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301 | Reward-Punishment Polarity & Predictive Programming: All-Consuming FEAR & DESIRE

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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If one starts observing what one consumes, how one consumes and why one consumes, one will see how Fear and Desire are the motivation, the driving forces behind consumption, behind consumerism.

We all tend to criticize Consumerism, but if one look in self-honesty:

we have become Consumerism, we are Consumerism, within everything we do and participate in, be it food, clothes, relationships, friendships, within the education system, the health system, sports – everything. More For Me, and the Winner take it All, that’s what everyone is dreaming about: the best possible scenario For Me.
That is the principle of Self-Interest that has become the driving force of human nature.

Fear of loss, fear of inferiority – Desire for Gain, Desire for Superiority.

Sounds dramatic, and yet, have a look within any and all aspects of practical living: it’s everywhere, it’s the driving force behind every interaction, every relationship, every decision.

As long as we deny this, we can’t see the consequences that come with it.
...And it's not really a ‘natural way of being’ – though many use this claim as a ‘justification’ for why things are the way things are and why the world is as we know it; or for why apparently human nature cannot change or for why we can’t change the world.

As long as we are consumed by what we consume, as long in fact as we are consumed by the fAct of consuming as such, we have a problem. We are addicted. We are blind. Furthermore, we are controllable and able to be manipulated, because we are found Wanting.

Trapped within a polarity system of fake values, trapped within the DESIRE to have / to get / to hold onto / to attain, and the FEAR of not having / losing / degrading / diminishing – all the while we suppress and deny our actual value as life, and –as we buy into the system– miss the chance to explore who we are as life and what life can be.

The human being has 'evolved' into an all-consuming consciousness robot, a puppet on strings – strings made of fears and desires.
Consuming everything in its way – out of fear, out of desire, it doesn't matter: it's ONE and the same polarity construct - a mental prescription that has become everyone's scripture for 'living life'.

And while we are consuming – the substance of everything, ourselves, each-other, the animals and plants, the planet – we are in fact being consumed and we will, if we do not stop, face the fate of this course of self-destruction that would make a disgrace out of humanity, a bunch of disgusting sacks of meat that do not deserve to be called ‘humane’.

So really – the time is here to re-evaluate ‘human nature’ and get to an actual understanding of what creates human nature and how, and why; and what our individual role within it all has been. We have been accepting and allowing a system of deception and abuse at all levels; a child loses its innocence to the system, and in this era of high speed this is now happening at an earlier and earlier age.

Parents should be alarmed. But they should also be educated. Because parents are the representatives of the system – the ones that pass along the system to the new generation. And unless the parents of today realize the necessity of a new approach that is based on the Value of Life in fact and start applying this approach from a starting-point of self-honesty and self-support, the children have little chance of being educated with practical tools, common sense and real values equal as Life so as to change this world into an existence that is as a MATTER of FACT worthy of LIFE.

ART by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

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