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454 | Desteni I Witness: The Desteni Group – A Reality Check

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So in my previous posts I wrote about my process of self-realization, where you can see that without the group that stands by a clear principle – the principle being self-responsibility, self-honesty, common sense, universally described as the ‘oneness and equality’ of/as life – I would have had no opportunity to cross-reference what I have accepted as reality. 
Let me explain, by placing this in comparison to for instance my journey into spirituality wherein, although I was apparently seeking for a greater truth, I remained deluded from the perspective of looking/waiting for a sort of ‘savior’ or a ‘saving grace’, never being challenged to see the fears and desires as well as the beliefs that had moved me into spiritual seeking in the first place, never being challenged to take absolute self-responsibility and to free myself from the consciousness that binds us into a polarized inner system of ‘superiority’ and ‘ inferiority’ concepts and experiences.
Of course not, because that would destroy the ground of the profits that all those selling ‘love and light’ are making.

Absolute self-power, absolute self-freedom, absolute self-honesty through actual understanding and getting to know of oneself and one’s reality and most of all getting to an understanding about How one creates one’s reality and all of us together create/manifest this world/system – all that would make any and all gurus and ‘love and light’ propagandists redundant and thus moneyless.

Unlike all the new age ‘love and light’ paths, the Desteni work is based on physical reality and the mechanisms that effect it. In essence, it is the study of consequence, through the study of cause and effect.

The Desteni work and material exposes, explains, and deconstructs the polarity constructs our existence is based on, in the inner and the outer, and shows clearly how the principle of equality and oneness practically implies self-responsibility, and that within self-responsibility is the greatest freedom and the greatest power we can individually have on earth, a power and a freedom that is not subject to competition and the survival-mode we are conditioned to exist within.

So the question for me obviously was: How did I manage to buy into the new age spirituality? What fears and what desires led me towards that path? I investigated these questions extensively and have written many blog posts on this.

Mainly I found that while I was believing that I was getting closer to my (‘higher’) self, I was in fact alienating myself from myself, as I was going further and further into suppression and denial while at the same time inflating a ‘positivity’ bubble within and around me in an attempt to ‘compensate’ for all the ‘negative’ stuff I was confronted with in my life but did not understand.

I mean this is mainly how our education system works in the first place. We do not learn how to really understand and direct negative experiences, within ourselves and within our world/environment. All educational and psychological approaches are band-aid approaches and do not offer an actual in-depth understanding of the nature of our existence, let alone tools for prevention and for the effective building of one’s personal character and life skills.

Through my study of the Desteni material and my participation on the forums as well as the application of the self-support tools, I got to see and realize that there is so much that we did not understand, so much that we did not learn, so much that we take for granted, and so much more that we suppress, deny and ignore, both within ourselves and within our world/environment, mainly due to lack of knowledge, lack of understanding, lack of tools and practical common sense.

And this brings us back to the point of education and the educational system, which is the breeding ground for brainwashing and mind-control that produces individuals that do not know themselves and have no clue about how to deal with and effectively direct their own minds, feelings and emotions;
individuals that hardly have any self-worth as life because ‘value’ is taught in the context of polarity (‘superiority’/’inferiority’) and thus comparison and competition, instead of giving and teaching the children the value of life, as life, as who we all are. 

Hence a world system of a literal (in)human RACE where we accept ‘survival of the fittest’ yet ignore that we are all products of our environment; a world system where the value of life is replaced with the value of profit, where life is exploited and disregarded in the name of profit, and where ‘power’ and ‘freedom’ are words used to justify abuse and the crimes we commit against life.

Looking at how we live words – Jesus already spoke of and showed a living example for: the Living Word – and redefining the words we live from polarity (which always includes a win-lose scenario) to equality and oneness (thus a win-win scenario) based on the principle of ‘Give as You would Like to Receive’ and ‘Do unto Another as You would have Done unto You’: is one of the points one can work-with and walk, in the context of the process presented in the Desteni Work, which by the way includes pioneer research on Education, Psychology, and Character Building.

(As a simple example here, have a look at the word ‘humanity’ and what it is supposed to practically mean and imply, yet how we actually live as ‘humanity’ is in fact inhumane...)

All self-support tools shared within the Desteni material are practical and simplistic in application and I see them as universal, because they are applicable by any and all individuals willing to see things for what they are and make the effort to practically work on themselves for the purpose of a better world / life for all.

This is a crucial point I find, because in looking back at how the new age ‘schools’ work, they offer seemingly ‘exclusive’ tools that require your BELIEF in order to ‘work’ and certainly also a certain level of  faith. It was always like buying into a promise, and hoping it would somehow work.

I for one was very grateful to see the difference when I came across the Desteni material, where no belief is required and no faith is asked of you; only the willingness to look yourself in the eye (I) and take responsibility for your creation – who you are, your experiences, what you have accepted and allowed within yourself and your world, your fears and desires, your beliefs, your justifications, to see and acknowledge where and how the value of life as equality and oneness has been compromised or abused for the sake of self-interest/ego, where and how you ‘play the game’ of superiority/inferiority within yourself and all those power-games within your world and why
...I mean, stuff like that, if you are willing to see things for what they are and you want to understand how the system in its entirety works within and without, stuff like that are a great challenge and a great opportunity.

After all, everyone is claiming to seek the truth, to want the truth – but unfortunately most only want to see and hear what they already ‘see’ and ‘hear’ because that is what they want to believe because it makes them ‘feel better’.

The truth is never convenient. So much I can say for certain.

So, Desteni is a Window of Opportunity, it is a Reality Check.

But you are the one that must make the effort, you are the one that must ‘do the work’, to work on yourself, to get to self-honesty, to see common sense, to consider change, to let go of Ego, to stand for Life. No other can do this for you.
Hence: SELF-Responsibility.

And when all SELFs stand in Response-Ability as Life, we can together change our world into a place where LIFE is the value, and thus where Life is in all practical ways honoured and supported, and no abuse or exploitation is accepted.

Human beings, you and me: this is what determines and defines the world/system. What we see ‘out there’ is a reflection of who each one is and all of us together are – as within, so without; as above, so below; equal and one.

Our Oneness in this world is currently equal to a polarity system of Win-Lose, of Haves and Have-Nots, and all system designs are constructed from the starting-point of survival-mode, of self-interest, of Me-against-the-World, of concepts of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’ –

instead of designing a world where ALL LIFE is supported and each child born into the where regardless where has an equal opportunity to Live, Express, and Expand to its utmost, full potential; a Win-Win situation for LIFE, for ALL of us.
To get there, our Oneness must entail Equality, as the actual definition of Oneness – equality being the principle of the Value of Life: all life as such has equal value, the value of life.
Then our Oneness will be equal to Life and thus worthy of Life.

This can be our destination as Humanity, our new destiny: LIFE. Living. Fun. Real Progress. Evolution as HUMANITY.

If we do not change our ‘evil ways’, we will simply meet our fate which is evidently that of self-destruction. It will be nothing more and nothing less but the consequences of our own acceptances and allowances – the outflow of who we are and have become and have accepted ourselves to be. It would be quite sad; and quite shameful.

by Maya Harel

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