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305 | Polarity Consciousness & Predictive Programming: Gain & Loss

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So, we’ve looked thus far at the polarity consciousness constructs of Reward & Punishment, Fear & Desire, War & Peace, Love & Hate – all of which have in common the factors of Gain & Loss.

“Gain” & “Loss” are cool definitions in order of supporting ourselves to see and understand Self-Interest.

I mean, if we lived on this Earth as Humanity, as One, based on the principles of for instance Jesus and “Give as You would Like to Receive”, “Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self”, “Do unto Another as you would Like to have Done unto You”: the experience of Gain and Loss would not have to exist –
because Self-Interest would not exist, or rather, Self-Interest would be aligned to and equal/one with the Interest of Life, of which we are all equally part of.

But – this is not the case.
This world, our existence is based on Self-Interest. Self-Interest being the starting-point of everything, from the world systems to the individual relationships people entertain, to how we raise and ‘educate’ our children.

Self-Interest is in direct relation to the polarity construct of Gain & Loss. Gain & Loss being perceptual mentalities – perspectives from the point of view of Me, Myself and I. Me, Myself and I in COMPARISON to others, hence a world of competition, which we ‘justify’ through ‘survival’, and which obviously is used and abused by Consumerism to further indoctrinate and promote Competition as ‘healthy’, as the way forward.

I mean, obviously we could utilize competition in healthy ways, in terms of simply looking at what is possible, what is desirable and to the benefit of life, of growth, of real progress; and then looking at what qualities and strengths are required, how do others do it, what can I learn, how can I improve myself – not to be and become ‘more than’ or ‘better than’ or ‘worthier than’ others, but simply to improve and express and expand myself, and thus within that to contribute to life through who I am and how I participate in my world. That is a whole other scenario, with an entirely different starting-point.

But from the starting-point of Self-Interest, which is equal to FEAR, because without the Fear of LOSS, the fear of being ‘less than’, being ‘disregarded’, being ‘rejected’ etc., the projection of GAIN would not have to exist as it does; and we would not have to accumulate “value” like we are constantly trying to do in the current world system, wherein we have defined “value” within polarity definitions of ‘power’, ‘wealth’, ‘status’, ‘success’, ‘dominance’, ‘superiority’, etc.

So it’s interesting to observe how the System basically ‘educates’ us and forms our perception in terms of Gain & Loss, and as we grow up and grow older we become the representatives of the System as we base our entire participation in our world on terms of Gain & Loss – and through such existence, through such ‘human nature’, we re-create the system again and again to be what it is, to never change, to never in fact evolve but only to mutate into more meticulous, more sophisticated ways of deception, exploitation, abuse.

It is really worth investigating the principle of Equality and how Equality is the way towards restoring the Value of Life and letting go of the fake values which we have developed out of fear and accepted inFearIority, letting go of the mental-I-ties that tie us / each-other to cycles of abuse.

Study Desteni to understand Creation – both the creation of this world, this existence, and equally the creation of ourselves, human nature; to understand this system of separation, this system of polarity, this system of fear; and to acknowledge the abuse and the exploitation that results in consequence of our acceptance and allowance of such system, within and without. 

That is the only way to CHANGE our world, our existence for real : Self-Real-ization, thus Self-Response-Ability.

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