Sonntag, 18. August 2013

464 | Letting go of Knowledge and Embracing Nothingness

If I am “something” – can I be anything and everything?
If I am “defined” – am I not limited?
And what is this “something” that “I Am”? Is it not the knowledge, opinions and judgments I have adopted, accepted and created throughout a systematized existence?

Why do we strive to “be something” or “be someone”?
Does this mean we do not know ourselves?
Does this mean we do not value ourselves?
Does this mean we see ourselves as inadequate, inferior, incomplete?
Do we really gain anything by adding accessories to our personality or do we merely become an accessory to the self-alienation promulgated by the system to be what we call ‘life’?
Could there be more to life than that?

Could it be that all knowledge we possess is but veils that limit and distort our ability to see things for what they are and how everything is interconnected?
Could it be that all definition is limitation of common sense?
Could it be that we must first remove the veils of the system that define and bind us before we can be free to be / live / interact as life?
Could it be that what is termed self-interest is not in the best interest of self as life?

Could it be that all the ‘lights’ in this world are but distractions from the truth of ourselves?
Could it be that we buy into the ‘light’ out of fear of ourselves and the dishonesty we have accepted?
Could it be that the real light is where all life is equal and the value is life?
Could it be that as ego one will only see the reflection of one’s own mind as self-interest?

“In your mind there must be nothing – darkness”
When nothing of a preprogrammed design moves within self – that is when we start seeing and assessing real feeling in terms of the interconnectedness of as reality.
Otherwise, one will only see one’s own mind reflection and ‘feel’ one’s own reactions – all based on the preprogrammed patterns of a conditioned consciousness.

So what then would be the living self-application for anyone that sees the necessity of breaking through the brainwashing and mind control of a conditioned consciousness?
Wouldn’t it be to examine and investigate how one exists as conditioned patterns, to examine and investigate the fears and desires, the definitions and judgments that drive one to manifest oneself as ego consciousness and keep one from Living and Giving as Life?
Wouldn’t it be to start moving out of the mind system’s automation, to start slowing down and bringing oneself ‘back to breath’ – to then breath by breath walk a process of stopping the fear, letting go of ego, and substantiating the ‘who I am’ as life, as equal, as real value?

If we want to stop / change / transform the world’s preprogrammed design, we must start with ourselves and stop / change / transform our preprogrammed existence as ego, our reactive power-games and the rush of conditioned responses; and give ourselves the space and time, in real-time as breath, to move, express, explore; within this also directing and redefining practically ‘who I am’ in the context of oneness and equality as life =
as best for self and thus best for life.

If you walk every breath without having to “be something” / “be someone” – will you not still be here, able to participate as life, as equal, and thus in common sense as best for all?
There is a gift within ‘nothingness’ – and that is that we can within that be anything, be everything, without being defined by it, without changing, without losing ourselves. If we are here, how can we ever be lost?

It’s time we transcend the misleading new age statement of “I Am” into a practical common sense statement of “I am Here”. 

This would imply not only the acknowledgment of oneself here and the reality that is here but also of one’s responsibility to do something about the one reality we all share HERE.

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