / follow / act on the automatic conditioned patterns and preprogrammed responses of our consciousness. And we end-up being lived instead of being LIVING. We are driven by a system created of systems, instead of ‘driving’ ourselves, Living, self-directive.

Bernard gave it his all, and this is the way -

We each must give it our all, must give ourselves our all –
To be equal and one within and as self – wouldn’t that be magnificent, no inner conflict, no regrets, clarity, self-trust, certainty, will.
And in that power – to be equal, all as one, as life.

Give it our all –
each one to oneSelf as Life and all of us selfs together as Life.

Fascinating starting to grasp self-honesty from a deeper or more-encompassing physical perspective – ‘who I am Here’, in every moment.
Thus in every moment – who am I? How do I participate – this is who I am, because who I am is here.
Thus in every moment – the opportunity to embrace, see, forgive, determine, who I am here.

Real-time breath simplicity.

Bernard said process exists because we create it.
What does this mean? Could it mean that theoretically we could all just stop. Stop recreating the same bullshit, within and without. Stop existing the way we do – Change.
So all of us create the process of humanity/mankind and each one of us create their own process – How? Self-Dishonesty.
So why do we create process – because we are dishonest, because we are not life.

It was said that the outcome of the process is certain, it is all parts self-realizing equality and oneness as life (or one destroy/annihilate self forever and never was real/has abdicated one's right to life). Whatever the human does as consciousness, life continues.

So here with Desteni we each are on an individual path of seeing, realizing and understanding what process each one has created as ourselves, as who we are and what defines us, and also seeing, realizing and understand the process of humanity as ourselves – what has become of humanity, what has become of our world, our existence and How.
And re-aligning the process, an actual organic transformation, self-willed.
And so we live, breath by breath, 'birthing ourselves as life from the physical'. Literally, lol.

Understanding the How places us not only in a position of being able to change, but also in the realization of RESPONSIBILITY.
This is existential, how can we claim evolution when the most substantial relationship formations of the human psyche, mind, and experience are of energetic bipolar nature – things like reward-punishment, fear-desire, win-lose, gain-lack, the power-games, the competition, the survival mode.

(We don’t see animal drama or animals having a midlife crisis, their survival mode is physical and in the context of their physical reality, they do not create their physical reality but they deal with it, they change with it, they adapt or the die out, but they don’t think about it, they have no fear, they are not troubled, they survive through understanding the co-existence, as communion, within and as equal part of the animal kingdom –
granted, there is a perspective of hierarchy within the animal kingdom and no one can prove to you the chicken or the egg, who is to say that it isn’t the existence of mankind that manifested and formed the animal kingdom to be what and how it is today? The world system and environment reflects our nature, the nature of human consciousness that has separated itself from life as the physical/substance and became energy, exploiting the physical to feed itself – so the nature- and animal-world reflects our nature too.)

It's really about "the decision". The starting-point. And to live it to the fullest. We all have obstacles in the way of living to the fullest, but the obstacles are ourselves, our minds, our creation. So yes there is work to be done - but within and during that, breath by breath is here and thus here is in every moment the window of opportunity to live to the fullest, the best I can live/be at any given moment, breath by breath.
Self-honesty is measured in the context of one’s process and everyone’s processes as all as one and is measured with every moment through/as living participation -best for all or not, supportive for life or not, there is no other choice-, and is at the same time accumulating as a living awareness, determining and forming who I am, as how I live, and why.

Who I am determines what I do.
"It is not what you do, it is who you are within anything you do"

I am starting to seriously let go of self-judgment. I hadn't realized that it is the root for so many constructs, so much emotional turmoil and troubles. I am astounded to realize to what extent one can skew one's value-system in ways that do not support self as life but rather accept and allow an inferior, devalued self to exist as victim of the 'reality' that is created in self-interest as ego / consciousness system. I am my worst enemy, and yes it can be scary. I had times in my life where I would create my own fear. I don't remember when and why, I was quite young, a child still perhaps. This had become as I realize now like an underlying accepted way of existence or rather: a relationship towards existence and thus towards myself and towards 'my life' that was in its root, evil. Why create fear? Why was I being ‘evil’ within and toward myself in emotions of fear, hurt, regret, self-judgment, blame, compete, and consequentially ‘evil’ toward others, and why was I not changing but instead again and again becoming possessed by/as personality/mind possession, ending-up no longer seeing reality and only seeing my self-judgment and my judgment of others through my own self judgment.

Evil is the opposite of Live.

I am not alive, yet. I have not lived, yet.
I have not loved, yet.
And yet there is aliveness, there is life, there is love, there is care, support and consideration.
I am fortunate to be here at this time in space, I am fortunate to be here with graceful and truly valuable living principles, to be here with a group of people that are dedicated and dare move beyond the ego, to be here with a realization of what life can be, to be here with the decision to live, to give it my all, to give me to me, to embrace me, to for-give me, to embrace life/living, to set myself free from the mind-control that I have accepted and allowed within/of myself, to let go of fears and hopes, and to stand in absolute self-honesty, to live absolute.

I am here and thus here is in every moment the window of opportunity to live to the fullest, the best I can live/be at any given moment, breath by breath.
"You can only do that which you can do in a breath"
So – in every breath: here is the power to change, and I am here. So the key is HERE.

Could one not start seeing each here-now moment as a new moment, and make each here-now moment a full moment with a beginning and an end?
What do we know: if we know the beginning we know the end.
Thus if we align our starting-point to self-honesty as best for all, the end is certain, though the 'how' is unknown until it is expressed, until it unfolds, is lived into existence. No reason to fear the unknown, it’s like fearing life/living, it’s like fearing oneself. But within making a decision – the decision – self-honest common sense is to simply live, dare express, dare participate, expand, move beyond my limitations that only exist due to fears and accepted definitions or misaligned vocabulary, break through the constructs of what I have accepted about myself and my life, about others and the world, purify my relationships, live the purity of self-honesty.

I realize for me step one is to let go of self-judgment, Bernard said to me once "I never judge myself" and obviously he didn't mean that he was flawless or best, all he said is that he doesn't judge himself, thus: there is another way. If he can do it, I can do it, is what he said.

Thank you everyone for being here, I find support at this intense time.

Will continue on all these points I find within myself in the coming posts. 

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