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456 | Self-Reflection, Self-Realization, and the Importance of Cross-Reference

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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In the previous posts I elaborated on how the Desteni group is and can be a Reality-Check, also looking at Reality-Check in the context of Self-Realization.

In this post I am elaborating further on the point of Self-Realization in the context of Reality versus Delusion.

...Within the Desteni group, cross-reference is done from the starting-point of self-honesty and common sense, meaning: to assist and support in ensuring that we do not get lost within our own delusions, that we do not blindly follow our fears and desires, that we do not create beliefs and assumptions, that we do not justify the Ego, that we do not project responsibility and blame, that we instead stand accountable for our thoughts, words and deeds, for all our mental and emotional processes, and that we take self-responsibility to see, realize and understand what, how and why such inner processes take place and how they are created in the first place, as well as the consequences and outflows thereof in our world and all our relationships.
...Now that is actual self-realization. 
That is the point from which one is then able to “Know Thyself’ and to check and assess one’s standing and whether it is in the interest of life as real love for life, or in the interest of ego out of fear, whereby we tend to ‘hide’ our in-fear-iority behind images of ‘superiority’... Such self-realization allows one to challenge oneself, to ‘correct’ oneself, to align oneself to life, to self-honesty, to common sense; to change one’s experience and participation, to stop the lie, stop the fake-ness, stop the pretence, and Get Real – and Live in a way that truly supports oneself as life, and thus consequently supports life as a whole.

(from Day 455)

Obviously, it’s not that the cross-reference through the group can ensure that one will see things for what they are. In self-honesty each one is ‘alone’ and one’s decisions are one’s own, in every moment. That is also the point of self-responsibility.

I mean, I could have discarded the Desteni message and held onto my ‘precious positivity bubble’, not wanting to see it only exists in my mind; which is in fact what many do today when they refuse to even investigate the Desteni work and ‘investigate all things’ as Jesus said, because they would have to challenge their beliefs, and they know deep inside that the message of equality and oneness will burst all their bubbles – as I knew it straight away and I made a definitive choice: to at least investigate, to at least apply and test.

I want to share an important aspect on the point of self-realization, and to do that I want to do use the word self-reflection.

Now, as I have explained in the previous posts, self-honesty is the process and the point of seeing, realizing and understanding one’s thoughts, feelings and emotions, one’s mental and emotional processes and experiences, as well as the beliefs, the fears and desires that drive those processes.

In other words, without self-honesty, what is self-reflection?

Self-reflection without self-honesty is to look at one’s design – which is one’s conditioned programming – and to take it for granted, to take it as ‘who I am’. From such starting-point one will go on to form mental processes that seek to ‘justify’ and ‘validate’ one’s emotions and one’s beliefs, one’s fears and desires, one’s experiences of ‘inferiority’ and ‘superiority’, and one will not question one’s own role in creating, forming and manifesting one’s own experience, one’s own reality, one’s own nature.

The problem is, we form and manifest our nature, our design (which mainly is ‘inherited’ based on the DNA plus parental behavioural as well as environmental socio-economic influences) through acceptance and allowance. 
In the first seven years of our lives we naturally absorb everything we are exposed to, and tend to even adopt and integrate the ‘validation’ and ‘justification’ processes of our parents or custodians as well as the ‘protection- and defense-mechanisms’ of the main people around us. This is the process of creating ourselves as ego consciousness, in separation from ourselves as life.

So, from this perspective, Self-Reflection is like looking into the mirror and believing that you are the picture you see. Self-Reflection without self-honesty is merely Seeing one’s own mind, taking all preprogrammed reactions and experiences for real. This is the self as consciousness design.

Now – in the process of ‘awakening’ (wherein the Desteni work makes a great and priceless contribution and bears no comparison with any ‘school of thought’ or spiritual path in this reality), Self-Realization would then be to start developing a self awareness, whereby one starts realizing and acknowledging Self-Honesty, one starts to see the design for what it is.

This is where the tools shared in the Desteni work are of great support. 
Because within such process one is able to deconstruct and understand the design, to see and acknowledge the consequences, to become aware of the limitation it implies for self and for life as a whole, to do self-forgiveness, to do self-correction, to change oneself.

This is also why the point of cross-reference is vital.

In the previous post I have given the example of my experience with ‘spiritual schools’, where cross-reference just doesn’t work, it cannot be effective when it is done within a group where certain beliefs or faith are held, because then everyone there is out to ‘validate’ the belief / the faith, and so even if all seem to ‘see the same thing’, what is seen is not in fact reality, is not common sense, it is simply a common delusion.

I will continue in the next post with more on the self-support tools offered by the Desteni group and why and how these tools work – and they work for everyone and anyone without requiring belief or faith; only the willingness to look yourself in the eye (I) in self-honesty and take responsibility for your creation – yourself, your world, your experiences. 
...I mean, such tools – if you are willing to see things for what they are and you want to understand how the system in its entirety works within and without – such tools are a great challenge and a great opportunity. 

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