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465 | Grundeinstellung. The Company I Keep

There’s this word in German that literally means so much as foundational approach to/toward life/living: "Grundeinstellung"

It’s like the main channel, the resonance of a being within and toward life.

In these words is an interesting perspective, because in the system and as systems, we create definition- and value-relationships toward life, toward living, as if it were something separate from ourselves. We create even definition- and value-relationships toward ourselves, about our own value and worth, in separation from ourselves and instead based on the feedback we receive from others, from ‘outside’; we participate in comparison and competition. We then go on to build our character(s) based on how we want to be seen by others in our world. Hence humanity on the stage of existence, acting out like characters in a role play, behaving worse than animals, yet lost in delusions of grandeur, trapped in fear, as ego.

So – Grundeinstellung.

I’ve realized some time ago and have written about the point of ‘negativity’ and how I saw that I was approaching everything in life from a starting-point of negativity, always fearing the worst, or feeling inadequate, not giving it my all, or manifesting self fulfilled prophesies of failure and breakdown.
What I’ve realized is that a) ‘negativity’ has a tendency of addiction, because it’s an energy. Look at people – we approach each-other from within/as energy: what can I get/gain? People will either have a super-hero stance in their lives or they’re gonna be victimizing themselves, here just to place the extreme polarity opposites; But this mind-projection, this energetic approach to/toward life/living exists in one way or another in everyone. It’s like something wanting to fulfill itself, it’s like the drive of the system for energy; And in the case of ‘negativity’ it’s as if something is wanting to sabotage you all the time just to validate the emotional experience of its existence because I have accepted that “that’s who I am”, “that’s how I must feel about myself”. But aren’t these the obstacles we accept and allow ourselves to place on our own way? I found such deliberate self-sabotaging existing within myself, so I asked myself – why? Why does this exist? Isn’t it evil? Why am I bringing myself to an emotional fall from which I then have to stand up, first of all why do I have emotional experiences toward myself, toward my life, toward myself within life? What is the starting-point of such? What is the origin? What is the purpose? What is the design? Obviously the ultimate ‘reason’ for any self-sabotage is the CONvenience of what I as a mind consciousness system already ‘know’ and feel ‘safe’ within, my own limitation (hence the previous post from Day 464 | Letting Go of Knowledge), that 'knowledge' being what I have accepted as 'me' and what I believe to 'know' about life, myself, and others, my world. Knowledge is Judgment, unless it is lived equal as solution to/as Life.
I will be opening up this whole point for myself in writing to see – though at the same time I walk breath by breath, I stand with my decision to never give up on myself, never give up on life, and I will myself to stand, because whatever and whyever this self-judgment, self-sabotage, self-abuse exists within myself, regardless: I will transform into self-honesty, self-support, self-care.
...And b) Looking at the words I just placed, they are exact opposites. Yet while the negative definitions are created within and are projected from the mind as thoughts and emotions based on past experiences and imprints throughout life; I realize that the positive definitions need not remain ‘energy’, ‘thought’, ‘concept’, they can in fact be and be lived as real, practical, simplistic, actualized self-application in the moment-to-moment breath-by-breath living.

self-judgment -> self-honesty
self-sabotage -> self-support
self-abuse -> self-care

I mean, self-abuse is everything that does not support LIFE as who we really are, thus it is vital to establish a healthy and self-honest mind-physical relationship within and as oneself, to assist and support self in being/becoming One, and stand in/as integrity, equal to/as Life.

That would be the living manifestation of: +1 (the equality equation)

The Life I want and value I must Give myself in Valuing Myself as Life, in every breath.

1+1+1+1...with each one breath I build me as a Uni-Verse, all my 'parts' equal here, as One, me directing the entirety of me as One to Stand as life.
And all of us 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1...stand-up and stand together to manifest a Universe for Humanity as equals, for Mankind as One, for Life, as Life.

I will focus on living the solution, which will be my main focus: slowing down and focusing on practical living self-application, who and how I am in every moment of breath, who I am with me, to transform my Grundeinstellung toward/of life as myself such as to be equal, self-trusting, consistent and stable, grounded here as life;

Simplicity is a key, gentleness is a key, patience is a key. Breathing.

I will take it slower in looking deeper into and deconstructing the creation of myself as an ‘inadequate’ ‘miserable’ ‘loser’ to see and forgive the acceptances and allowances as well as all the value judgments that have defined and formed such manifestation of ‘me’ that is not worthy of life, that is not even accepting self as life.

So – letting go of self-judgment; establishing self-acceptance for real. I am here. And I am here for me. I mean that in itself is empowering. Self-responsibility absolute – here is the power, the source, the starting-point.

It all may sound quite dramatic, but in a way this is an existential point, in terms of who I am and who I will be – realizing also that who I will be is that which I live in every moment, as it accumulates with every breath to form and substantiate ‘who I am’.

So who am I? I am how I live. And this habit of ‘not being good to myself’ because somehow ‘I don’t deserve it’ and then ‘feeling like a failure’ is not who I want to be, not what I want to live as. Life, Living, Making the Best of Me and my Here, that is Who I want to Be and I commit myself to living it.
Self-Honesty is to live what is best for all as life in every moment – the first step within that is obviously to live what is best for me as life; if we can’t do that then our contribution to life, to our world, to our existence, wouldn’t be equal to life, for life.

So – the decision is clear. And the starting point is clear. I am doing this for myself as life. 


I also see that the point of a value-system is what our world as a whole has been suffering under – and this is a point that defines every individual as a system within a system. This all-encompassing value-system of human existence is problematic because it is not aligned to the interest of life as a whole. It is aligned to win-lose, to polarity, to war, to ego. And it exists within each human being as system, one way or another. The intellectual and spiritual if you will evolution that we have undergone thus far should have brought us at least to the point of realizing that it would be the highest good if each one and humanity as a whole would investigate, understand, and re-evaluate the accepted value-system  in the inner and the outer that defines our existence. Ask yourself: what is a value-system supposed to support?

What is the value in life?

Investigate the solution of equality.

In my next steps within my ‘journey to life’ I will take on the point of Living Myself to Life, as it opened up in my writing from Day 461| Slow and Steady – Walking MySelf to Freedom, starting again at the point of self-equality, step one: stopping self-judgment for real. Living the self-forgiveness, for real.

Breath by breath.

"Cancer for me, is a living consequence of the past decisions I made, where the result of those decisions have manifested within and as my physical body. So the ‘saving grace’, so to speak, that I was looking for, was in reality Not real, and in fact, never has been real no matter how much I attempted in my mind to make it out to be." - Cathy

"Cathy, you are faced with seemingly, a great challenge. But, from my perspective – you’re faced with a Great Opportunity. An opportunity to Walk a Process of facing this beast head-on. In this, you are not going to pre-judge anything. You’re going to consider All Points and then you’re going to write about it. Calling the beast by its name: Breast Cancer. Cathy, yes – this may kill you. That is, at the moment, uncertain. So, the time available – is to do what is best. If you stay, so be it. If you go, so be it. It was inevitably anyway, one way or the other. This way, you can make something of it.
I would suggest that anxiety and/or fear has an effect of freezing the physical body, which impairs the immune system and makes it less effective. So, the psychological effect of cancer is actually more dangerous than anything else. So, also to write about this – very specifically, reporting your physical experience that arise due to anxiety and fear and how it makes you feel ,and to look at the physical movement of this through your release with self forgiveness and self honesty. I would say, you are the One that can face this gift. There are certainly no coincidences." - Bernard Poolman


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