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457 | Self-Realization and the Desteni I Process tools

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So, as elaborated in the context of the previous posts, the tools shared by the Desteni Group are based on the principle of oneness and equality, which as such entails the principles of self-honesty, self-responsibility, and common sense.

The tools take these living principles into practical application.

The main tools of practical application are applied both within writing AND living and include structural self-forgiveness, self-commitments / self-corrective statements, and practical self-corrective living application.

So I’d like to share my understanding of each one of these points from my experience with applying the tools:

Self-Forgiveness is the point of self-realization as consciousness program/design. Why Self-Forgiveness and way the structural approach? The designs/programs of consciousness have as such a structural nature, and thus require to be worked-with and taken-on structurally and practically. 

It is an approach of seeing, acknowledging and understanding the consciousness designs/programs we have come to exist within and as = the patterns of our existence, mental, emotional, and physical/behavioural WITHOUT JUDGMENT, thus without creating further reactions or emotional attachment to the points/realizations; 
on the contrary: it’s about forgiving, thus letting go and releasing oneself, and often one will in fact experience an energetic release taking place through/by writing and speaking the self-forgiveness as “I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself...”, these words indicating also the realization of self-responsibility which as such is a self-empowering statement.

The structural self-forgiveness approach allows one to start working with ‘what is here’, one’s own current allocation point, and in the process of self-forgiveness each point opens-up the next layer for self to see and look into, step by step deconstructing the constructs/patterns for oneself to see, realize and understand.

It is thus in essence a process of deprogramming of the patterns that are not best for self as life. Obviously, self-honesty is required here, because as I have explained in previous posts, we are so conditioned by the system to exists as ego in self-interest, that our mind/consciousness is programmed to ‘justify’ and seek to ‘validate’ the way it exists.

So, we have talked about ‘deprogramming’, and this also means a ‘reprogramming’ is required, because now there is a ‘space’, a ‘void’ in the ‘hard-drive’ that is the mind/consciousness, and thus a new instruction is required.

If there is no new instruction, the mind/consciousness will very easily and very quickly resume to existing as it is used to – the patterns of our existence are quite ingrained, in fact automated. The point here is to stop existing on auto-pilot, and to instead take directive principle and be/become the one that moves, directs, participates, in self-awareness as life.

What must be understood is that the programming takes place without one’s awareness throughout one’s formative years in this world, where one is exposed to the systems of this world that are, evidently, based on self-interest, power-games, fear, greed, and all the ‘nasty’ attributes of what we have come to accept as ‘human nature’.

Now we are assisting and supporting ourselves to become aware of this/such programming as well as of the consequences thereof for self, one’s relationships, and the world as a whole. I have in the previous posts referred to the ‘vicious circle’ of our existence where the system creates the human and the human (re-)creates the system. 

Thus to change the world to be ‘best for all’, which is what we all deep inside wish for, we must get ourselves to an understanding of how we create the world as we know it in the first place, how we create ourselves and our relationships, how we can change ourselves and how we can change the systems and patterns of ourselves, of our participation in the world AND the world-systems as such to in fact Support Life as a Whole –
because obviously we also want to create a world that no longer manifests abuse and inequality, a world that no longer produces human beings that exist in fear of each-other and form relationships based on power-games and ‘superiority’/’inferiority’ concepts.

So, the next step thus would be the point of ‘reprogramming’. Therefore, with self-commitments and self-corrective statements one then script a ‘new program’, a ‘new design’, one that will be best for self as life, and thus consequently best for life as a whole.

This new design, this correction, is thus the new instruction for self to practically apply and LIVE into beingness, into existence, into creation, as ‘who I am’.

This thus must be self-willed. 
Only self can do this for self – through self-honesty, through real-time movement, through dedication and self-commitment to move through the resistances (because obviously ‘human nature’ is a ‘creature of habit’ and finds its ‘CONvenience’ within ‘all things known’ – change is always resisted) and to in fact CHANGE who/how one is within one’s living application.

Each one do this for self – change/correct oneself/one’s design to be in the context of what best for all / best for life – and all together we change/correct this world to be what is best for all in the interest of life.

So –

This is the process through which we lead ourselves and our existence into a new destiny (hence ‘desteni’) for and as HUMANITY.

This is the process of ‘birthing self as life from the physical’ - a re-birth as Life, because currently really we are merely existing as consciousness robots conditioned to serve this system of inequality and to even ‘justify’ the abuse and the exploitation we accept and allow in this world.

And yes, there will be those that oppose and attack the Desteni message, because the current design of our existence is based on self-interest – which is why we have a world where profit is placed before life and life is exploited and abused in the name of profit.

There are those that feel threatened by the idea of an empower human being, more so by the idea of a majority of human beings standing together as One group, as Life; There are those that feel threatened by the idea of making available real, actual knowledge and lifting the veils of the deception that has taken years to be cultivated within and throughout the system.

Do not be fooled: the ‘new world order’ is the old world order, the elite have always been the elite, yet it is hardly seen that even ‘they’ are subject to the same consciousness and simply reflect what each and every one of us is allowing as ‘human nature’ and as the ‘way things are’.

Things do not have to be this way. Human nature is a product of programming. 
We can sort ourselves out and we can bring our world in order. We can cultivate a culture of Life and restore the value of Life.
We can stop accepting the separation and division of LIFE; We can stop accepting an inhumane HUMANITY.

The tools are available for all, and they work for anyone without requiring belief or faith; only the willingness to look yourself in the eye (I) in self-honesty and take responsibility for your creation – yourself, your world, your experiences.
If you are willing to see things for what they are and you want to understand how the system in its entirety works within and without – such tools are a great challenge and a great opportunity for factual Self-Realization.

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