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290: The Power of the Group in Child Development – part2

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Continuing from my previous blog post on the power of the group in child development, I’d like to share here a comment I participated with on a social network where the question was asked:

How do I get my child to trust me?

Obviously this is a point one can go in-depth with, and I’ve explored the point in various other blog posts in the past (see links at the bottom), but here I’d like to share the few points that I came up with in that moment:

Share YOURSELF - Show yourself. Share unconditionally, do not hide. Tell it like it is. Show the child/children What and How you learned in life, show that one is able to take responsibility, that one does not have to be the victim or powerless. Show that you have the practical common sense required to address any point and see it for what it is, and that anyone willing to is equally able to develop such practical common sense and a direct view at reality.

A crucial point within parenting in our world is the method of Reward and Punishment that constitutes any and all forms of parenting or child approach. This in itself polarizes the child and creates a controllable being that will in turn also learn to control others through manipulation.
Therefore, it is suggested to learn how to move beyond polarity and rather work with the Understanding of cause and effect, thus the Understanding of Consequence, which will produce a human being able to put two and two together and make informed decisions in life that are not dependent of 'reward' or 'punishment' – thus not dependent on the conditioned fears and desires one develops through ‘education’ in this world system – but are based in practical common sense and pertain to the actuality of reality.

On this subject, see also the following blog post by Bernard Poolman that provides amazing insight with regards to child development and parenting:
Natural Learning Ability of the Feral Child

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