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300 | Reward-Punishment Polarity & Predictive Programming: Consumerism as Religion

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In my last two post I wrote about Fear and Desire in Consumerism and respectively Fear and Desire in Religion.

Here I am looking at the point of how everything in this world has become Consumerism, like, consumerism has become the very ‘nature’ of human existence; and how our pursuit of self-interest within that has become Religion, where each one will in fact have/form a ‘religion of self’ that will ‘justify’ why one follows self-interest and doesn’t give a fuck for Life as a Whole, for Life as who we all really are, for Life as the actual value, a value that we have missed, a value we have sold out for the “values” that were indoctrinated onto us by the system and that have become ‘human nature’ to such an extent that our very existence re-creates the system over and over again, generation after generation, never really getting to any actual evolution as human race, never getting to actual peace, actual freedom, actual exploration of our world and reality not to mention human nature and society from a perspective of actual understanding, and therefore actual change.

There has been no change. There has always been war. There has always been separation. There has always been slavery. Today more than ever. There has always been a problem – the problem of survival. Funny how at this point of ‘human civilization’, with all that high tech and tools that would enable us to in fact care for every single living being on Earth: humanity is more polarized than ever, in the deepest shit ever imaginable.

All coming down to one point:
FEAR of survival – which, however way it may have started in terms of the evolution of human civilization, it has evolved or rather devolved into self-interest, where the word fear in “fear of survival” is really a joke, because it’s all become about ‘winning’ and to ‘win’ people walk over other people’s dead bodies;
and thus we actually exist through a drive that is like competition, and so ‘fear of survival’ has become but a ‘justification’, as it is rather a DESIRE for survival, survival being where one will ‘win’ over others –

self-preservation, that is what Consumerism teaches the masses of people in this world, and that is also exactly what Religion teaches, with an afterlife and ascension and forgiveness of sins and all that love and light that apparently awaits you after death, is a promise of self-preservation.

It’s interesting that human beings fear death without even understanding death, yet for fear of death one will buy into any and all possible ‘light’ to entertain and distract oneself from that fear, and act as if one lives forever.
Sadly so, because if one was aware of death in every moment, one would perhaps live on this earth in a way that would ensure a dignified life for all, while here.

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