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299 | Reward-Punishment Polarity & Predictive Programming: FEAR & DESIRE in Religion

ART by Adam Closs

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In my previous blog post I look at the polarity design of Fear and Desire in the context of consumerism. Today I am looking at religion, in the category of which one can also look at spirituality and any belief-system for that matter, and what I see is that religion/spirituality has become consumerism too, or maybe it has been that all along.

Just like Fear and Desire are promoted within the overall-system of consumerism, where the system even forms your fears and desires, in Religion/Spirituality fear and desire are the driving forces.

Did God create Fear? Or did Fear create God?

Did God create Desire? Or did Desire create God?

From the perspective of the mind consciousness mechanics, what can be seen in self-honesty is that the idea/concept of God is a projection of ‘something greater’, and through this it is easy to abdicate responsibility and “leave it all to God” because it’s all “in God’s hands” anyway, what can I as an individual do?

I mean if the Christians or any religious person for that matter would actually Live the words “Love thy neighbor as thy self”, this world would be a different place. But that is not being lived. Religions have been throughout history the reason for war, hatred, dominion, destruction. All based in what? FEAR and DESIRE.

No matter how that Fear ‘looks like’ – fear of an angry God, fear of those who have other gods, fear of evil, etc. – and no matter how that Desire projected as God ‘looks like’, no matter which ‘god’ one follows or which ‘belief-system’ or concept of “afterlife”, or ideas of ascension and enlightenment: what is happening here is a projection of something ‘positive’/’good’ and something ‘negative’/’bad’ – and by the very act of such projection Man separates oneself from both the positive and the negative, from both the good and the evil, and is within that separation abdicating one’s power, abdicating one’s responsibility, abdicating one’s connection to the actuality of reality, this physical reality we all share.

What is the point – really,  practically – of believing that:
“If you are good, God will reward you”
“If you are bad, God will punish you”
“But you can sin / be bad and then ask God for forgiveness”

Wow – What kind of God is that?

What kind of Man is that?

Being 'good' just out of the desire for a reward (and here religions and all belief-systems promise incredible things! An afterlife in heaven, ascension, enlightenment ...), being 'good' just out of fear of punishment - is that integrity? Or is that a petty man, slave to one's own mind, unable to stand truly in the image and likeness of god and live in dignity!

Consider this:

If Man was fearless, Man would need no God.

If Man was fearless, Man would stand-up and ‘be god’, that is, be in fact good, in practical ways best for life – for all life equally.

If Man was god and our oneness was of equality, Man would not create a desire for God – neither “out there” nor within oneself like the mental constructs of so-called “ascension” and “enlightenment”.

Man would be the Light and the Light would shine for All.

Man would be the Living Word as Life.

Man would be Here, grounded, on this One Earth, and would do and live what is always Best for All.

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