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467 | Will we Live to See the Change we’re Fighting for?

Today I received a message with the above question. The individual asked how one can deal with impatience and with the fact that most people don’t hear/see common sense, as well as expressed the estimation that, looking at the current state of the world and how people exist, it is unlikely that we live to see the world change.

I find this is generally quite a cool point to look at, many people that start investigating Desteni and the practical common sense principles we share are very eager to share them with others, and sometimes people tend to get caught up in trying to convince others of something they realized or try and make others change/realize, and tend to be disheartened when they do not receive the expected/desired response.

What I realized within my process is the importance of first testing and applying realizations with/within oneself, to first make the change/realization within and as oneself real, so that one in fact is a living example, as who one is and how one lives, before going out there’ and trying and change the world.
Yes, obviously I have been there myself, and yes, I have taken many a fall into/as the ego. 
Within this process, Patience has been quite an awesome realization and is something I am still teaching/willing myself to apply/live, as well as the practical application of 'bringing it back to self' (a point which, if you don't yet know what I'm referring to, will become clear within the following).

So here is my perspective as how I responded to the question:
(and this is not to say that I am in any way accomplished within the perspectives I share; but I have committed myself to this standing and I am assisting and supporting myself in making this commitment practical, applicable, livable, real. Some aspects I have already seen change within myself/my life and my approach, other aspects I am still working on/through)

The point is when one see the solution for all as one: to become equal to and as the solution, and live it - regardless, in spite of everything.
Do not allow the prospective of an outcome to influence your motivation, this then would be interest-driven motivation. Take that motivation and make it self-motivation, so that YOU move yourself no matter what - and in this you become the change, even though we may not live to see the change in the world. But in the end what will matter is who YOU have been, in every moment, regardless the circumstances.
So, Patience is really one of the things we must practice and give/gift to ourselves. The mind moves fast, it can be everywhere but here - yet real change, real movement: is slow, it moves with and as the physical, it takes time, breath by breath. So we have to train ourselves as the mind to slow-down to real-time as the physical, breath by breath, until this is done -- and life is birthed from the physical, for real.

Remember that each one is at a different point in their process - some things people do not hear because they can't hear - best to not allow oneself to have an opinion or a judgment about it/others. We've had for instance several people that have been on the Desteni forum and reacted to the message of equality and common sense practicality, some left and some were banned, but many come back after a year or after two years when they realize what was really going on within them /their reaction and they say Hey sorry, I couldn't hear /couldn't see the point, I was reacting / defending my ego /my belief... But they do come back to walk with when they reach a certain level of self-honesty and are ready to really face reality and take self-responsibility. Here I could see that banning those/such people for abusive/ego comments was the best thing to do - a gift, a chance for them to face the point.

The process is equal and the same for all. Living the change, the solution, the equality of life as 'who I am' in every moment here: is the best help and contribution one can offer within this whole process for all.

Consider also that when people do 'not hear' they are busy defending their limitations or protecting their interest or their secrets. So within that we are always reminded to check within self: what am I defending within/of myself, what am I protecting, what am I hiding of/from myself?
Because remember, it's an indication: whenever we react to something of others, that something still in one way or another exists within ourselves. So bring the point back to self and change it AS self.

A suggestion is, when communicating with others, to focus on the common sense point(s) they do get and strengthen within them those points, rather than fighting the points they do not yet get.
Within this one can leave an impression on an individual, and that individual may take the common sense impulse and expand their common sense and change their life, and then affect other individuals to change within their lives. But one can't expect or desire or project any particular outcome or response unless one can see where another stands within their process, how they got there and where they are heading, and how much awareness they have of themselves in the context of the actuality of reality.

You always only have one breath at a time, that is your 'eternity', and that is the moment that defines and determines you as the future, breath by breath. 
And whether we live to see that future/the change we wanna see in this world, is irrelevant - because when you live it - that 'future', that change, that correction - it is always here, in every breath.

One can debate whether change is likely or unlikely - or one can live it regardless, in the realization that there is no other way.

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