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282: The Power of the Group – Life InFormation

ART by Bastian Neumann

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From my previous Blog post:
“...Instead of LIFE being ONE group in mutual respect and support, thus Living the Power of the Group as Oneness, as Life, in fAct, where the Group IS Life and thus the Oneness is of Equality – we have the power of the group that separates itself from the Whole and thus from Life as a Whole to follow ‘special interests’ that pertain to that particular group only; and consequently we have groups with different interests existing against each other, instead of standing in the interest of Life as One.
...Instead of the Power of the Group in this world being utilized, lived and applied to support and strengthen the ONE group that we are as LIFE; the Power of the Group in our world, the society of humanity , is being utilized to Divide & Conquer, to compete and exploit, to win and dominate, to abuse and destroy.
...So the result of our current Oneness is due to self-interest, self-interest is due to separation, separation is due to fear, and thus “power” as we live it in our world is not real power as life, but is a superimposed ‘superiority’ that is actually rooted in fear.”

Now –

If one would realize and acknowledge that we are in fact, existentially speaking, One group Here as LIFE, one would see that this would imply and demand the Equality of Life and thus the practical common sense way to live and co-exist Here would be one where LIFE and the Value of Life is equally honored and respected, equally supported and protected – for ALL.

But what we can See in our world is that there is a MisInformation about what Value is in Life, or even about what the Value of Life is; resulting in the MisEducation of human beings through fake values imposed by a consumerism system leading to the alienation of humanity from Life itself and thus from who we are as life individually and collectively.

With Desteni we are, in awareness, deliberately, walking a process of ‘Life In Formation’, in the realization that the past MisInformation based on which we have manifested ourselves and the world as we know it requires to be forgiven and let go of, so that we may be able to ReForm and ReCreate ourselves and our existence based on the VALUE of LIFE – which is the only actual, real value in existence; and have look: it is a COMMON value that we all share on this One planet Here.

This is a Journey to Life, as Life does not yet exist. Look around, what exists is the opposite of life and our oneness is one of suffering, exploitation, abuse and deception, all based in fear and separation… Life is still In-Formation, and the human may have a chance to be included in what would be Heaven on Earth, as an organic equilibrium and a harmonious co-existence of All that is Here.

Have a look at the world news and the current events around the globe:

Everything is pushing the human to realize what it’s doing unto life and unto itself and each-other. Everything is pushing the human to wake up and self-realize responsibility, and to acknowledge the consequences of the inequality resulting from a profit-driven system, a system that has taken control of the human existence within and without, so as to see and realize that the key to a sustainable and viable solution is equality and the practical realization of LIFE as the actual Value Here.

With the study of the world system from all practical aspects (economic, financial, social, psychological…) we at Desteni started forming and constructing what Life in equilibrium would be like based on the equality equation as Best for All.
In fact, everyone should be able to see that have to give form to a new system, a new way of life on earth, if we want to be called 'humane' and continue our existence as humanity.
Have a look at the Equal Money Wiki as well as the website and forums, have a look at Economist’s Journey to Life blog series and the discussions on the purification of our capitalist system into dignity and respect for ALL. Get informed and get involved, because this InFormation, this creation requires to be Lived into Beingness so as to be Placed In Form, so as to become the actualized Living Existence of Who We Are in Fact, in this ONE physical reality we all share.

Then we could truly be part of an actual evolution of humanity, of mankind – in self awareness, as life, as fully conscious organisms leading the way to a solution Best for All in full awareness of consequences and outflows of our existence – our existence which is every moment of breath, every moment of participation; our existence which is the 1+1 accumulation of who we are, who each one is, and how we all co-exist with each-other in every moment, throughout all systems of our world.

So what will it be?
You are the one that decides. Each one is – whether in awareness and self-responsibility or through acceptance and allowance.

Study Desteni to understand Creation – both the creation of this world, this existence, and equally the creation of ourselves, human nature; to understand this system of separation, this system of polarity, this system of fear; and to acknowledge the abuse and the exploitation that results in consequence of our acceptance and allowance of such system, within and without. 

That is the only way to change our world, our existence for real : Self-Real-ization.

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