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293: Predictive Programming & Mass Manipulation –part2

ART by Sylvie Jacobs

Understanding cause and effect of the systems of our world, the systems of the human psyche – is Key to understanding programming and realizing that everything that is programmed is predictable and therefore much of the consequences that we are facing, both individually and as humanity collectively, could have been prevented if actual care and consideration had been existent. But it hadn’t. The only thing existent has been the drive for profit and the pursuit of self-interest, manifesting a separation of life into groups with different interests fighting for their ‘own’, while disregarding the interest of LIFE as who we all really are.


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Is there something ‘out there’ that doesn’t want the individual to ‘know thyself’ – that doesn’t want life to be empowered, to be creative, to be expanding and evolving in fact?
We tend to blame it on “The System” – but what is the system other than the externalized manifestation of the inner nature of man.
Everything is in the image and likeness of the creator. Man as the creator of this world system should look in the mirror and see if one can truly embrace what we have created; see if one is willing to place oneself in the shoes of another, in the shoes of any being on this Earth and be Okay with it. The answer is clear!

So is that “something” that doesn’t want the individual to ‘know thyself’… is it perhaps not ‘out there’ but ‘in here’, within? Is it perhaps the accepted inner nature of man that is holding on to self-interest, driven by fear, that is terrified of facing self, terrified of having to take responsibility for life because that would include everyone and everything else, terrified of having to give-up all that which one has deemed as one’s ‘own’, one’s ‘special treats’, one’s ‘power’, one’s ‘possession’?

Fascinatingly enough: that which one believes to ‘possess’ ends up ‘possessing’ the individual from the insight out, and so we have hell on earth with all kinds of ‘demonic’ possessions, while more and more man becomes de-man, demon, less than man – because man as life would honor all life equally. But the human doesn’t.

Realizing that all that which one has suppressed, denied, ignored, hidden away in the dark corners of one’s mind has in fact the greatest power over one’s decisions in life: can be terrifying. But the more one tries to suppress and deny, the more powerful such suppressions become, the more one gives away one’s power, responsibility, and directive authority.
This is actually common sense, it is predictive programming. It should be taught at school, but no one tells you that. The school does not tell you that, the system does not tell you that. Because the system wants weak individuals, the system wants to control your decisions, so that this world is inhabited by slaves driven by fears and desires that are not even their own.

Assisting and supporting human beings to understand their suppressions, to peel off the layers of denial and get to ‘know thyself’, to stop the accepted separation within self and stand in integrity – THAT would lead to strong, self-responsible human beings that are able to make informed decisions and honor life in all possible ways.

But fascinatingly enough – one fears oneself. Because one KNOWS that one has become subject to the inner conflicts, the separation, the accepted lies that one ends-up living. It’s like, everyone lives in a bubble, in the illusion of having “everything under control”, and one KNOWS that if one starts questioning, and investigating, and exploring how things really work, within and without: that bubble will burst.

I’ve been walking a process of bursting my bubbles and stopping the self-dishonesty within myself that we are all ‘educated’ to exist within and as. Since I came across the Desteni material and the self-support tools shared, I started questioning, I started investigating, I started looking within myself to see where and how the systems that I so despised in my world existed within me, as me. Systems of mental constructs, of polarities, of ‘superiority’ and ‘inferiority’, of comparison and judgment, of fears and desires, of all kinds of projections, suppressions, denials.

I have always enjoyed sharing what has assisted me in life. That is why I am writing, that is why I am publishing, that is why I share my process and the realizations and insights I gain as I continue to deconstruct and investigate human existence and how to change it to the benefit of LIFE.
That is why I suggest one check out Desteni, there is now a free online course that provides the basics in terms of self-honesty, self-introspection, and constructive writing, so that one can start looking at the patterns of one’s life/self and taking responsibility for our existence, individually and as a whole.

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